Interview with James Sinclair, Director of “What If?” Part II

It is my honor to bring you Part II of my interview with James Sinclair, Director of the life changing movie, “What If?“. If you have not read part one, please check it out here. It was enlightening to speak with James. It is easy to see how inspirational he is and how he used […]

Interview with James Sinclair, Director of “What If?” Part I


Jenny Mannion interviews James Sinclair, Director of the life changing movie, “What If?”

Natural Healing Resources

With Prescription Drugs killing more people than all the illegal drugs combined more and more of us are looking into alternative means to heal. I am a HUGE believer in the mind/body connection and “healing from within” because I have done it myself. The mind/body connection alone encompasses MANY techniques and when you look into […]

Thoughts Affect Your Body

This week I have found two GREAT things to read on how thoughts affect your body. My good friend Angela told me of an article written by Robert Moss of Parade Magazine and featured on MSN titled “Thoughts Can Heal Your Body“. Anyone that has read my blog or e-book knows this is EXACTLY what […]

Healing From Within

The definition of the word “heal” is “to make healthy, whole, or sound; restore to health; free from ailment”. Since I have first hand experience in healing myself this word means a lot to me and not a day goes by when I don’t say to myself “I am SO grateful for my healing and […]

Prescription For Change

Anyone that knows this blog or me knows how I feel about the numerous drug ads on TV. Below is information so you can take action and tell the government to have an 800 number on the commercials so that people can report side effects. Please help me make this a reality. The sooner side […]

New FDA Warnings & Recalls for MANY Drugs

I am trying to make this blog about ALL ways to heal pain and to write about varying topics on the subject. The Pharmaceutical companies are making that challenging since every week now I feel I need to post warnings on the newest batch of drugs that have been deemed unsafe or recalled. PLEASE use […]

Fibromyalgia & Lyrica

In light of The New York Times article on Lyrica, (the new Pfizer drug being prescribed for Fibromyalgia) — I had to write about a topic close to my heart. I will not go into how The New York Times is debating whether Fibromyalgia is a real dis-ease or not. I feel that is beside […]