Gratitude – The Easiest and Most Powerful Healing Tool of them All!


Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools I know for shifting energy around any situation or relationship.  So many times we are focused on what we don’t want, don’t like or are worried about what will be. We judge situations and deem them “bad” and also are our own toughest critics.  We become wrapped […]

Law of Attraction Coaching

Red beautiful tulips

How is this Spring time treating you so far? Are you feeling reborn as the tulips are or are you having some challenges pushing through to reach the sun? In facing any Challenge you have to face CHANGE – it IS even in the word CHALLENGE. When we attempt to undergo significant change in our […]

How does one overcome illness using the mind when the mind is in a state of distress?

  Welcome to Healing Answers Edition #6 TO find out how to receive a free 1/2 hour session for submitting a question, please visit the Healing Answers Page   This edition is slightly different. I had 2 questions come in within a day of each other that were very similar. It made me KNOW it […]

Healing Answers – How to know where a health problem stems from and can it be healed naturally?

The next question is from BC from NY. Thank you BC! BC Wrote, “I’ve been thinking about how to know whether a health issue stems from a physical problem or otherwise a state of mind or being; and can both be healed the natural ways you promote?“   We ARE body, mind and spirit. As […]

What if someone important to me does not believe in the Law of Attraction?

This is part of the Healing Answers series. Please visit my Healing Answers page to find out how to receive a free service JUST by submitting a question. Thank you Leigh from NY for your question: “I have been studying positive thinking and the law of attraction for a few months now and have seen […]

How does Someone who Practices Positively all the time get sick?

healing answers

I recently began to ask my email subscribers to send in questions for me.  If I use your question – you will receive a 1/2 hour free session.  You can subscribe here and also receive my ebook, “How to Heal Pain Naturally” for FREE. I know many people have the same questions and I see […]

Discover the Gift – “It’s Why We’re Here”, The Movie

discover the gift

Discover the Gift was created after the reconnection and reconciliation of a brother and sister.  The movie speaks on how we each have a gift inside of us. It also gives us tools to discover our true selves and those gifts in the process. Shajen Joy Aziz and Demian Lichetnstein show us many of the […]

The Levity Method – a Powerful Form of Healing

Ben Sweet

Hi Ben, It is an absolute pleasure to have you here at Heal Pain Naturally to answer some questions about “The Levity Method“. The Levity Method is an easily applied form of healing that can not only make pain disappear but dramatically change all areas of your life. I am thrilled our mutual friend, and amazing […]