Nature Heals You — 10 Ways to Enjoy it

Growing up in Manhattan in New York City I realized the power of getting outside with nature. Central Park, Carl Schurz Park (where Gracie Mansion is and the Mayor of NYC usually resides) and even the garden on the roof of my 5 story walk up apartment building were my getaways. After visiting any of […]

Jill Bolte Taylor — Stroke of Insight — A Brain Researcher who had a stroke and studied it as it happened — A Must see TED talk

When Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, neuroanatomist (brain researcher) realized she was having a stroke she decided to study the experience. Her talk at the TED conference brings to light the difference between the right and left brain hemispheres and also has surprising correlations with consciousness and ego. She watched and was aware as her ability […]

5 Steps for Embracing Change

If you read my last post, “An Interview, Superwoman and Life Changes” you know that my life will be going through some major changes in the next 6 months. (Hence my only posting once a week now on Thursdays until September). While my immediate reaction to my husband living 5 hours away all week was […]

An Interview, Superwoman and Life Changes

Wow has this been a week! I feel like I have said that a few times before but this one tops them all by far! It truly proves life is a roller coaster filled with ups and downs and to hang on tight and try your best to enjoy the ride. I have given my […]

Heal Pain Naturally featured in Carnival Of Healing

Hi all, I apologize for my lack of posts the last week (Only 1 ) It would take pages to tell you all that is going on and I am working on a synopsis of some of the occurrences…. In the meantime I wanted to tell you my post “Healing From Within” is featured in […]

Thoughts Affect Your Body

This week I have found two GREAT things to read on how thoughts affect your body. My good friend Angela told me of an article written by Robert Moss of Parade Magazine and featured on MSN titled “Thoughts Can Heal Your Body“. Anyone that has read my blog or e-book knows this is EXACTLY what […]