Heroes of Healing

Heroes of Healing — (A Group Writing Project)

What makes someone a Hero of Healing?

I feel a Hero is someone that is brave enough to put saving/helping others ahead of whatever might come in the way. The people on this list have gone against the “norm” and had to put “what the masses might think” aside to get their message across. They have all faced criticism and nay-sayers but it did not stop them from pursuing their important work because they KNEW they were helping many in the process. I am grateful for their perseverance, continued strength and determination because they have empowered, saved and helped millions of people to discover how to live their best lives.

Why put this list together?

This list is really at the backbone of my beliefs. EVERYONE has the capacity to heal themselves. Whether it be from physical and/or emotional trauma/dis-ease. I feel a KEY to self-healing is finding teachers that resonate with you. People face resistance as they pursue paths of healing because it means breaking what perhaps are YEARS of “bad habits”, “being on Automatic pilot” and lots of time NOT listening to your self-talk or being conscious. Having teachers you can continually learn and grow from helps keep you on the right path even when you feel “stuck” or are facing resistance. The people on this list ARE Heroes of Healing because NOT ONLY are they helping others but they are encouraging others to become the Hero in their own lives.

Here is a list of the Heroes with the writers and their websites/blogs:

Brandon Bays by Suzie Cheel of Abundance Highway

Dr. Michael Beckwith by Lisa Erickson of Mommy Mystic

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor by Jenny Mannion at Heal Pain Naturally

Dr. Joan Borysenko by Lisa Erickson of Mommy Mystic

Gregg Braden by Sharon Eiffel of All is Within

Joseph Campbell by Paula Kawal of Journey Inward Productions

Paul Chek by Stephen Cox of Balanced Existence

Dr. Deepak Chopra by Dawn Abraham of Qualified Life Coach

Gary Craig by Akemi Gaines of Yes To Me

Dr. John DeMartini by Angela Recchia at Ange’s Biz

Mike Dooley by Camille Olivia Strate of Joyz a Choice

Bob Doyle by Suzie Cheel of Abundance Highway

Dr. Wayne Dyer by Jenny Mannion of Heal Pain Naturally

Dr. Viktor Frankl by Dr. KC Kelly of Doc In the Biz

Gangaji by Lisa Erickson of Mommy Mystic

Charles Haanel by Lyman Reed of Creating a Better Life

Thich Nhat Hanh by Isabella Mori at Change Therapy

Louise Hay by Kelly Rigby of She Power

Jerry & Esther Hicks and Abraham by Camille Olivia Strate of Joyz a Choice

Napoleon Hill by Cath Lawson of Cath Lawson (Tips for Success in Business and Life)

Ernest Holmes by Lyman Reed of Creating a Better Life

Roy Hunter by Ellie Blunt of The Transparent Hypnotist

Susan Jeffers by Kate of Experiments in Living

Byron Katie by Caroline Middlebrook of Life Should Feel Good

Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross by Ari Koinuma of Our Best Version

Michael Losier by Suzie Cheel of Abundance Highway

Nelson Mandela by Mark Hayward of My Tropical Escape — (posting soon)

Barbara Marx Hubbard by Slade Roberson of Shift Your Spirits — (posting soon)

Dan Millman by Matthew Wadleigh and Lisa Erickson at Mommy Mystic

Dr. Christiane Northrup by Marilyn Kay at Mommy Mystic

Mary O’Malley by Dr. Nicole of Kitchen Table Medicine — (posting soon)

Dr. Mehmet Oz by Karen Lynch of Live the Power!

Dr. Eric Pearl by Jenny Mannion of Heal Pain Naturally

James Ray by Evita Ochel of Evolving Beings

Rachel Naomi Remen by Mokihana Calizar at Heal Pain Naturally

Tony Robbins by Alex Shalman at Practical Personal Development

Don Miguel Ruiz by Matthew Wadleigh at Mommy Mystic

Susan Kennedy (SARK) by Jenny Mannion of Heal Pain Naturally

Helen Schucman and William Thetford by Evita Ochel of Evolving Beings

Eckhart Tolle by Jenny Mannion of Heal Pain Naturally

Vaishali by Jenny Mannion of Heal Pain Naturally

Doreen Virtue by Suzie Cheel of Abundance Highway (posting soon)

Joe Vitale by Lola Fayemi of Nourishment for Your Spiritual Awakening

Neale Donald Walsch by Evelyn Lim of Attraction Mind Map

Ron Wilkens by Jennifer Abbott of Principles for Peace

Marianne Williamson by Lisa Erickson of Mommy Mystic

Oprah Winfrey by Jenny Mannion of Heal Pain Naturally

Brad Yates by Suzie Cheel of Abundance Highway

Thank you everyone who has contributed, commented and given me support through the vision I had of this project! A special thanks to my husband Ray, who worked with my vision and designed the site so it was a reality. The result is wonderful and I hope many people benefit from this joint collaboration! I have decided not to put ads on this page but ask that if you connect with a hero and/or blogger through here you consider donating to the charity “Train for Humanity” or to the blogger whose writing inspired you. I consider the writers on this list heroes as well since their writing inspires others to realize what a gift life truly is. Blogging is not always an easy means to make money and a small donation to buy them a cup of coffee or say “thank you” goes a long way.

I saw a recent article on the Positivity Blog that I feel is very worth mentioning on this project, “The 4 Sneaky Traps of Having Heroes“. As long as you realize that picking a Hero does not mean they are the only person out there to learn from — and that everyone has DIFFERENT people who they resonate with… you will gain many insights from several different heroes. Also keep in mind that just ONE quote from a Hero could give you an “A-Ha” moment — but it doesn’t mean you have to believe or resonate with EVERYTHING they say. These Heroes are all human and just because they have chosen to spread their message to the masses does not mean they are flawless or are not also constantly working to improve their own lives.

I welcome comments and while this project is officially “closed” I will consider taking submissions to add to this list. If you have learned or been inspired by someone already on this list I invite you to share your experiences and lessons learned in comments and I will add that as well. People take away different lessons from the same teachers and hearing what many have learned from the same teachers can give others “A-Ha” moments as well.

Please use the search if you want to learn more about a specific modality of healing ex. EFT, hypnosis… it is an easy way to locate a Hero who is an expert in what you are looking for.

Thank you. Please enjoy this wonderful list of Heroes of Healing!

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