PAGING ME SYSTEM – Awaken To Your Higher Self to Heal

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My life truly began again in healing myself of several chronic illnesses. Instead of the dire future I was promised with chronic pain and ending up in a wheelchair, I gained health beyond what I had known in 7 years and a true sense of POWER over my own destiny. I also gained a love […]

How does one overcome illness using the mind when the mind is in a state of distress?

  Welcome to Healing Answers Edition #6 TO find out how to receive a free 1/2 hour session for submitting a question, please visit the Healing Answers Page   This edition is slightly different. I had 2 questions come in within a day of each other that were very similar. It made me KNOW it […]

Self Love – A Free Ebook Compiled by Evelyn Lym

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Self Love is where I feel true healing begins.  When I heard about Evelyn Lim of Abundance Tapestry‘s ebook project on self love – I knew I had to be a part of it.  17 amazing bloggers share their experiences, thoughts and wise words in this free ebook. I would like to share my post […]

Healing – Soul ReAlignment and An Interview with Evita

Becoming a Soul ReAlignment Practitioner has truly changed my life.  It has opened many doors to my soul, answered countless questions, expanded my intuition and has led to me experiencing life from a place I never knew existed.  I have talked about my teacher, Andrea Hess before and want to give another HUGE thank you […]

Heal Pain Naturally – Services Update – Act Now to Save on Services

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As a new school year begins in the US I have been busily figuring out my schedule and time allotment for when my children return and I return to work on a more full time basis.  I have kept the same rates for two years and will be raising them the first week of September.  […]

Happy 3rd Anniversary Heal Pain Naturally

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So I don’t think forgetting your blog’s anniversary (August 1) is nearly the same as forgetting your wedding anniversary but I still felt badly about it! Is “forget” the correct word? I have been so caught up with life and living it this summer that it just did not fully make it to my consciousness […]

Being in the NOW to Heal and “The Bus Stop Dance”

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Have you ever caught yourself in a routine that is not healthy either physically, emotionally or mentally and asked yourself “WHY, AM I DOING THIS?”?  I was away last weekend in NYC and it is funny how some of the habits come back the instant I am there.  Luckily this past weekend I DID catch […]

Talking Books TV – An Interview on Healing


For the last three years the incredible Corinne Edwards and Michelle Vandepas have been a source of endless inspiration to me.  I am incredibly honored to have been interviewed by Corinne and to be a part of their Talking Books TV website and author promotion. I would love to tell you a little about each […]