The Universe is Always Speaking to You – Are You Listening?


We are constantly receiving messages to keep our lives flowing effortlessly.  Most of us are wrapped up in the constant distractions, our lifelong patterns and the WAY WE HAVE decided things SHOULD BE/GO.  When we are so attached to our own stories and distractions we are truly resisting the Universes’ wisdom instead of allowing it […]

Gratitude – The Easiest and Most Powerful Healing Tool of them All!


Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools I know for shifting energy around any situation or relationship.  So many times we are focused on what we don’t want, don’t like or are worried about what will be. We judge situations and deem them “bad” and also are our own toughest critics.  We become wrapped […]

How Can Meditation Help Addiction?

jennifer k

It is my pleasure to bring you this guest post by Jennifer Koebele. Thank you Jennifer!   HOW CAN MEDITATION HELP ADDICTION? For many of us, being caught in the grips of an addiction is a potentially life-destroying thing, causing many years of suffering, confusion and self-loathing along the way. Addictions come in all forms, […]

Carol Look “Tapping for Abundance” Course Review

Carol Look

Tapping or “EFT” is a form of healing that utilizes acupressure points, releasing old programmed beliefs and choosing new positive beliefs in their place. Carol Look’s course on Tapping for Abundance is focused on this one area of our lives. Carol provides over 50 tapping exercises as well as other materials to target your specific […]

5 Easy Steps to Self-Healing in 5 Minutes – New Article on Finer Minds Site

I am THRILLED that my latest article is posted on my favorite site; Finer Minds.   Please come check it out: 5 Easy Steps to Self Healing in 5 Minutes              

Meditation Basics

meditation is

It is my honor to bring you this guest post by author,  Jarmila Gorman of Finer Minds and Mind Valley. If you have not checked out the voluminous articles, courses and resources Finer Minds and Mind Valley offer – I highly recommend you do. They are amazing companies that show us how to do business and […]

How does one overcome illness using the mind when the mind is in a state of distress?

  Welcome to Healing Answers Edition #6 TO find out how to receive a free 1/2 hour session for submitting a question, please visit the Healing Answers Page   This edition is slightly different. I had 2 questions come in within a day of each other that were very similar. It made me KNOW it […]

Are There Any Spiritual Tools that Help with Worry and Depression?

Welcome to Healing Answers #5. If you want to submit a question to receive a free 1/2 hour session or 1/2 hour toward a larger service – please visit the Healing Answers Main Page.  This next question is from “Usually Happy”. Thank you – I look forward to our session together! Dear Jenny, Usually when […]