Charles Haanel

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by Lyman Reed of Creating a Better Life

Unfortunately, there isn’t a huge amount of information available online about Charles F. Haanel’s life. Much like the previous hero of healing that I wrote about, Ernest Holmes, his work is much more well known than he is.

We do know that he was a successful business man, a pioneer of the New Thought Movement, and the author of a number of books. His best known work related to the mind and success, The Master Key System, was originally published as a 24 part correspondence course.

One of the interesting things about Haanel is that he is often referred to by those who study his work as the father of the Law of Attraction. While many New Thought writers alluded to it, he seems to be the first to have explicitly used that phrase to describe the phenomenon that has recently become known as “The Secret.”

It’s also interesting to note that Napoleon Hill, best known for Think and Grow Rich and a much better known author, credited the principles laid down in the Master Key System with his own success. Hill is also most likely to have come up with the concept of the Mastermind directly from Haanel’s work.


What I, Lyman Reed Learned (and Continue to Learn) from Charles F. Haanel

I’ve just recently “restarted” my study of The Master Key System, and two points from the book have really been sinking in for me:

  1. From Lesson One:
    “16. Life is an unfoldment, not an accretion. What comes to us in the world without is what we already possess in the world within.”
    An “accretion” is a process of adding on, and in the past, this was my main method of working on personal growth – buy this book, download this seminar, watch this video… adding and adding and adding. Haanel says that this is not the way to go. We need to work from the inside. While personal development material is a great tool, that’s all it is – a tool. If we don’t use it for the purpose of growing and expressing what’s already inside, we’re just spinning our wheels.
  2. From Lesson Seven:
    “19. Is it not wonderful that man has such tremendous power within himself, such transcendental faculties concerning which he had no conception? Is it not strange that we have always been taught to look for strength and power “without”? We have been taught to look everywhere but “within,” and whenever this power manifested in our lives we were told that it was something supernatural.”
    I’ve got to thank Matt Geib, a member of the above mentioned Mastermind group, for pointing that one out to me. It’s closely related to the first point, but goes even further. It teaches that it’s not something outside of me that does things for me – it’s a power within me that does them through me. Call that power whatever you want – it’s a part of both me and you right now.

Those two points barely scratch the surface of what I’ve learned by studying Charles F. Haanel’s Master Key System, but hopefully they’ve given you a jumping off point if you are interested in learning more about both the man and his work.

A Bit of Backstory

It’s interesting how things came together to inspire me to write this post.

It started a couple of weeks ago. Steve from was kind enough to take a look at one of my current projects: the email correspondence course based on Charles F. Haanel’s The Master Key System that I mentioned earlier.

But he had a question, one that I realized many people who come across the course announcement probably have:

Just what the heck is “The Master Key System”, and who is this Charles Haanel guy, anyway?

I sent him the Wikipedia page on Haanel, but realized that my own interpretation of his life and work would be a good thing to share as well.

So thank you, Steve, for being the catalyst for this post.

I also want to thank Jenny Manion for considering it for her already closed Heroes of Healing Group Writing Project. I really appreciate that, Jenny.

And of course, thank *you* – yes, you, reading this. Without you I’d be blogging in a vaccum… and I’m not sure just how much fun that would be. If you’d like, please share any information or opinions that you have about Charles Haanel or his work in the comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Helen Schucman & William Thetford

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Heroes of Healing: Helen Schucman and William Thetford

by Evita Ochel

Although the names Helen Schucman or William Thetford may not sound too familiar to you – the work that these two Heroes of Healing brought together definitely will. It is through the cooperation, dedication and efforts of Helen and William, that today many in the world can be transformed and healed by the work they put together known as “A Course in Miracles“.

A Course in Miracles was not officially written by Helen Schucman or William Thetford, but transcribed and put together by them. The events that lead up to this work began when these two personalities were working together as Professors of Medical Psychology at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City during the 1960’s.

Schucman and Thetford were regarded as highly intellectual people, who were anything but spiritual. Their relationship with each other was difficult and often strained, and they were concerned with personal and professional acceptance and status. The last thing on their minds was putting together any kind of spiritually transforming work.

Then in the 1960’s, Helen began having some vivid dreams and an internal voice had begun to speak to her. This spiritual personality introduced itself as Jesus Christ. Then for 7 years, from 1965 through 1972, during various sequences, Helen began to take down the notes in shorthand as the voice spoke to her and instructed.

During the process, Schucman claimed to have the mental equivalent of a tape recorder in her thoughts, which she described as being able to turn on and off at will, at her convenience, so that she might be able to transcribe into shorthand notes, what she was internally hearing. She felt she had a “special assignment” and as uncomfortable as it sometimes made her, she was motivated to fulfill it.

Helen began to share her experiences with her co-worker William and eventually each day she would read back her notes to him. William would then type out the notes, while Helen read them to him.

After all the ACIM material had been initially transcribed it was then edited for publication by Dr. Schucman and the other two primary editors, Dr. William Thetford and Dr. Kenneth Wapnick.

To date almost 2 million copies of ACIM have been sold in various editions with the first one being published in 1975.

Recently, in September of 2008, a documentary entitled “A Course in Miracles Unleashed” was released. It interviews and highlights the stories of many people who have been healed by the teachings of ACIM, that would not have been possible if it was not for the joint efforts of Helen and William. (See A Course in Miracles Unleashed Documentary for more information.)


Although today Helen and William are no longer alive, the following video reminisces and talks a little bit about Helen and the great work she allowed to come through her, known today as “A Course in Miracles”:


1. A Course In Miracles Home Page

2. Foundation for A Course in Miracles

3. A Course in Miracles Wikipedia

4. A Course in Miracles Searchable Text

5. A Course in Miracles as taught by Marianne Williamson

6. A Course in Miracles Documentary

A Course in Miracles-Original Edition (Hardcover)

by Anonymous

Price: USD 35.00

14 used & new available from USD 26.83

What I, Evita Have Learned From Helen Schucman and William Thetford

Aside from the powerful and transformational messages and teachings of A Course in Miracles, what I learned just from Helen and William is significant on its own.

I learned from Helen that any of us can be messengers of God, we only have to be open and receptive to God’s call. Helen and her experience has also taught me, that many times we do not understand the bigger picture of creation. Sometimes we face situations in our life that we would rather avoid or that do not make us feel comfortable. However, at the same time, these situations can bring great lessons and transformations on not just a personal level but also on a global scale. Hence, one should not necessarily shy away from a new opportunity, as one may not know the greatness or the impact of it on this world.

From William, I learned the value of cooperation, compassion and non judgement. William could have refused to help Helen. In fact William could have ridiculed her and her experience all together, but even despite the fact that they had a strained relationship as colleagues, William saw Helen’s humanity above anything else and decided to support and help his colleague.

I think this speaks volumes about compassion, as many people in this world would ridicule their friends, if they had an out-of-the-ordinary experience, such as claiming that Jesus was speaking to them, never mind people they do not particularly like or get along with.

Finally, both of them taught me the true value of humility and being humble. Although what Helen and William helped to bring out had the power to be perhaps some lucrative material where their finances were concerned – neither of them was doing it for fame or fortune. In fact both of them, but especially Helen, did not want any special recognition or fame for this material. They brought the material out through joint efforts and at all times Helen made it clear that she was simply the scribe. Hence to this date, ACIM has no official author accredited to it.

As for A Course in Miracles itself there are so many life-changing and enlightening messages in it, that one truly can be pressed as to where to begin.

The greatest lesson I have learned from ACIM is how to see Christianity or any religion for that matter in a new light. Once we go past the labels, the rules and the man-made traditions, there are great Universal truths that are common at any level of spirituality and this is what ACIM focuses on the most. ACIM strips away all superficiality and focuses on the core of human existence, our being and purpose for life.

Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.

—- A Course In Miracles

ACIM has also allowed me to see the personality known as Jesus in a new light. Many religions out there today claim many things about Jesus, as to his true purpose for being here on Earth and his message. In ACIM, Jesus speaks to each of us again – in this new time and age and simply says “You got me all wrong“.

Could it be true? Well to many extremists and fundamentalists, the answer is absolutely not. However, if one examines all the facts on a deeper level and sees human action in play for the past 2000 years it is very and I mean very easy to see how this could have happened. ACIM thus brings forth a deeper and greater message from Jesus for all of us and one that if applied allows one to live life rooted in love, compassion, unity and forgiveness for themselves, others and this world, with unconditional love and no judgement.

I particularly loved how the topic of forgiveness is described in ACIM. It is so empowering, loving, real and practical. I know a lot of people think out there today that by “forgiving” someone, they are doing it for that someone and thus it leaves a lot of people feeling resentful and dis-empowered. ACIM explains beautifully how true forgiveness, is done for oneself and looks beyond what is, because what is, is not the ultimate truth – it is not the ultimate reality – it is not that person at their truest essence. It is thus not only empowering but very loving in that no grudges are held and no such things as “sins” are counted as “strikes” against you.

ACIM also beautifully explains and has taught me the meaning of “true miracles”. So many of us go around today thinking miracles are some big events that no longer happen or that no current Earthly soul today is capable of. ACIM explains that nothing could be further from the truth – miracles are indeed happening all around us, everyday and in fact EACH ONE of US is capable of performing miracles. Also, there is no such thing as a bigger or smaller, more important or less important, harder or easier to do miracle. Miracles are all one and they all stem out of love.

Finally, throughout the entire text the message of love is iterated beautifully into every lesson. There truly is nothing else at the essence of our being but that. There truly is nothing more solid, more real or more encompassing and uniting, both in life and death as is love.

A Course in Miracles states that it is a required course, only the time at which you take it, is voluntary. Upon reading this book and digesting all of the material, one can quickly see why this book has changed and will continue to heal and change the lives of many.

Don Miguel Ruiz

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by Matthew Wadleigh at Mommy Mystic

Don Miguel Ruiz was raised in the ancient Toltec tradition, but it was a near-death experience that led him to commit his life to studying these esoteric teachings and sharing this wisdom. His influential book, The Four Agreements, addresses the current human state (both personal and collective) and how the agreements we have learned and created for ourselves cause us so much suffering. Our negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs create a personal Book of Law that robs us of personal power and perpetuates the negative dream we are living. The Four Agreements helps you reclaim the personal power lost in negative thoughts, emotions, and agreements. These four agreements, coupled with a warrior’s discipline to control behavior and practice forgiveness, will transform your life to an experience of freedom, true happiness, and love:

1. Be Impeccable With Your Word

Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.

2. Don’t Take Anything Personally

Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

3. Don’t Make Assumptions

Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.

4. Always Do Your Best

Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret.




Books: The Four Agreements, The Mastery of Love, The Voice of Knowledge

What Matthew Wadleigh learned from Don Miguel Ruiz:

The Four Agreements was one of the very first books I read on my path, and I have found the power behind this teaching and these four agreements truly amazing. Aspects of the Toltec wisdom are found in many other spiritual/mystic traditions, but it is the simplicity, and thus the difficulty, of the four agreements that makes this book so powerful. By simplicity, I mean how straight forward the four agreements are, and by difficulty I mean how hard it is to truly adhere to them! However, the result of following these agreements is a reduction in negativity, feelings of self doubt, and overall negative energy. While strictly adhering to these agreements may cause some uncomfortable moments, the freedom and personal power experienced is a blessing that overcomes any perceived obstacle. I carry the four agreements on a little piece of paper in my wallet as a reminder, and after reading this book I hope you will feel inspired to live and practice these agreements as well.

James Ray

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by Evita Ochel of Evolving Beings

James Arthur Ray was born on November 22, 1957 in Hawaii. He was the son of a minister and was thus brought up in a traditional “Christian” household. However as he grew up he began to study various spiritual traditions. James has been initiated into three shamanic orders from the Incan culture and the supernatural Huna tradition of ancient Hawaii.

James has lead an interesting life to say the least. He has travelled the globe, studied with various cultures and spoken to millions of people out there. On top of all this, despite having gone bankrupt almost twice, today he is a thriving entrepreneur and a self-made milioner.

To some he is known as a “practical mystic”, as he has been healing and changing lives for the past 25 years! He has a background in behavioral sciences and entrepreneurship. He has a unique and powerful ability to address life issues from a balanced, integrated and wide-ranging level.

To others in the world, James is known as an author, speaker, mentor, teacher and business man. He has been featured on several prominent television shows including Oprah. He has published numerous books, the latest of which is Harmonic Wealth and has become a New York Times bestseller. He has given many talks, lectures, workshops and seminars. James was also featured in the movie “The Secret“.

James is also the President and CEO of James Ray International, a multi-million dollar corporation dedicated to teaching individuals to create wealth in all areas of their lives: financially, relationally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Check out the following short video where you can experience James present some of his key ideas from Harmonic Wealth.



What I, Evita Have Learned From James Arthur Ray

James Arthur Ray has indeed touched and changed millions of lives. My first introduction to James was in the movie “The Secret”. He was not only a great speaker, but carried himself with a powerful aura of energy.

Although I have been greatly enriched by all the books that I have read from James Arthur Ray, the one that was most influential to me was “Practical Spirituality”. I especially enjoyed this book, because I felt that in it James takes all of his valuable wisdom and presents it in the most compact and practical way. In the book, James does not just focus on theory but dedicates most of it to applying his life changing techniques in practical ways for everyone to easily understand.

I have also been personally touched by his consistent and motivating messages that revolve around self-empowerment, the Law of Attraction and being in charge of one’s destiny. Through all this, James teaches that we all have the tools to create the life of our dreams, which is rooted in using our minds to their fullest potential.

He who chooses to be a master never does just enough to get by; nor does he cut corners or attempt to cheat the system. He who chooses mastery lives his life asking, ‘How can I do more, give more, be more, and thereby accelerate the achievement of my ultimate destiny?’

James Arthur Ray

He has thus increased my personal knowledge of living life out of a deeper contentment, balance, peace-of-mind and deeper connection to the world as a whole. The best part about this being too, is that he has a strong intricate balance between spirituality and personal-development. For me these two areas go hand in hand and I do not believe one can be fully achieved without the other.

Although many are attracted to his principles to attract money, for me his principles go way beyond that. I personally love most his definition that wealth means so much more than just money. It is about having abundance in all areas of one’s life, including love, health, joy, friendships, etc.

I also think that one of the most life changing and healing messages that James provides is that our thoughts create our emotions and our emotions drive our actions. Hence he puts a strong emphasis and explains that our life is the result of how we play out our emotions, thoughts and actions together.

Joe Vitale

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by Lola Fayemi of Nourishment for Your Spiritual Awakening

Joe Vitale is an inspiration, his journey from being homeless to becoming a highly successful spiritual entrepreneur is proof that the inner work really does pay off. Since then Joe has dedicated his life to helping others positively transform their lives and has appeared on shows like Oprah and Larry King.




Books/Audios: Attractor Factor, Spiritual Marketing, Clearing Audio, Hypnotic Marketing

What I, Lola Fayemi have Learned from Joe Vitale

I first came across Joe Vitale on the law of attraction DVD ‘The Secret’. Instantly, I was drawn to his energy, his passion and no nonsense way of explaining metaphysical concepts. My next experience of Joe was reading ‘The Attractor Factor’ and ‘Spiritual Marketing’; he was exactly what was looking for. Coming from a corporate background and feeling new to my spirituality, I was looking for a way to build my business without selling out but without compromising on success. I was looking for balance; I respected spiritual laws but didn’t feel totally at peace with the “new age” movement. Joe Vitale showed me it was possible to mix the two.

What I love about Joe Vitale is that he has a really down to earth way of explaining concepts and making life-changing information easily accessible for the masses and he really gets it out there to the mainstream. Also, for spiritual entrepreneurs out there like me he is an example of what’s possible when we believe and take action. His approach is holistic, helping people transform from the inside out to achieve success beyond their wildest dreams and enjoy miracles. He is a great example of what spiritual living is about, he is guided, he takes action and he enjoys the physical side of life whilst always honouring his spiritual side.

Joe will change your life if you let him!

Dr. Joe Vitale – you rock!

Joseph Campbell

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by Paula Kawal of Journey Inward Productions

Joseph Campbell – Finding Bliss

What each must seek in his life never was on land or sea. It is something out of his own unique potentiality for experience, something that never has been and never could have been experienced by anyone else. ~ JC

Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell was born in White Plains, New York to a Roman Catholic family.  His road to mythology began with an interest in Native American stories as a child, through which he found greater insight into his own faith and a doorway to many others.

Myth became his passion and as he studied it, he began to map out the cohesive story threads that are constant in world mythology and in essence through myth gained insight into the sense of spirit people wordwide share – that drives our human experience.

    Joseph Campbell has taught me that ~

Following Your Spirit Allows You to Truly Experience Life

My first exposure to the work of Joseph Campbell came through George Lucas and the original Star Wars films when I was about 8 years old.  George Lucas based his script on Joe’s book The Hero’s with a Thousand Faces and Campbell was even a mentor regarding the shape and impact of the story.  This is one of the earliest films that I can remember touching something so deep within me that I could only describe it as my core.  Though I didn’t understand it at the time I would get another opportunity at the age of twelve.

When I was twelve, I ran into The Dragonlance Chronicles and once again my spirit started to stir in a way that was familiar.  Tracy Hickman (one of the co-writers and the lead designer of this fantasy world) also based these books on the Hero’s Journey model.  Two years later, I would begin my first hero’s quest – it would not however, be the last ;)

A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man. ~ JC (The Hero with a Thousand Faces)

The Hero’s Journey (Moving Beyond Your Small Self)

    Journeying into the Unknown
  1. Call to Adventure
    The hero always receives a call to move into the adventure which he/she must answer.  This call represents the unconscious and suppressed impulses of the spirit – and an opportunity for an awakening.  Sometimes these impulses are represented mythically as a dark forest, babbling spring, a great tree, a magical quest, chasing after a magical animal, following unusual sounds, etc.  In my own life it has come through acting on dreams and following intuitive impulses that my spirit has given to me and sometimes I just got swept into the journey by life circumstances seemingly without my consent!
  2. Refusal of the Call
    Sometimes the hero chooses to refuse the call.  When he does he usually really suffers and the call passes into its negative form unless he changes his mind.  Walls from which he can’t escape close in around him and he becomes a victim needing to be saved, having failed to activate his own internal power.
  3. Helper
    After the hero starts by answering the call (consciously or unconsciously) he will at some point meet someone who gives him some vital item or knowledge that will help him on his quest.  This could be a wizard or sorceress, a little man of the wood, a unicorn, a fairy God-mother or other such supernatural presence.  It could be a magical item, a phrase, or some information about the challenge that lies ahead.  In my own experience many teachers have appeared at this stage – often in dreams and meditations and sometimes as chance meetings and encounters with people that are just too precise and unlikely to be ignored.
  4. Threshold Crossing
    In crossing the threshold the hero leaves what is known to him and enters the realm of the unknown.  This is the point where everything changes and the hero encounters dangers that are also bestowers of power.  For me this has often been times in which we have physically moved to new and unfamiliar realms or in which I have faced deep fears. However, your first sexual experience, marriage, children and other rites of passage also qualify.
  5. The Belly of the Whale
    This is the final separation of the hero’s known world and self fully into the unknown and is often represented as his or her lowest point.  The experience is often something dark and frightening.  The willingness of the hero to enter is symbolic of their willingness to die to their old self, and their openness toward embracing something new.  In my own life the belly of the whale has had many shapes and forms; depression, alcoholism, confronting abusing situations, being made to face fears, surrendering control, etc.

    The Initiations
  6. Tests and Trials
    The hero must overcome a series of tests or trials, through which aid is received from his or her supernatural helpers.  This is an act in which the hero begins to understand and embrace his or her own true nature.  The battle is really with the ego and the defeat of the limited self which often leads to the discovery of hidden abilities or power.
  7. Meeting with the Goddess
    The Goddess in the hero’s journey represents an encounter with the Divine Feminine - she is all that lives and all that dies.  From womb to tomb the whole round of existence lives within her.  This is often depicted by the sacred or mystical marriage – representing the hero’s mastery over life through uniting with the Divine Feminine aspect of his or her own nature.  This is when the cycle of rebirth and this ultimate truth comes into full consciousness. Through this cycle of living in a world of inadequacies – there is bliss to be achieved again and again.  I’ve had many impactful encounters with the Goddess, the birth of my children and the death of my grandmothers and a time when she came to me as the Crone to name a few.
  8. The Temptress
    The woman as temptress in the hero’s journey represents the distractions of the hero’s own earthly self and the unconscious revulsion he holds toward the acts of life in contrast with what he perceives as his pure Soul.  his encounter with the temptress is an opportunity for him to transcend his own divided nature.  I consistently encounted a male version of the temptress many times in my dreams  until I healed my relationship with my own sexuality.
  9. Atonement with the Father
    Atonement with the father really means (at-one-ment).  This is where the hero is required to die to his or her own infantile and immature self as they face the force that holds the most power over their lives, proving themselves worthy to then govern themselves and through these trials, receive the blessings of the world.  Honestly, I am currently moving through this one and it is a BIG transition!
  10. Apotheosis
    In Apotheosis the hero recognizes fully the God within – having fully left his or her the attachments to the mother, been delivered up and initiated by the father, died to ego and reborn to spirit they have moved beyond all strife.  This also represents the womb-like period of rest and incubation that precedes the hero’s return.
  11. The Ultimate Boon
    This is when the hero achieves the goal of the quest, having been purified by his or her trials, the hero now has the maturity to receive the gift as a proper custodian.

    The Return
  12. The Refusal of the Return
    The refusal of the return comes when the hero decides to stay in the presence of the Gods rather than bring back what he has learned for the renewal of his community.
  13. The Magic Flight
    The magical flight occurs when the hero has obtained the boon without the blessings of its guardians, a pursuit follows and the hero’s need to escape these supernatural forces initiates the return.
  14. Rescue from Without
    Just as the hero needs assistance to get in, he often needs help to get out – or that is to say the world has to come and get him for who having cast off the world is in a hurry to return?  The rescue differs from the refusal in the sense that when the world comes knocking, he agrees to return - having merely been transfixed or delayed by his new found perfect state of being.
  15. Return Threshold Crossing
    The return threshold is returning from the world of the divine into the human world, only to find that though they once seemed as opposite as night and day, or life and death only that these vastly different kingdoms are one.  The hero ventures out into darkness where he is beyond our physical sight, has his adventure and then returns from the dimension of the Gods to the world we know.  The hero’s challenge is then to retain and translate his experiences from the deep into something the world can use – for it is difficult to to communicate to people who insist on the exclusive evidence of their senses the message of the all-generating void!
  16. Master of the Two Worlds
    The hero gains an equal level of comfort with both inner and outer worlds (represented in myth by figures like Jesus and Buddah) having given up completely all attachment to his personal limitations, idiosyncrasies, hopes and fears and no longer resisting the self-annihilation that is a prerequisite to rebirth in the realization of truth, he exists in a way that is relaxed into whatever may come to pass in him, both worlds living in him with his unreserved consent.
  17. Freedom to Live
    As the hero is released from the fear of death through the understanding and experience of his own immortal nature – he is finally free to live without anticipating the future or remorsing the past – he can live fully in the joy of each moment.

What I (Paula Kawal) Learned from Joseph Campbell

I use the hero’s journey as a model for transcendence extracted from myth. I see it as a how-to guide for navigating this experience – passed on to us – through the stories of an earlier time – whispering to our Souls through subconscious imagery and understandings. Joseph Campbell helped me to navigate these experiences with his vast body of work and amazing teachings.

I don’t have to have faith, I have experience. ~ JC

Joseph’s work also gave me the permission I needed to remain on the outside of religion, relying instead on my own personal experiences of spirit as my highest and best authority.

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. – JC

I gained the confidence to walk my own path, embracing all faiths I encounter along the way, noticing the beauty and truth of their teachings and using from them, whatever I am called toward, as my own.

Joseph Campbell was a man who understood being passionately alive, coining the phrase “Follow Your Bliss” and speaking tirelessly toward the unseen doors that lie there for us where before there were only walls. His willingness to say yes to the adventure and truly experience life is what makes him a Hero of Healing.

Tony Robbins

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By Alex Shalman at Practical Personal Development

“You are now at a crossroads. This is your opportunity to make the most important decision you will ever make. Forget your past. Who are you now? Who have you decided you really are now? Don’t think about who you have been. Who are you now? Who have you decided to become? Make this decision consciously. Make it carefully. Make it powerfully.”
~Anthony Robbins

Tony Robbins life consisted of many ups and downs. When he was a young boy his parents got divorced. During high school he experienced a 10 inch growth spurt in 1 year due to a medical condition known as acromegaly. On top of this Tony got into a huge argument with his beloved mother over his independence and was forced to live on his own while he was a high school student.

Tony later went on to break up with the mother of his first born son, and more recently to divorce from his wife of nearly 20 years. The one underlying theme that drove Tony Robbins throughout these adverse situations was his drive to want to help people.

These days Tony enjoys being at the helm of a company with net earnings in the hundreds of millions, and the satisfaction of knowing that he’s helped hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. Tony has had the opportunity to consult for a president, a princess, sports icons, celebrities and average Joes from all over the world.


Tony helps people from all walks of life reach success, be happy, improve their lives, their relationships, and their health. Tony has the power to persuade people to see the best in themselves, and is caught on camera preventing a man from committing suicide by showing him a different paradigm.

Throughout my personal growth I have been inspired time and time again by Tony Robbins. I’ve read several of his books, listened to his audio tapes and those of his mentors, and I’ve grown a lot as a person. People can’t believe the changes in my character, self-esteem, and demeanor since merely 5 years ago. Tony can definitely get a piece of the appreciation for this.

Resources by Tony Robbins

What I, Alex Shalman have learned from Tony Robbins

Tony is very capable of getting his message across and ingrained into people’s state of being. One important thing I learned from Tony is that decisions aren’t actual decisions while they’re still in your head. Decisions become decisions once action is taken towards them — that is when they become a reality — that is when you mean business.

Tony helped me to see that I’m capable of living my life right now, regardless of how I lived my life before. To be able to see a brand new future, from any moment that I choose, is definitely an invaluable lesson and gift. Thanks Tony!

Dr Viktor Frankl

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by Dr. KC Kelly of Doc In the Biz – (posting soon)

Gregg Braden

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by Sharon Eiffel of All is Within

Though he has acquired fame, I believe that Gregg Braden is still up and coming. He is a star in the making and a jewel still to be discovered. Those who have been fortunate enough to know the man find him to be inspiring and enlightened.

Dr Deepak Chopra says, Gregg Braden is a rare blend of scientist, visionary and scholar with the ability to speak to our minds, while touching the wisdom of our hearts.

So who exactly is this man? Who is Gregg Braden? Well, where do I start? Gregg Braden is the man who despite a successful career as the first Technical Operations Manager for Cisco Systems was not satisfied with life. Driven by this dissatisfaction, he went on a quest to explore spirituality. His quest took him to many remote mountains and monasteries where he explored ancient texts. What he found was not only thought provoking but very enlightening.

Today, Braden is renowned as the man who unites science and spirituality. In his works, Braden explains that both science and spirituality work together and are in fact two sides of the same coin. With this knowledge, Braden believes that we have the power to change our physical world. He writes, “By changing our course of action in the moment, sometimes in a very small way, we may redirect an entire outcome in our future.”


I have compiled a playlist for you and there is a selection of videos for you here. Please sit back and enjoy!


Braden shares the thrilling discoveries he made in his books. Amongst his collection of books are:

The Isaiah Effect: Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophecy
Unleashing the Power of the God Code
The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief
The Spontaneous Healing of Belief: Shattering the Paradigm of False Limits
Awakening to Zero Point : The Collective Initiation
Walking Between The Worlds
The Mystery of 2012: Predictions, Prophecies & Possibilities

Some of his books have been turned into audios, videos and dvd.
The Gregg Braden Ultimate Audio Collection
2012 The Odyseey Video

Braden’s works will not only take you on a rare journey of discovery but will also most certainly give you those ‘AHA’ moments. It is not surprising therefore, that Braden has become New York Best Selling author and his books have been translated into 17 languages and published in 27 countries.

Below is an excerpt from Braden’s Isaiah Effect

“Only now, nearly two millennia after the Great Isaiah Scroll was written, are we able to authenticate its reference to a lost science with the ability to . . . end suffering and bring a lasting peace to our world.”

Could there be a lost science that allows us to transcend the visions of war, disease and the greatest tragedies ever to face humankind? Is it possible that somewhere in the mists of our ancient memory an event occurred that has left a gap in our understanding of how we relate to our world and one another? Twenty-five-hundred-year-old texts, as well as modern science, suggest that the answer to these and similar questions is a resounding “yes!”

In 2008, Gregg Bradden was featured in Louis Hay’s movie, You Can Heal Your Life. Gregg Braden also has a website where you can find out more about him and see the calendar of events.

What I, Sharon Eiffel have learnt from Gregg Braden

I am not really sure how I discovered Gregg Braden, but it was some two years ago in 2006. I can only say that getting to know him was a great discovery for me! Not only did the man wake me up to the power of my thoughts in shaping my world, but he has also been a great inspiration.

I have always thought that science and spirituality are at loggerheads and often times I found myself lost as to what to believe. However, Gregg completely changed all that. Even though there are many other writers in the field, I find Braden’s explanations to be sound and satisfactory. His style of writing resonates with me, and each time I read his books I am left mentally stimulated and ready to face the day.

The paragraph below really gives me strength in my dark days, and I am forever thankful that I came across Gregg Braden.

“There can only be one solution to any problem: a change in attitude and in consciousness.

Through the power of consciously focusing on the things that we create in our imagination, we give them the ‘nudge’ that brings them through the barrier from the unreal to the real.

And herein we find the secret of propelling our heart’s desires from the state of imagination to the reality of our everyday lives: It’s our ability to feel as if our dreams have already come to life, our wishes are fulfilled, and our prayers already answered.”

The wisdom Braden shares in his writing is immense, and I have only just scratched the surface. I still have a lot to learn from him and with each lesson I continue to grow.

Napoleon Hill

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by Cath Lawson of Cath Lawson (Tips for Success in Business and Life)

I’ve chosen Napoleon Hill as my hero of healing. He was probably one of the first people who wrote about what many of us know as the Law of Attraction. And he devoted his life to researching what made some folk rich and successful.

Hill studied dozens of successful people, to discover what traits they shared. He explained how the Law of Attraction works and that it’s possible to achieve anything the mind can conceive. And that we can tap into a massive source of ideas, outside of our own mind. He also pointed out the fears and habits we need to overcome, in order to be successful.



Website: Napoleon Hill Foundation

Books: Books & CD’s By Napoleon Hill

What Catherine Lawson Has Learned From Napoleon Hill

I first came across Napoleon Hill’s work in the late nineties. I was just about to leave the bookstore but something drew me to the book, “Think & Grow Rich”.

When I first began reading Think and Grow Rich, I was still suffering from Post Traumatic Stress disorder. One of the first things the book did for me, was to encourage me to focus towards what I wanted in life, rather than concentrating on curing the illness.

And I gradually managed to overcome some of the setbacks and thoughts, which Hill described as barriers to success. I began studying and I started my first small Internet business. And I started to plan a future I’d previously thought I could no longer have. I followed the instructions in the book and read my goals to myself each day. I wanted to make a specific sum of money over 7 years, through writing. I didn’t specify the type of writing – I didn’t care, so long as I could write.

Although I did achieve my financial target, I found that most of the writing I did to get there was the writing of marketing letters. Obviously, next time I needed to be more specific. Also, I still had one huge hurdle to overcome. I’d been in a bad relationship for a number of years.

Napoleon Hill had mentioned that choosing the wrong partner in marriage was one of the biggest barriers to success. And whilst I knew that I had to end that relationship before I could be truly successful, it took a number of years to find the courage to do so. The trouble was, I was focusing on the bad marriage that I didn’t want, so my marriage just got worse and worse.

Hill’s work has helped me achieve things I never believed possible at one point in my life. And I know that many people have read “The Secret” but I found that it merely glosses over the Law Of Attraction. If you want to receive the full benefits, you’d be far better of studying Napoleon Hill’s work and also the work of Esther and Jerry Hicks.

Doreen Virtue

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Doreen Virtue by Suzie Cheel of Abundance Highway (posting soon)

Mary O’Malley

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Mary O’Malley by Dr. Nicole Sundene of Kitchen Table Medicine -(posting soon)

Barbara Marx Hubbard

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Barbara Marx Hubbard by Slade Roberson of Shift Your Spirits — (posting soon)

Nelson Mandela

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Nelson Mandela by Mark Hayward of My Tropical Escape — (posting soon)

Dr. John DeMartini

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by Angela Recchia at Ange’s Biz

Two years ago I was introduced to Dr John Demartini at a Melbourne event and what he spoke about that night really resonated with me. Since then, I have read and studied John’s material.

Dr. John Demartini is a world leading behavioral expert, speaker and author at the forefront of the burgeoning personal and professional development industry.

He is a philosopher, teacher and healer and his purpose is to step foot on every country of this earth and help people realise they can be magnificent and live inspiring lives.

John has developed methodologies and principles to help people express love and not in a romantic way but in a universal understanding that there is synthesis and synchronicity of complimentary opposites and everything else is an illusion.

At age 7, his parents were told that he would never read, write or communicate so he turned to the sporting field. At age 14, he was a high school dropout and asked his parents if he could go surfing in California. They agreed and they dropped him off on the highway and sent him on his way.

Dr John Demartini and Ange Recchia

This photo was taken at the Breakthrough Experience weekend I attended in Melbourne September 2006.

Today, John travels the world speaking on 300 days of the year and is very passionate about helping others to find a balance in their lives and have gratitude for everything they have which in turn lets them attract more of what they do want in their lives.

My most favourite Dr John Demartini quote is:

No Matter what I’ve done or not done, I’m worthy of Love


Here is a video of Dr John Demartini speaking about Gratitude.



Some resources you may like to try:

The Breakthrough Experience: A Revolutionary New Approach to Personal Transformation

This is from the weekend course I attended and has helped me tremendously to find

balance in all areas of my life.

The Gratitude Effect (The Inner Power series)

What Ange has learned from Dr John Demartini

What I have learned from Dr John Demartini is that Joy and Gratitude are the most important emotions we can have. All of us have different values in life and if something supports our values, we class them as good. If something challenges our values, we tend to avoid them. If our life is being supported, we feel joy and if it’s being challenged, we feel sorrow.

Sorrow is an assumption of a loss we are striving for and we suffer because what we strive for is unobtainable.

Joy and sorrow show up in every action and the synthesis and synchronicity of these these two emotions are fulfillment which is Love. Gratitude is when we can embrace joy and sorrow at the same time.

Method to Feeling of Gratitude

John taught me this really simple method on how to go about feeling gratitude which I will share with you. Before you go to bed at night, reflect and review your day and anything you can’t say thankyou for, look at it from a more whole perspective until you can. Then in your own mind, run through all the things you can be grateful for and don’t stop doing this until you have a tear of gratitude for all the areas of your life.

A tear of gratitude washes your mind from any delusion you may hold which you can then be grateful for. The moment you do this, go to your innermost being and ask for inner guidance like:

What mission do you have for me, what direction do you have for me, what am I supposed to do next?

Ask this series of questions every night and document your answers. Once you start doing this, your mission or purpose will become clear.

In the morning, then plan your day. Any details you leave out of your life, someone else will fill in so you might as well fill out the day the way you would love it to be so you know exactly what you are up for.

When the voice and the vision on the inside is louder and more profound than the opinions on the outside, then you begin to master your life and do something extraordinary and magnificent!

Dr. Deepak Chopra

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by Dawn Abraham of Qualified Life Coach

Dr. Deepak Chopra has written more than fifty books including several New York Times Bestsellers and is an international speaker. Time Magazine has called him one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the century and credits him as “the poet-prophet of alternative medicine”. Dr. Deepak Chopra serves as the Director of Education at The Chopra Center which offers training programs in mind body medicine such as the Perfect Health life management program and the Journey into Healing workshop which fuses modern science and Ayurveda.

Deepak Chopra’s popularity as an international presenter and keynote speaker is exemplified in an impressive list of honorariums.

I had the privilege to work with Deepak Chopra while I was studying to become a “Perfect Health Instructor.” In that time I benefited from his wisdom and spirituality in many life altering ways.



To see Deepak Chopra’s impressive list here is his web site.

Deepak Chopra’s MANY Books

What I, Dawn Abraham have learned from Deepak Chopra could take me ten books to explain. Since I am not writing a book and simply a blog, I will share the most profound and life changing factor I picked up from Deepak Chopra.

One of the greatest gifts I learned from Deepak was the concept that we are all one. I have to admit that before I read his book, “The Book of Secrets” which led me to seek him out personally and then to study under him. The concept of unity and we are all connected was just that, a concept. I didn’t understand it and frankly I wasn’t trying to.

Deepak explained to me in such away that I for the first time understood just how powerful that fact, that we are all one truly is.

Let me put it this way, when I grasped the idea that I come from everything and everything is a part of me, including God, that was a very secure and reassuring feeling, once I truly understood it on deep feeling level not just an intellectual level.  I will tell you I took some action on my part to get to that point, which I will explain shortly.

One of the special things about Deepak is his ability to express what it feels like to be connected to everything in existence. The earth, the ocean and the trees whether they are the ones in front of your house or a tree in Africa, is comprised of the same energy and molecules that you and I are comprised of. How miraculous is that?

Deepak explains it like this, we all breathe the same exact air that Jesus breathed and Einstein breathed and even an old woman all the way in China has breathed just a couple of weeks ago. The same molecules are still in the air circulating and we are all literally sharing them.

By understanding that concept I was able to have such a shift in awareness that my world as I knew it completely changed. You can have that same dramatic shift that I did by taking a few moments to visualize what I just said. In doing that you can see how really connected we all our.

I know longer felt like an outsider looking in, I no longer felt afraid of the unknown because I realized through Deepak’s teachings that I was the unknown and as well as the known. I could feel the sameness in everyone instead of looking for the differences.

Deepak taught me that when we learn a new concept that we have to put it to the test in order for it to make a significant difference in our lives.

He taught me that if I wanted to understand for instance the concept we are all one that I would have to practice that new way of thinking. He would suggest exercises and examples of how to experience that concept first hand so that I really felt it and lived it.

One of his suggestions that he has in the “The Book of Secrets” is spend one day pretending you are Jesus or Buddha or someone of that nature.

Really ask the spirit of that person to inhabit you for the afternoon. How would you behave? How would you react to the world? How would you feel? At first I thought this was an absurd idea but when I tried it, I knew Deepak’s idea was brilliant.

Talk about a life changing experience. Try that some time for one whole day and then see how different you look at your life and circumstances.

Just imagine if you are Buddha or Jesus, you would not start yelling at the old lady in front of you that is taking too long to make a right turn on a green light. The way you look at the world and treat people would completely change if you were Gandhi or Jesus.

Have you ever tried really and truly spending a day in their shoes and looking at the world as if you were one of them? I know it sounds crazy but I dare you to take this challenge and tell me that your perspective did not drastically change.

This is one experiment that is powerful enough to alter you life in a positive way. you may be surprised at how connected to everything you really are when you realize that you have the ability to ask the spirit of someone you respect and has died to share your body for the day.

I feel honored to be able to share just a little about what I learned from Studying with and reading Deepak Chopra. I hope you benefit from his teachings, books and seminars as much as I have.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences on how Deepak Chopra has affected your life.

I wish you all the success and happiness the Universe has to offer!

What Jenny Mannion learned from Dr. Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra was integral in my healing. I grew up science minded and he helped me to understand  with medical proof JUST how powerful the mind is. He taught me that the body is always creating new cells and changing. You have totally new organs within a year (some take longer than others). Where your MIND is and the messages you are telling yourself are of GREAT importance to the cells your body creates. I had BECOME my diagnosis and once I realized I did not HAVE to tell myself I was sick anyone but could tell myself I was healthy – my health and body began to shift dramatically.

One of other important lessons I gained from Dr. Chopra, is one of my common mantras “You must realize everyone is doing the best they can from their own state of consciousness”. This helps me explain to myself whenever I feel someone else has “done me or my family wrong”. Most people do what they have learned to do up until that point and act from that. This helps me not to “judge” others and to be patient.

I, too, like Dawn feel I can fill books with what I learned from Deepak Chopra but will end with my favorite resource from him.  While I was healing I began listening to his Soul of Healing Guided Meditations and still (2 years later) would call it my favorite guided meditation. Whenever my husband or I feel a bit stressed or have any kind of physical malady we know that when we lie down to sleep it will be Deepak we listen to and we will wake up feeling refreshed and better off for it. I can’t thank Dr. Chopra enough for the profound affect he’s had on my health and well being.

Neale Donald Walsch

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Neale Donald Walsch by Evelyn Lim of Attraction Mind Map

Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch was at a low point in his life when he decided to write a letter to God. He wanted to vent his frustrations. However, to his amazement, he received a response. What transpired after that were extraordinary answers to all his questions about life, beliefs, traditions, religion, family, sex and war, amongst others. His three books based on Conversations with God are in a Q&A format; very readable and yet profound in the answers contained within. Now translated into 34 languages, they have touched the lives of millions around the world.

Last week, Jenny Mannion contacted me about her Heroes of Healing project. She invited me to write about Neale Donald Walsch. I was honored by the invitation for I considered him and his books a source of deep inspiration and insights. So I agreed.


There are a number of videos that you can watch on Youtube featuring Neale Donald Walsch. The one that I’m featuring is a movie trailer for his story on how he came to writing his books.


1. Official Site for Conversations With God

2. Site to the Author Neale Donald Walsch

3. Conversations with God : An Uncommon Dialogue (Book 1)

4. Conversations With God : An Uncommon Dialogue (Book 2)

5. Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialog, Vol. 3

6. The Complete Conversations with God (Boxed Set)

7. Conversations With God DVD

8. More articles on Heroes of Healing, featuring other inspirational teachers.

What I, Evelyn Lim learned From Neale Donald Walsch (or God)

I started reading Neale’s books at a time when I was sincerely wishing to seek the truth. I was literally blown away by God’s answers. There were so much contained in three books that it would be impossible to condense everything here. Neither, do I wish my article to be reduced to a mere laundry list. So in my post today, I’m going to just focus on the top 3 things that have impacted me the most:

1) We are One

I experienced a paradigm shift, when I first read that essentially that We are all One. We are all One at Source; for we are all energy. The energy at Source chose to know itself through what it is not. Put simply, Source then divides itself, to incarnate on Earth, so that each part of itself (spirit) can know itself experientially.

“Physically is the only way to know itself conceptually”.
— Quote by Neale Donald Walsch

Then, in the physical Universe, we first have to experience the opposite in order to know the ultimate truth. Additionally, in knowing ourselves as Creators, we cannot experience our Selves as creators unless and until we create.

Essentially, god (our Creator) lives in us, as us, though us. But we have forgotten about this truth when we incarnate. In our human relationships, we see separation from one another. It is the separation that causes us to feel insecure, jealous, angry, envy, hate, and hurt.

As I started to reflect on it, I began to see less of a rift. I saw the beauty in others. I became less angry at the world and the people around me. I realized that if I see it in others, I would see it in myself too. I look for the common things that bind all of us together, rather than the differences that mark us apart.

Don’t get me wrong once again. I am not saying that I am now a saint or am enlightened. What I experienced was a positive shift in consciousness.

I also sought to heal myself from any illusions and limiting beliefs. I strongly agreed that healing ourselves was the first step in lifting collective consciousness and saving humanity. Problems like war, environmental issues, and politics on a larger scale can then be solved!

It is not the first time I discuss about Oneness on this blog. You can read more about it here on my previous posts on Planet of Dreams and Be One with The Spoons, when I demonstrated how I bend metal spoons to prove we are One in Energy.

2) We Create Our Own Reality

We are, more often than not, creating unconsciously. We do not take enough responsibility for what is happening around us. It is easy to pin point blame or judge external factors when things do not happen our way. Doing so further creates separation in us from others.

In reality, we create through our thoughts. What we fail to remember is that the world as it now stands, is a manifestation of humanity’s creation. We say that things are happening to us. Yet, it is really the case is that things are happening through us.

Thought is pure energy. It is creative. The energy of our thoughts does not die. What happens is that like energy attracts like energy, to group together into physical forms of matter.

“All that is required to know this. For you are the creator of your reality, and life can show up no other way than the way in which you think it will.”
— Quote by Neale Donald Walsch

What I also learned is that for manifestations, it is not a question of wanting or having. It is a question of Being. It is about a change in our state.

3) Purpose Of Life

Our life purpose is to give the God within us the opportunity to experience itself fully. Questions asked of oneself: Can I be loving? Can I be kind? Can I be caring, forgiving and compassionate? Can I be open and non-judgemental? Asking these questions in the experiencing of life – through its ups and downs, trials and tribulations, difficulties and lows – is an invitation for us to move to a “yes”.

Increased awareness has allowed me to constantly challenge myself in my thoughts, feelings and reactions, to what I am experiencing day-to-day. I may have my grievances and complaints but I always ask myself if it is possible if I can view life from a more loving lens. (Now you see why I am so keen on using the Enneagram as a tool that can lead me to spiritual wholeness!).

“The purpose of the human soul is to experience all of it – so that it can be all of it.”
— Quote by Neale Donald Walsch

In physical form, we are really here to remember, and re-create, Who We Are. You may then ask, How? Go by this axiom “If I do not go within, I go without” mentioned in the book. The way to know God (and to all abundance) is from within, not externally. In the search for divinity and in experiencing God, we will get to experience the ultimate truth and all that we have come here to know: Love.

“I am the wind which rustles in your hair. I am the sun which warms your body. I am the rain which dances in your face. I am the smell of flowers in the air, and I am the flowers which send their fragrance upward. I am the air which carries the fragrance.

I am the beginning of your first thought. I am the end of your last. I am the idea which sparked your most brilliant moment. I am the glory of its fulfillment. I am the feeling which fueled the most loving thing you ever did. I am the part of you which yearns for that feeling again and again.

Whatever works for you, whatever makes it happen – whether ritual, ceremony, demonstration, meditation, thought, song, word, or action it takes for you to ‘reconnect’ – do this.

Do this in remembrance of Me.”

Brad Yates

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by Suzie Cheel of Abundance Highway

Brad Yates is know as the EFT Wizard. Brad likes to think of himself as an Evolution Catalyst. He is known Internationally for his creative and often humorous use of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). I like the humorous approach he takes.

For those who have suffered through dry seminars, you should know that Brad’s eclectic background includes several years as an internationally performing actor, and he is a graduate of Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Clown College, where he was selected to be the emcee and a featured performer in the final show.

Brad supports the Seeds of Greatness Project is to support children in being more successful in their lives, particularly through the use of EFT and guided imagery. I also know that he is currently writing a children’s book on eft.

I have recently through being reintroduced to Brad’s EFT work through The Boundless Living Challenge been using the Tap of the Morning video most mornings to start my day. I like how Brad starts with the positive in the morning.



The Tapping Song

Brad has a monthly newsletter that is filled with lots of free tips. This month’s starts Happy October! This is one of my favorite months – lots of great things have happened in October over the years…

There are many EFT videos to tap along to at EFT Wizard

Your own Success Thermostat

Money Beyond Belief a program Brad did with Joe Vitale, I have just bought this and working through. It comes with MP3, and bonus ebooks from Brad and Joe, the eft abundance MP3 and a daily action plan after you have completed the course.

What Suzie has learnt from Brad Yates:

  • The power of EFT in releasing stress.
  • A daily habit that allows me to start the day in a positive way.
  • I like his relaxed approach and his humor
  • The simplicity of the process
  • The power of EFT in healing stories: Try it on everything

Dr. Mehmet Oz

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by Karen Lynch of Live the Power

“America’s Doctor”, Dr. Mehmet Oz is truly a healing hero. His passion for his work is abundantly palpable. He inspires millions upon millions every year with TV appearances, magazine and newspaper interviews, a radio show, and a multitude of bestselling books. With all of those extracurricular activities he still works at his “day job” as a cardiothoracic surgeon and performs over 200 surgical procedures each year.



Right now I have two of his books that he wrote along with Dr. Michael Roizen on my nightstand.
You: Staying Young: The Owner’s Manual for Extending Your Warranty (You) and
You: On A Diet: The Owner’s Manual for Waist Management. I think it would do me good to finish reading them both and incorporate more of that passionate wisdom into my own life.

What I, Karen Lynch have Learned from Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz has inspired me for a long time. Of course, I first saw him on Oprah and to this day I never miss an Oprah show with Dr. Oz. Who else in the world can get on TV and show us the details of such things as a healthy kidney vs. an unhealthy kidney, a healthy heart vs. and unhealthy heart ( yes, the real things), or about the lacy-looking organ in our body that has the only purpose of catching and storing fat, (that would be the “omentum”. Yes, we all want a healthy “omentum”!) and of course, I’ve never heard anyone talk on national TV with as much candor as Dr. Oz does about that elimination thing that we all do. Dr. Oz, single-handedly got America to pay attention to their poop!

He also recommends eating whole foods, exercise, meditation, yoga, tai chi and having sex 200+ times per year. It all sounds good to me. And it will make me healthy besides? Sounds great!

But with all of that what I really admire is his passion. He has such a passion for what he does and for teaching others. You can tell that he truly loves his work and he is connected to his highest self and giving to the world the best that he has. And that by itself is incredibly inspiring!

Louise Hay

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by Kelly Rigby of She Power

“Every thought I think is creating my future”

Once dubbed “the closest thing to a living saint” by the Australian media, Louise L. Hay is one of the founding writers, healers and speakers in the modern self-help and spiritual movement.

Her first book, Heal Your Body, was published in 1976 and was revolutionary at the time for suggesting that our health could be affected by our long-term thoughts and emotions. Louise created this book as a reference guide so people could identify the mental causes of their illness and then heal themselves with the corresponding positive thought patterns and affirmations.

Heal Your Body was born from Louise’s years of experience offering spiritual counseling and workshops as a Church of Religious Science minister, and it went on to become an international best seller, translated into 25 languages around the world.

After years of a being a successful metaphysical speaker and workshop facilitator, Louise’s spiritual journey was put to the test when she was diagnosed with cancer. After considering surgery and drugs, Louise decided that she would try to heal herself, and so began an intensive program of affirmations, creative visualization, nutritional cleansing, and psychotherapy.

After six months, Louise’s doctors were amazed to discover she was cancer free.

Now even more convinced that she had an important healing philosophy to share with the world, Louise wrote You Can Heal Your Life. It was published in 1984 and shared Louise’s own story of how she overcame a broken marriage, and an impoverished, abusive childhood to heal her heart, her mind and then her body.

You Can Heal Your Life was one of the first modern self-help books to explain how our thoughts and feelings create our beliefs, and our beliefs influence not only our behavior and experiences, but our physiology as well.

If we change our thinking and heal our negative emotional patterns, we can create infinite wellness and happiness in our life. You Can Heal Your Life was a New York Times bestseller and has sold more than 35 million copies around the world.

Another of Louise Hay’s accomplishments was the founding of Hay House, which started as a small venture in her living room, and is now the leading publisher of millions of self-help and transformational books, audio and video worldwide. As of 2007, Hay House published over 300 books and 450 audios from 130 authors, including Wayne Dyer, Esther and Jerry Hicks and Doreen Virtue.

Louise has also established two not-for-profit organizations, The Hay Foundation and the Louise L. Hay Charitable Fund, which support charities dealing in such diverse issues as AIDS, battered women, disadvantaged youth, prison reform and international projects, such as Doctors Without Borders.

Still going strong at 81, Louise Hay recently released her first ever film, You Can Heal Your Life: The Movie, based on her life and work. To see the trailer, click on the video link below.





Heal Your Body

You Can Heal Your Life

The Power is Within You

Empowering Women

The Present Moment: 365 Daily Affirmations

The Times of Our Lives: Extraordinary True Stores of Synchronicity, Destiny, Meaning and Purpose

Letters to Louise

Life! Reflections on Your Journey

I Can Do It: How To Use Affirmations to Change Your Life

I Think I am: Teaching Kids the Power of Affirmations

The Adventures of Lulu and more!

What Kelly Rigby has Learned From Louise Hay

Louise Hay is the closest thing I have to a guru. Her book, You Can Heal Your Life opened my eyes to a new way of being and gave a glimpse of who I could become. Quite simply, reading this book changed the course of my life forever.

I was only 20 when my mom gave me You Can Heal Your Life, and I had already managed to attract a relationship that was controlling, emotionally abusive and violent. On the outside I looked like an intelligent, driven young woman with her whole life ahead of her. On the inside I was a screaming, tormented child, raging against abandonment, lost innocence, and the shame of sexual abuse.

But as soon as I read Louise ’s story, it was like the sun came out and all of a sudden I could see that every day didn’t have to be cloudy. There was blue sky out there. I realized I had to change myself before I could ever hope to have the life I dreamed of. I desperately wanted to be happy, but the world I lived in was full of pain, criticism and trying to be perfect, and hating myself because I was not.

I knew that cancer tended to run in one side of my family and alcoholism and mental disease was an issue in the other. I didn’t want a life that included any of these things, but the signs were already there that addiction and depression were waiting to become close friends of mine. I decided that I would remake myself and my life and I would transcend everything that had gone before.

For me the journey took many years, mostly because it isn’t easy to let go of the past. Events may fade from memory, but feelings of loss and rejection and betrayal tend to hang around and nest in your heart. They clog your arteries and sit heavy on your chest so you feel like you are drowning in the ugliness your life has been.

I had to choose to change and part of that was letting go of the past and the comfort of my pain. Yes, I had every reason to be angry at the world. I’d had shitty luck. I did deserve better, but Louise Hay made me see that the only one who was going to give me a better life was ME. I had to save myself.

I was lucky enough to meet and speak with Louise after a seminar in Sydney in 1995 and I will never forget the light that shone out of this woman. She was incandescent, like an angel. Which is fitting because…

what I learned from Louise Hay is I am also a living breathing angel who deserves unconditional love and acceptance. I am worthy of the best life has to offer, and I love myself exactly the way I am.

Thich Nhat Hanh

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By Isabella Mori at Change Therapy

zen monk thich nhat hanh

thich nhat hanh, a zen master and human rights activist, was born in vietnam in 1926. he became a monk at 16. in the throes of the vietnam war, he chose to combine contemplation and activism, thus helping in founding the movement of “engaged buddhism”. among other things, and despite opposition on the part of the vietnamese government, thich nhat hanh founded a buddhist university, a publishing house, and an influential peace activist magazine in vietnam. after visiting the U.S. and europe in 1966 on a peace mission, he was banned from returning to vietnam. he may have changed the course of U.S. history when he persuaded martin luther king, jr. to oppose the vietnam war publicly. later, thich nhat hanh led the buddhist delegation to the paris peace talks.

in 1982 he founded plum village, a buddhist community in exile in france, where he continues his work to alleviate suffering of refugees, boat people, political prisoners, and hungry families in vietnam and throughout the third world. in september 2001, shortly after the world trade center attacks, thich nhat hanh addressed the issues of non-violence and forgiveness in a memorable speech.

thich nhat hanh has published over 80 titles of poems, prose, and prayers. one of my favourites is the miracle of mindfulness.

through mindfulness, we can learn to live in the present moment instead of in the past and in the future. dwelling in the present moment is the only way to truly develop peace, both in one’s self and in the world.

this is the central teaching of thich nhat hanh.


this is part of a series of interviews with ram dass:


what have i, isabella mori have learned from thich nhat hanh?
i have learned so much from him. “the miracle of mindfulness” was the first buddhist book i ever bought. one of the things he talks about there is bringing mindfulness to washing the dishes. the image of lovingly washing a cup, with full attention, being aware of all that happens, has been one of my mental metaphors for zen buddhism ever since.

breathing in, the sensation of the cup’s shape and texture. breathing out, the light glinting off the running water. breathing in, the sounds of the dishes clinking against the sink. breathing out, the warmth of the water, juxtaposed against the air that feels cold on the exposed wet skin. breathing in, the smell of the dish soap. breathing out, compassion for my straying thoughts.

Ernest Holmes

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by Lyman Reed of Creating a Better Life

Ernest Holmes (image courtesy of

The teachings of Dr. Ernest Shurtleff Holmes (1887-1960) can be summed up by the following quote:

“There is a power greater than you in the universe, and you can use it.”

He was a leader in the New Thought movement, codified the “Science of Mind” philosophy, and founded The Church of Religious Science.

Dr. Holmes referred to his “Science of Mind” philosophy as being “open at the top” – in other words, it wasn’t a hard coded, unchanging doctrine, but a living thing that could be added to as new information came to light, or taken away from if evidence was presented that contradicted it.

There were three major influences on Dr. Holmes:

  1. Christian Science – When Holmes lived in Boston, he studied public speaking, and his teacher was a reader at the Christian Science Mother Church. He attended one Sunday in order to see his instructor in action, and ended up being fascinated by Mary Baker Eddy’s philosophy.
  2. Ralph Waldo Emerson – Holmes said that “Reading Emerson is like drinking water to me.” I remember reading somewhere that The Over-Soul was one of his favorites.
  3. Thomas Troward – Troward’s Doré Lectures and Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science brought the above ideas together in Holmes mind, and helped him to finally put together The Science of Mind.

Holmes was a true independent thinker. He called his philosophy a science because he believed it could be proved experientially, and was more interested in results than in the philosophy itself. Another interesting fact is that he never planned on starting a church – he originally wanted to set them up as teaching centers, but was influenced otherwise. It seems that currently, many Religious Science churches have gone the way of calling themselves “centers.”

[ Disclaimer for those who need it: the above is *not* intended to be a scholarly examination of Holmes' life, just a few interesting facts that I've picked up from the internet, books, sermons, and lectures. Just picture a big old Wikipedia style *citation needed* after every statement :) ]


I couldn’t find any publicly available video (or even audio) of Dr. Holmes. There are quite a few Religious Science churches who make their sermons and teachings available, but none of Ernest Holmes himself. If you have a link to freely available audio or video, please feel free to let us know about it in the comments section.


What I (Lyman Reed) learned From Ernest Holmes

Like the quote way up there says – I learned that there truly is a power greater than me in the universe, and that I can use it.

Holmes’ core concepts were a very radical departure from my previous beliefs (I used to be a fundamentalist Christian), and one of the reasons that his work was so fascinating to me is it’s openness and practicality. If it works, use it. If not, toss it.

I also remember finding out that he considered himself more of a collector and synthesizer of information than a creator. He understood that there really is nothing new under the sun, and that all we do is put concepts that already exist together in new ways. The truth is already out there – we just need to discover (and use) it!

When I was early in my sobriety, attending The DuPage Church of Religious Science (now the DuPage Center for Spiritual Living) was vital to my survival. I regularly saw one of their practitioners who charged me next to nothing (and often nothing). It’s not an exaggeration to say that Rev. Kathy Mertes was one of the major players in saving my life.

I no longer attend a Religious Science church on a regular basis, but the teachings still guide my life. It really was an honor for me to be able to do a little writing about Ernest Holmes for the Heroes of Healing Project, and I hope that if his work sounds interesting you’ll take some time and explore his ideas further.

Michael Losier

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by Suzie Cheel of Abundance Highway

The How To Guy of Law of Attraction:

Whether you want to heal your health, your relationships or your finances Michael Losier can help you.

Michael has been working with the Law of Attraction since 1996 and has helped so many people attract more of what they do want in their lives.

I was introduced to Michael Losier’s book: Law of Attraction, The Science of Getting More of What You Do Want and Less of What You Don’t by a friend at a local Reiki group. At the time the book wasn’t available in Australia, so I ordered it when we went to Blog World Expo last November. I explored the book and downloaded free resources from his website

I then discovered that Michael was coming to Australia in 2008. I booked to go to the seminar in Brisbane, went on a free teleclass Michael held on January 1st and was gifted a DVD Michael has recently made: Attract Your Ideal Relationship.

The seminar was fantastic, I came away with tools to move forward with. At that seminar Michael announced that he was doing a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioners Facilitation course in Vancouver in June. At the time, he also mentioned he would be doing the same course in Malaysia in April 2009. Malaysia is much closer than Vancouver, so that sounded great.

I then started listening to Michael on Voice America and heard him talking about the training and decided to put the law of Attraction into Action and go to Vancover. You can read the rest of my story here and see why so many people are training with Michael in this video.



Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't

Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting

More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t

The simple 3 step process to changing your life

Free Ezine Monthly: Contact me to get the latest copy

Listen to Michael weekly on Oprah and Friends

You Tube Videos:

What Suzie Cheel has learnt from Michael Losier:

  • The importance of creating an abundance journal- a record of the abundance that I was experiencing daily in my life. This is called my evidence of proof. learning to see abundance in the small things, the grains of sand, leaves on the trees, free seminars and more
  • A simple 3 step process for creating deliberate attraction in my life.
  • The LOA faciliator training was invaluable and is allowing me to build a wonderful new business that is helping people change their lives and get more of what they do want in their life. I will be running some free teleclasses this month on getting clarity about what you do want in your life. Leave your name in the comments below if you would like to be notified or in the box above.
  • The importance of keeping my vibrational bubble high, remembering that the Law of attraction matches my words and my thoughts.
  • Generosity shown by Michael was exceptional, he is a very special person and a wonderful mentor.

Bob Doyle

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By Suzie Cheel of Abundance Highway

Live Your Life by Desire: The Boundless Living Challenge

Bob Doyle is the creator and facilitator of the Wealth Beyond Reason program, which is a very in-depth online curriculum on the Law of Attraction. Aside from giving the basic fundamentals of the Law of Attraction – including the actual physics of this incredibly powerful principle – Bob spends most of his time focusing on the real-world application of the Law of Attraction, because he realizes that while intellectually understanding these principles is a good start, we all have years of resistance and limiting beliefs that can make this work a little tricky at times.

Bob is also a veteran broadcaster, music composer, and author – but his real passion is the Law of Attraction and helping people to realize its full potential in their lives, no matter what their starting point or current beliefs may be.

The Boundless Living Challenge reflects this passion. I had known about Bob from the movie The Secret Bob has established a supportive like minded community in establishing the Boundless Living Challenge


You tube videos

Find more videos like this on The Boundless Living Challenge


Free Resources: Join Boundless Living and join in the next 45 day challenge

Wealth Beyond Reason The Book

Wealth Beyond Reason; Free Resources

What I, Suzie Cheel learnt from Bob Doyle:

  • The powerful healing that comes from using EFT on a regular basis
  • That ” so called gurus” aka Bob Doyle, face the same challenges and learning when they set a out of the comfort zone challenge
  • That to relax and enjoy the moment no matter what will generally improve one’s performance.
  • The power of being part of a community is so important.
  • Embracing the moment and being with what is.
  • Being able to share the highs and lows in the community
  • Setting the intention, got my book published and launched as per my challenge- very exciting

View my page on The Boundless Living Challenge
Do You Have a project or passion that the world needs to know about? Join the next challenge and grow!

Roy Hunter

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by Ellie Blunt of The Transparent Hypnotist

Maybe there was a time in your life when you wanted to change something. Maybe you were able to use sheer will power to make the change a reality such as giving up an addiction (smoking, caffeine, or the big dogs – drugs, sex or even rock and roll). But what about the changes that did not come so easy or seemed to be just outside of your grasp? This is where hypnosis becomes the tool for manifesting those change sin your life. And the thing is, hypnosis is not just one tool. There are several – self-hypnosis (the basis of all hypnosis), suggestion work, client centered hypnosis, regression, and parts therapy to name a few. The latter acts as follows:

The negotiator enters the space. On one side, there is the problem. On the other side is the one who needs certain things to happen for one’s well being. Both sides state their points and the negotiator makes sure both sides are truly heard. One side presents a desired outcome, the other takes this into consideration. This element is tweaked, that idea given up, and after the process, change happens. This is the mental world that Roy Hunter inserts himself – negotiator, hypnotist, trainer, extraordinaire.

One of Roy’s biggest claims to fame is the book he wrote,called Master the Power of Self-Hypnosis. With a background in sales, and the soul of trainer, he became a distinguished member of the hypnosis community providing a valuable resource of hypnotic methods. His text books and training methods are often used in many schools for teaching the hypnotic arts. He also became a member in the International Hypnosis Hall of Fame in April of 2000 (for his writing prowess). In 2004, St. John’s University awarded him with an honorary doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy.

I did not know any of this when I met Roy. He was selling his books at an National Guild of Hypnotists conference, but for all I knew, he could have been a friend helping sell the Roy Hunter books. Almost walking past his table, he caught my eye and said hello. Feeling obligated to at least look at the products in his booth, I picked up the book Conflict Resolution: Introducing Parts Therapy. After looking at the table of contents (and several pages of the text to be sure it was not academia speak), I realized this was one of those kismet moments. This particular book seemed to address all my needs for helping a certain client. I bought the book (and Roy autographed it) and consumed it immediately. I looked up his other books (and those of his hero Charles Tebbits). When I felt confident enough, thanks to his well explained methods, I gave parts therapy a shot with my client. I became the negotiator for the conscious and subconscious parts of the client’s mind. With this technique, we broke through the client’s block in healing his chronic pain.



Roy Hunter’s Web Site

What I, Ellie Blunt Learned from Roy Hunter

By the time I finished Conflict Resolution, I realized I had learned an awful lot. Not only did I gain experience from his knowledge and methods, as well as new techniques to help my clients, I learned more about the subconscious mind. I had tiptoed around so much, fearful of not saying the right words or even really understanding how the subconscious worked. Sure I had lots of theory to help explain it, but it seemed completely mystical and like a delicate, fine, blown-glass figurine. Handed the wrong way or even breathed upon, it could break. Yes, it is delicate, but thanks to Roy, I know better how to handle it. I can communicate with it (within myself and others) and know I have a way to conduct a responsible, helpful dialogue.

His theories and knowledge and the ability to disseminate it all make Roy Hunter one of my personal heros. He explains self-hypnosis in a way that many could really find beneficial. He explains hypnotic techniques in a way that can help a number of hypnotists help others. Roy Hunter’s work goes beyond the man behind the books, it is carried on through the work of others.

Dan Millman

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by Matthew Wadleigh and Lisa Erickson at Mommy Mystic

Dan Millman is the author of Way Of The Peaceful Warrior, which was written to inspire, uplift, and remind readers of life’s bigger picture and higher purpose. Dan has dedicated his life to bringing greater clarity and perspective to people of all walks of life by teaching how to live a more meaningful and purposeful life in the real world. Way of the Peaceful Warrior is a fictionalized autobiography that speaks to the peaceful warrior in all of us. The tale reminds the reader of the essential perfection of your life unfolding, and to trust this process. These topics resonate in a quote from Dan: “The time is now, the place is here. Stay in the present. You can do nothing to change the past, and the future will never come exactly as you plan or hope for.” Dan Millman is a former world-champion gymnast, martial arts expert, and college professor. He has written an additional 12 non-fiction books, all expansions of the topics presented in his first tale.




Books: The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, The Life You Were Born to Live

What Lisa Erickson Learned from Dan Millman

“There are no ordinary moments.” The Way of the Peaceful Warrior was one of the first spiritual books I read, while in college, and it had a profound effect on me. I began to question the assumed reality I had been living in, and look for deeper meaning and patterns. In a very real sense, this book helped initiate my life-long spiritual search – something it has done for countless others over the years.

Dr. Christiane Northrup

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by Marilyn Kay at Mommy Mystic

Internationally known for her empowering approach to women’s health and wellness, Dr. Northrup is a leading proponent of medicine and healing that acknowledges the unity of the mind and body, as well as the powerful role of the human spirit in creating health. Following a career practicing obstetrics and gynecology for over 25 years, Dr. Northrup has dedicated her lifework to helping women (and the men who love them) learn how to flourish on all levels by creating health, prosperity, and pleasure in their lives. She says, “I’ve spent the first half of my life studying and footnoting everything that can go wrong with the female body—and figuring out how to fix it. I’m dedicating the second half of my life to illuminating everything that can go right with the female body, including teaching women how to truly flourish.”




Books: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom , The Wisdom of Menopause

What Marilyn Kay Has Learned From Dr. Northrup

From the late 40’s to mid 50’s is an awakening time for a woman, when there is a psychic and energetic shift from the identity she has known with her home and family to an urgent need for personal exploration and self-expression.  There is literally a hormone-driven re-wiring of the brain taking place, a call to move both inward and outward.  Inward to find her wisdom and explore her deepest connection to herself, and outward to express her courage and her voice.  This is the most creative time for a woman, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. It is also a time when she begins to create from a place of knowledge and vision for all the women who will come behind her. “When Sleeping Beauty wakes up, she is almost 50 years old.” (Maxine Cumin)

Dr. Michael Beckwith

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by Lisa Erickson at Mommy Mystic

Dr. Michael Beckwith is the founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center and an internationally recognized leader in spiritual transformation and the creation of trans-denominational spiritual communities. Dr. Beckwith holds a doctorate in Religious Science and has received numerous awards for his humanitarian work. He created a process called ‘life-visioning’, that helps spiritual practitioners free their awareness from limiting social conditioning and open their awareness to the love, peace and abundance of God. He supports meditation, prayer and service to community as the foundations for personal and spiritual growth. Dr. Beckwith contributed to both the DVD and book versions of the bestselling The Secret, and has appeared on Oprah and Larry King to discuss it and his other work. The Agape Center is one of the largest multi-cultural religious institutions in the world, with over 9,000 members.




Books/CDs: Life Visioning (Audio CD), Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential (Nov. 2008)

What Lisa Erickson Learned From Michael Beckwith

“To the degree that you can break free of consensus thinking (normal thinking), to that degree, the fullness of God rushes in and becomes the activity of your awareness and your affirmation of that truth becomes your reality.” As this quote shows, Dr. Beckwith’s teachings go far beyond the law of attraction as it is presented in The Secret. He urges us to full spiritual liberation, by breaking through the traps of our conditioned thinking and experiencing. He urges us to live our lives as expressions of divine love, in every thought, word, and deed – not through judgment and force, but by shifting the loci of our awareness to another level.

Brandon Bays

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by Suzie Cheel of Abundance Highway

Brandon Bays: A Journey To Freedom

I first met Brandon Bays at an introductory evening in December 1999 in Sydney, Australia. I was so impressed with Brandon’s story, I then attended The Journey intensive weekend in February 2000. This was a life healing and changing process for me. Des, my life partner commented on how free I was after this weekend, like a layer had been lifted. I know for me I was able to release stored memories that enabled me to forgive myself along with family members and others.

Eight years on I still marvel at the power of the Journey Process, the stories of healing I have both heard about as well as been witness too. Most years I spend one weekend volunteering at a journey intensive. This weekend is always powerful. Watching other people experience the joy that comes from this simple process. There are some amazing stories of healing.



Free Online magazine: Living Consciously


The Journey: An Extraordinary Guide for Healing Your Life and Setting Yourself FreeThe Journey: An Extraordinary Guide for Healing Your Life and Setting Yourself Free

Freedom Is: Liberating Your Boundless PotentialFreedom Is: Liberating Your Boundless Potential

The Journey for KidsThe Journey for Kids

There are also audiobooks, meditation CDs and DVDs and the Journey Cards for daily healing.


Listen To Real People Talk About How The Journey Has Helped Their Life

The Journey Intensive

The Journey for Children:Making a real diference

The Journey Outreach: A Miracle Train in South Africa

What Suzie Cheel Learned From Brandon:

“Come to the Edge”, he said. “We can’t Master, we’re scared.” “Come to the Edge”, he said. “We can’t Master, we’re scared.” “Come to the Edge”, he said. They came. He pushed them. They flew.

This quotation is in the front of a journal I was given after completing my Journey intensive to record my journey to freedom. The Journey and working with Brandon Bays has given me tools to release much of the emotional baggage I like, many others, have carried around for many years.

I love the Physical Journey process where I can simply, by myself explore a physical issue and release the pain and move on.

I love how Brandon simplifies what we don’t know and says to put it in the “bucket of unknowables” Allow Grace to take care of it!

Brandon’s latest book Freedom Is a wonderful resource that you can use daily for meditation and release. I use the CD that accompanies the book.

For many years I have regularly used The Healing Sand meditation for both release and meditation.

The friendships that I have formed over the years through The Journey are wonderful. I have also completed many of the advanced courses offered. Now there are many free workshops and teleclasses to introduce you to the Journey Process. Details can be found at Brandon Bays. and these are worldwide.

The Journey is an invitation for you to participate in your own natural healing process by diving into the core of your being to uncover the greatness that is locked inside!

Ron Wilkins

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by Jennifer Abbott of Principles for Peace

Ron had a very rough life from the beginning. His father rejected him the first time he ever saw him at the age of two and he was raised by an alcoholic mother who drank to try to escape her emotional pain. Ron began drinking at the age of four to also try to escape his emotional pain, attempted suicide at the age of 16, and later spent several years in prison. It was in prison that he was taught some information that would change his life forever. Ron saw the potential in this information, internalized and mastered it and used it to remove all the emotional pain that he had been carrying around. He began teaching it to others even in prison. Realizing that the attitudes and skills that he learned were what the master teacher Jesus had used and taught, he adapted it Biblically. Once he got out of prison he taught this information publicly for the first time in 1995 to an assembly of over 500 people. The response was overwhelming. This marked the beginning of SFT Awareness and the program has only exploded since. Thousands have been impacted by it. In fact, SFT Awareness is now in the process of becoming an international program well on its way of impacting millions and even billions of people.



For more information about removing emotional pain and/or to purchase a book written by Ron Wilkins click here.

For more information about the program, SFT Awareness, click here.

And of course you may choose to browse through my archives here and/or subscribe for further learning.

What I, Jennifer Abbott, have learned from Ron Wilkins:

Pages could not hold what I have learned from Ron.

I learned what emotional pain is, how it does what it does very specifically, and how to remove emotional pain. I learned that you don’t just have to “grin and bear it.” I learned from Ron how to become aware of pain, how to stop ruminating (the negative thinking cycle), how and when to process pain and with what attitudes and skills to process the pain with. I learned that 98% of people are emotional pain carriers. I learned that in order to treat depression and addictions you have to deal with the root cause of them and not the symptoms. I learned that there are over 100 addictions that people can choose from and that anger is the number one addiction. I learned that most people don’t realize they have an addiction. I learned that children begin carrying emotional pain by the age of four and by the age of eight many have already chosen an escape behavior that leads to an addiction. I learned what a positive attitude is and how to have one. I learned from Ron to understand people and why they do what they do.

I could write pages, but that is a start anyway.

I am who I am today because of Ron Wilkins. To learn from Ron personally and to be at his bedside only a few hours before he died are two of the greatest honors I have ever had. When I think of the person that I want to become I always think of Ron and the life he lived. He was the greatest example of Jesus that I have ever known.

Rachel Naomi Remen, MD

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Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D. by Mokihana Calizar (who can be reached at

“Rachel Naomi Remen is one of the earliest pioneers in the mind/body holistic health movement and the first to recognize the role of the spirit in health and the recovery from illness. She is Co-Founder and Medical Director of the Commonweal Cancer Help Program featured in the Bill Moyers PBS series, Healing and the Mind and has cared for people with cancer and their families for almost 30 years…She is also a nationally recognized medical reformer and educator who sees the practice of medicine as a spiritual path. In recognition of her work she has received several honorary degrees and has been invited to teach in medical schools and hospitals throughout the country. Her groundbreaking holistic curricula enable physicians at all levels of training to remember their calling and strengthen their commitment to serve life.”

Rachel Naomi Remen is a master storyteller who finds the essence of humanness through her gifts as listener and teller. Her 54 year old personal history of Crohn’s disease has woven a rich, authentic voice as a physician, teacher and healer of self. Her books Kitchen Table Wisdom and My Grandfather’s Blessings are filled with beautiful tales that heal the heart and soul of a society seeking comfort and connect at times of lost hope, confusion and isolation. Before there were bloggers, there were storytellers like Rachel Naomi Remen.



For an audio interview: Listening Generously

For a written interview:

For an article on medical reform:

For excerpts from Kitchen Table Wisdom

What have I, Mokihana Calizar, learned from Rachel Naomi Remen:

(I have included several quotes from this original article that appeared in the Noetic Sciences Review, Spring 1996 because it may not be readily available to be read in its entirety.)

I am a storyteller who was given a reprint of an article “In the Service of Life,” written in 1996 by Rachel Naomi Remen at a time when the threads of my life were snipped into pieces. There lay the disconnected parts of my life/my story I thought would always be true. What I learn from this article served as compost for my shredded life at the time, and continues to teach me twelve years later. I thought I needed “help” but after reading this article again and again, and then again year after year, I learn Help is not what heals. “Helping incurs debt. When you help someone they owe you one. But serving, like healing is mutual. There is no debt.” That lesson remains the core life lesson of my life. I have experienced many losses in my life, and sought teachers, physicians, counselors and friends to aid me. Time and time again throughout my more than 60 years, I live the lesson that fixing and helping are different than serving. Fundamentally, helping, fixing, and service are ways of seeing life. When you help you see life as weak, when you fix, you see life as broken. When you serve, you see life as whole.”

When I began the rebuilding of life as I’d known it 14 years ago, I suspected that many ideas I had about myself and the way I understood life might need tweaking. Today I laugh at the depth and breath of a ‘tweak’ when it comes to the evolution of my soul. Storytellers like Rachel Naomi Remen have given me hope and courage to challenge people in positions of authority when their opinions smell of helping or fixing my life. When I was diagnosed with “cell tissues of questionable character” coupled with two surgeons opinion to remove my thyroid because of that diagnosis I heard my deep self ask, “What would Rachel Naomi do? What stories would she encourage in me?” The answers I got from this experience have led me to believe this final paragraph from the article “In the Service of Life,” “Fixing and helping are the basis of curing, but not of healing. In 40 years of chronic illness I have been helped by many people and fixed by a great many others who did not recognize my wholeness. All that fixing and helping left me wounded in some important and fundamental ways. Only service heals.” I live with my whole thyroid with cell tissues that re-generated with time and attention. She, my thyroid, is as I have come to believe, the messenger of love situated on my fifth charka point in the throat. To be without her would mean love to be a distant ‘thing’ dependent upon prescriptions someone has conjured. I have much to learn about being of service to life, and know in my bones that when questionable cells show up they have stories worth hearing and Real stories take time …” (from “Listening Generously The Medicine of Rachel Naomi Remen.)

Paul Chek

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by Stephen Cox of Balanced Existence

What is Paul Chek About?
Paul Chek is a facilitator of personal growth, health and holistic wellbeing through the example of his own personal growth, health and holistic wellbeing. Paul is a world-renowned expert in the field of corrective and high performance exercise kinesiology. He is the founder of the CHEK (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Institute in California, USA. For over twenty years Paul has been treating the body as a whole system and has sought the root cause of health problems leading to success where traditional approaches have consistently failed.

Paul is an international speaker, educator and author. He has developed four advanced certification programs for exercise and health practitioners. Thousands of people worldwide have completed these courses and are now actively helping others.


The below video of Paul is part 1 of 13. It is a lecture given by Paul at the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation. I have embedded all 13 videos as a YouTube playlist so you can watch the full lecture, one video after another, right here.

I highly recommend Paul’s book How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy!. It contains a personalized 4-step guide to health and wellbeing. I personally own and refer to this book regularly. So do a number of my family members. We all immediately felt the difference the knowledge contained in this book made to our health and overall wellbeing. How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy! is extremely well structured. It has been written in such a way that it will help everyone from the sick and morbidly obese all the way to the elite athlete.

Step one of the book requires you to complete a series of questionnaires to identify which of your body’s systems are stressed. The results of the questionnaires among many other things give a great indication of exactly what type and amount of exercise you should be doing. The second step is to complete the Metabolic Typing Test so that you can develop a specific eating plan that is right for you.

Step three helps you build a personalized exercise program including stretches, energy building exercises (fantastic!), acquiring proper core function and why it is vital to your health, and finally a specific exercise program based upon your questionnaire scores. Step four guides you in the fine-tuning of your diet and lifestyle issues to achieve optimal health. Again your questionnaire scores come into play in that the scores identify your specific problem areas. There is a very helpful and informative chapter for each problem area to help you implement strategies immediately.

What I’ve Learned from Paul Chek

I have a lot to thank Paul Chek for. The Chinese say when the student is ready the master appears. This is how I felt when I first came across Paul on YouTube. To begin with I’ve learnt the grave importance of eating as much organically produced food as possible. I’ve learnt about the tricks so called scientific studies use to produce results that say organic food is no different nutritionally to regular commercially farmed food. As a part of this I’ve come to see the obvious logic that we cannot be healthy while eating unhealthy plants and animals. Further those plants and animals cannot be healthy if the soil is not healthy. Healthy soil for one thing means soil with a high amount of microorganisms, which are responsible for supporting healthy plants in a complex symbiotic relationship. Commercial farming denatures the soil, killing most of the microorganisms.

I have learnt the simple beauty of Metabolic Typing, which suggests that we are each as different from each other on the inside as we appear to be on the outside. Thus any one diet will never work for all people. We are each descendant from different peoples who’s physiology adjusted to their environment over millions of years. Thus Eskimos can live very healthy lives on a diet consisting of close to 90% protein and fat, while people descendent from those who lived on the equatorial band can live healthy lives eating a diet high in fruit and vegetables. Feed a descendent of the Eskimos a diet high in fruit and vegetables and you have a recipe for poor health and disease.

I’ve also learned about how all stress summates within the body. This means your body cannot tell the difference between stress from worrying about bills, to stress from relationship dramas, to stress from things like alcohol and medication, to stress from over exposure to light, to stress from exercise. It is all the same to the body and all adds up. Thus trying to stick to an exercise program while poorly managing stress from other lifestyle factors is another recipe for poor health and disease. Here Paul talks about the benefits of working-in as opposed to working-out. Working-in movement patterns energize the body without causing a switch to the fight or flight stress response sympathetic nervous system that regular exercise such as jogging does.

Finally, I learned from Paul Chek that as much as 90% of us have fungus and parasite infections. This information spurred me to look into the matter further and I have since learnt from other expert resources how to overcome this issue. The resultant effect on my own personal health and wellbeing has been immense. I am living the things I’ve learned from Paul Chek and hope to emulate in some small way the positive effect he has had upon the lives of many people the world over.

Susan Jeffers

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by Kate of Experiments in Living

If you haven’t heard of Susan Jeffers, I’m willing to bet that you’ve heard of her best-selling book Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway! You might not know that Jeffers received countless rejections of her manuscript, including one editor who commented that “Lady Di could be cycling nude down the street giving this book away and no-one would read it”.

I first heard of Susan Jeffers some time in the mid-90s on a daytime talk show. They were discussing Feel the Fear, and I identified with it. I was in my late teens at the time and I was building up my self confidence from a base of practically zero. It was around this time that I first experienced depression, and the fact that someone had written a book which could have been for me personally touched me deeply.

Through Feel the Fear, we learn that there is only really one fear, the fear that if x, y or z thing that we are scared should come to pass WE WON’T BE ABLE TO HANDLE IT! And there it is, whatever happens, good, bad or just plain frustrating, you can and will handle it. You will handle it because there is no other option!

Whatever life hands me, I’ll handle it!

Susan Jeffers knows what she is talking about. As a young woman, she did the expected thing of marrying young and having two children. However, she had that feeling that she should be doing more with her life (how many of us have that feeling but ignore it?). Susan went back to study and eventually gained a PhD in psychology. After ending her first marriage of 16 years she went to work on the Floating Hospital in New York as executive director. That time of being single and meeting challenging situations of some of New York’ neediest people head on gave Susan a lot of the experience she draws on in her writing.

Susan lost one of her breasts to cancer, so she has had plenty of life experience in “handling it”. Just before leaving the Floating Hospital and starting her writing career, she met her current husband Mark Shelmerdine. Through wisdom and insight which can only be gained through experience, she shares with us in matter of fact yet caring way, how we can carry on despite what may be going on in our lives, that no matter how bleak things may seem, we don’t know what may be waiting for us around the corner.


This short You Tube clip captures the essence of Feel the Fear beautifully.

Say yes to your universe

What makes Jeffers special for me is that although she advocates positive thinking and focusing on the best of who you are, she also encourages her readers not to deny the pain that life sometimes causes. Pain is not simply caused by a lack of positive attitude, she argues, but is part of life’s experiences. Sometimes we all have to visit the Land of Tears. Lift yourself out of the victim mindset and find strength from the challenges that life is giving you. Accept them and grow from them, that is the difference between the pain of YES (growing pains) and the pain of NO (denial).


My friends and family know that I love to declutter and that includes books! The majority of books, I read, enjoy, learn from and pass on to someone else (excluding reference books which I refer to). Following the breakup of my relationship of nearly three years, I rediscovered End the Struggle and Dance with Life, which I have been re-reading. I figured that since I had kept this book, it must be good, and since life was feeling a bit of a struggle, a re-read seemed appropriate. I was not disappointed! I also found the cassette tape of Inner Talk for a Confident Day, fortunately my car is so old it still has a cassette player!

I will leave you with one of my favourite affirmations from Inner Talk for a Confident Day, which I listen to on my car stereo when I feel life dragging me down.

Today, I take the time to truly care. I reach out and touch. I open up to the pain in other people’s lives and respond with compassion.

Thank you Susan for the inspiration that you have brought to so many people’s lives around the world.

Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

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by Ari Koinuma of Our Best Vision

She is renowned for her work on identifying psychological stages one goes through to deal with one’s impending death. Indeed, her work wrestles with possibly the single biggest source of fear in the modern Western world. She tirelessly worked on behalf of dying, not being afraid to face what they were facing, truly understanding their needs and advocating for them. Back in her time, hospitals told about possibility of death to everyone except the patient — especially children. They lied and tried to keep false hope when there was none. But Dr. Kübler-Ross realized that it was through facing and accepting death that we can live in peace and stop seeing death with fear but instead with hope. She is truly the godmother of what terminal care is today.



On Death and Dying
The Wheel of Life: A Memoir of Living and Dying

What I, Ari Koinuma, have learned from Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Actually, it was not her work on death and dying but the truth she recognized about healing, contained in her autobiography, that touched me. I was loaned a Japanese translation of the book from my parents, when my wife and I were struggling with a serious illness that devastated both of us years ago.

Through her work with dying children, Dr. Kübler-Ross discovered that many of them knew that they were going to die, even when their doctors, nurses and families all told them otherwise. She realized that children, unclattered by “scientific” knowledge given by society, were able to stay in much better touch with their own bodies than adults. But yet so many of them were not afraid. Upon being confirmed what they “knew” all along, they felt a sense of relief, and often were able to be at peace with it.

In her book, she discussed that how we are the ones who know our own bodies the best. Doctors and specialists may have more knowledge of particular illnesses or conditions, but they cannot know what you know about your own body. Thus, it’s very important to choose a healer you feel comfortable with, trust, and agree with. For healing occurs when your body’s natural healing power works with treatments and externally-supplied assistance. It’s your body that does the healing, and they are the ones helping. Not the other way around. If you go to a doctor and gets a diagnosis or treatment plan that is different from your own idea about what’s going on with your own body or what it needs, trust yourself. Go seek other opinions and options, until you find someone/a method that really agree with you.

It’s been a long time since I read the book (I really need to purchase a copy and re-read it, since now I have a blog about healing ;-) ) but this lesson has resonated with me strongly. It really was the first step I took in learning to trust myself and my own intuition. I’ve been slowly releasing pieces of myself from the restraints I had put on, thinking they were necessary to get along with the rest of the world. I don’t mean to sound pompous, but discoveries I made since of what I am capable of have been nothing short of amazing.

Encouraged by this message, my wife and I branched out of traditional health care (whose treatments were really not agreeing with us) to seek the kind of help we thought we needed. Eventually we did find right partners in our healing, and we achieved a complete recovery in the end. I plan to tell that tale elsewhere, but suffice it to say, Dr. Kübler-Ross had a major impact on our healing journey.

The autobiography covers many other journeys, from death to supernatural experience. But at the time, this message was the one that reached out and really impacted me. I feel indebted to Dr. Kübler-Ross for being an agent of change and healing. I would not be who I am today if her message of hope and trust did not get me going on a better path.

Gary Craig

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by Akemi Gaines

Gary Craig started EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), an easy yet effective way to realign the energetic imbalance that can cause various emotional and physical problems. It takes no tools, no drugs, and you can do it for yourself. Start by downloading the free manual at his website.

Gary Craig is solution oriented. He has a lot to say, but first he focuses on resolving the problems that are bothering you. I find this down-to-earth practical approach to be quite refreshing.

As you tap your way with EFT, you experience your body and the mind are indeed linked together. From this realization, so much is possible!



The EFT Manual (EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques)
The Promise of Energy Psychology: Revolutionary Tools for Dramatic Personal Change

What I, Akemi Gaines, have learned from Gary Craig

I tapped away my fear of quitting my corporate job and starting my own business, which was causing unbearable neck pain. It took me an hour to hone my tapping affirmations, but then the immediate relief was unbelievable.

I also have a friend who uses muscle testing to check the causes of the problem before she applies EFT. She nailed down some of her issues are caused before she was 0 years old – indicating it happened in past life. So she was thrilled with my Akashic Record Reading service.

As I work as service provider, I remind myself Gary’s simple practical approach. For this, I am deeply grateful to him.

Byron Katie

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By Caroline Middlebrook of Life Should Feel Good

Byron Katie & The Work

Katie (as she prefers to be called) has created a process called The Work which is a process of inquiry where we question our thoughts to determine whether or not they are true. Katie believes that our emotional pain is caused by believing our thoughts, many of which simply aren’t true. The process is very simple and yet, so very powerful.

The questions are:

1) Is it true?
2) Can you absolutely know that it’s true?
3) How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?
4) Who would you be without the thought

She then invites you to turn the thought around. These questions seem simple but when asked against the right thoughts they are capable of creating an ‘aha’ moment that releases you from the prison of your own thinking.

Katie was recently interviewed by Oprah Winfrey and she did The Work with Oprah. Oprah chose to use her weight as the issue. The first step is too find the thought that causes the pain and Oprah decided that it was “my body is too big” which I’m sure is a thought that many of us can relate to. So Katie asked if it was true and Oprah blurted out “Yes it’s true!” but to the second question she hesitated a little bit. Could she absolutely know that it was true that her body was too big? Of course the answer was no.

Slight digression here but this concept has also been touched on by Eckhart Tolle who says that everything is just as it should be and how do we know that? Because that’s what it is. We say things like, my body is too big but what does that mean? Too big to survive in? Obviously not or we’d be dead. Back to Byron Katie & Oprah…

Eventually Oprah had to admit that she couldn’t absolutely know that her body was too big and was able to move onto the next question. When she believed that thought it created a lot of stress and worry, particularly over food. If she didn’t have the thought she concluded that she would feel peace instead of stress.

Why Is The Work Effective?

If you have a look at your own thoughts that are causing you pain you will find that many of them are arguing with “what is”. My partner should not have left me, I should not have cancer, I’m poor, my sister should not be in prison, I hate my job, my mother should love me etc etc. All of these are caused by somehow fighting with current reality and that is always madness. We cannot fight with what is, because what is, just is!

There are many spiritual teachers who teach this message that you cannot argue with reality but the trouble is that many of us do it anyway – it’s human nature! Although I had read this many times before and I understood it on an intellectual level that did not help me stop doing it. I still kicked and screamed in frustration about my current circumstances.

Byron Katie was the first person I encountered who actually provided a practical, workable process that showed me exactly HOW to stop arguing with reality. When we realise that many of our thoughts just aren’t true and that believing them just turns us into stress-monsters, it becomes easier to slowly let those thoughts go. Even if it doesn’t happen overnight it opens a door because every time that thought pops into your head again it doesn’t have as much power as before because inside you know it isn’t true.

Byron Katie’s Story

As with many of our great teachers of today, there is a story behind the person that is there today. In the 80’s Katie suffered from severe depression and self loathing. She hated herself so much that she slept on the floor because she didn’t feel worthy enough to sleep in a bed. She didn’t leave the bedroom except to use the bathroom, her life was a mess. Then in 1986 one morning she got her wake up call. In her words:

I discovered that when I believed my thoughts, I suffered, but that when I didn’t believe them, I didn’t suffer, and that this is true for every human being. Freedom is as simple as that. I found that suffering is optional. I found a joy within me that has never disappeared, not for a single moment. That joy is in everyone, always.

The transformation that followed was dramatic and swift and those around her could not fail to notice. People began asking her what her secret was and she began to help others question their thoughts in the way she had questioned hers. Over time this process of inquiry became known as “The Work” and is what she teaches today.


Byron Katie Resources

What I, Caroline Middlebrook Learned From Byron Katie

The most profound thing that I learned from Byron Katie is that there is some entity inside of me (I call him my little demon!) that LIES to me. He puts thoughts in my head which are designed to hurt me and these thoughts simply are not true. I also learned that I didn’t need to believe these thoughts – just because they were in my head didn’t mean that I had to own them and make them mine.

Esther & Jerry Hicks / Abraham

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By Camille Olivia Strate of Joyz a Choice

20 years ago, Esther & Jerry Hicks began sharing the Teachings of Abraham, a Non-Physical Source Energy that communicates blocks of thought to Esther. While some refer to this process as ‘channeling’, Esther & Jerry do not. Their works include workshops (about 60 per year), more than 700 audio and video recordings and 9 books, the last 4 of which have been New York Times’ Best Sellers.

Abraham’s Teachings are based around ‘The Law of Attraction’ and the central role our emotions play in our lives. Long before ‘The Secret’ was released, Abraham and the Hicks’ were sharing this knowledge with the world, travelling throughout the United States, as well as overseas. They also host several seminar cruises each year, where folks can enjoy the luxury of sea-going experiences, visiting places like Tahiti, Alaska, Mexico and many other exotic venues, all the while engaging in workshops and seminars to hear the Teachings of Source.

Abraham teaches that ‘life is supposed to be fun!’ and that we can create our lives however we wish with effortless ease. They impart their wisdom, straight from Source Energy, in a way that is easy to understand and funny all at once. It is this sense of humor that seems to help people digest their teachings without the heaviness of the more ‘serious’ religious tenets. They will be heard saying that religion has nothing at all to do with Source Energy. We call it “God” or “Allah” or many other names, but the real Source is not an ‘entity’ at all. Source Energy is ‘all that is’, much like that ‘thing’ we often refer to as “God”. They continue to share these Teachings with all who are searching for a better understanding of Life. They impart these Teachings with joy, humor, and with great Love for all Beings.


YouTube Channel: Abraham-Hicks


Books: Ask & It Is Given (my personal fave…but there are lots more!)
Audio CDs: The Teachings of Abraham (11 CD set)
DVDs: The Law of Attraction In Action

What Camille Has Learned From Abraham ~

Long before ‘The Secret’ was released, a very dear friend sent me 2 audiotapes of Abraham workshops she’d attended. The moment I heard Esther’s voice, I was hooked. There was just something about her voice and what she was delivering that made my insides tingle and the hair on my neck stand straight up. I listened intently, feeling the truth of what I was hearing, not with my ears, but rather, in the deepest part of me. It is often said that we can hear the same lessons over and over, but it is the TEACHER who touches that deeper part of us who we learn from the most. Esther’s voice, Abraham’s teachings….I had, at last, found my teacher.

Since that first time, I’ve listened to their audio CDs and read most of their books, adopting the Teachings as my own personal ‘bible’. I had been going through some really tough physical dis-ease and it was Abraham who helped me to get through that experience and move my Self back to wellness. Even when the pain was at it’s worst, all I had to do was lie down on my bed and repeat the words, “My body knows what to do to be well. All I have to do is breathe and rest. Breathe and rest. Breathe and rest.” In just a few minutes, the pain would diminish and I could actually feel myself ‘well’.

Even now, when things get a bit precarious, all I need do is stop for a moment and find a better feeling thought. Once I do that, any angst or fear I was feeling dissipates immediately. Finding that ‘better feeling thought’ is the key to my joyous living. I practice these teachings daily, and find my Life getting better and better all the time.

Mike Dooley

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By Camille Olivia Strate of JOYZ A CHOICE

Mike Dooley is a writer, speaker and Man About The Universe who prefers to take things lightly. His mannerisms, as well as his delivery, are fun, light-hearted and incredibly inspiring. He was in the original version of The Secret, speaking passionately about visualizing clearly and using our emotions to feel our way to our desires. His is a unique and uplifting perspective.

He spent the earlier part of his ‘career’ as an international tax consultant with Price Waterhouse. Shortly after he began working at PW, he was assigned to ‘sunny Saudi Arabia’ to assist various corporations with their tax needs. At some point during that career, he realized it was time for a change. He set out to open his own business, along with his artistic brother and managerial Mom. They came up with the idea to make T-shirts, calling the company ‘TUT’; Totally Unique Thoughts. (for his full bio, visit his website,

After moderate success with their T-Shirt business, he realized that there was more to do. Listening to his ‘inner voice’, he began recording audio CDs for people to hear his own unique version of how the Universe works. According to Mike, the single most important thing for us to remember is “thoughts become things”. To that end, he brought all he’d learned about Life to share with the world.

Mike writes “Notes From The Universe”, daily email reminders that we DO have the power to think our way to our dreams. Having written more than 2000 ‘notes’, he now has 4 books under the same name. He travels around the globe, spreading his unique perspectives and helping people to realize their power. His works are fun, laugh-out-loud’ funny and incredibly motivating.



Mike Dooley’s Website:

Books: Notes From The Universe (1 thru 4)

Audio CDs: Infinite Possibilities

What Camille Strate Learned From Mike Dooley~

I was privileged to meet Mike Dooley in 2007 at the lovely Sheraton in San Diego, CA. It was a gift I gave myself for my birthday. At the time, money was a bit ‘tight’, so I decided to use his teachings and buy the ticket anyway. I told myself, over and over, that the money to cover the cost of the ticket would come. I visualized the checks coming in the mail. I clearly ‘saw’ those checks stuck in the birthday cards I knew would be coming from my friends and family. I reminded myself that “how” was not my job. Just seeing that money arriving was all I had to do. Miraculously (or not!) the money DID arrive. In fact, it was to the penny. Enough to cover the ticket, parking and lunch for the day! To say that it was money well spent is the understatement of the year. Those 8 hours were some of the most fun, most inspiring, most thought-provoking hours of my life. I was literally buzzing when I left to head home, and that feeling stayed with me for many days afterward.

Of all the ‘teachers’ I’ve been exposed to, none has resonated with me as much as Mike. His sense of humor and his absolute passion for this truth (that thoughts become things) keep me grounded and utterly certain that I do create my world with my thoughts. The lighter I take myself, the easier my life proves to be. I keep his books on my bedside table, reading a few ‘notes’ each morning and each evening. The notes are a constant reminder that Life is really a grand adventure, full of fun and exciting moments….if only we will choose to live it that way! I could go on and on about how much he’s taught me, but I’ll leave it to you to find out for yourself.

As Mike (or, rather, ‘The Universe’ says….) ~ Jambo, Fellow Adventurer!

Joan Borysenko

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By Lisa Erickson

Joan Borysenko is an international speaker and author who possesses a unique combination of medical knowledge and spiritual power. She has a doctorate in medical science from Harvard Medical School, and completed three post-doctoral fellowships – in cancer cell biology, behavioral medicine, and psychoneuroimmunology. She also co-founded a Mind/Body clinic with Dr. Herbert Benson, which was (and remains) instrumental in researching and publicizing the health benefits of meditation. In addition to her impressive medical knowledge, Joan has also walked the walk in the spiritual sense too, studying the history and theology of all the world’s religions, and engaging in a powerful personal spiritual search that she shares in writing and lectures. She has written several books focused on the health and spiritual needs of women, integrating the physical and non-physical aspects of health and personal growth.




Books: Minding the Body, Mending the Mind, A Woman’s Book of Life: The Biology, Psychology and Spirituality of the Feminine Life Cycle

Radio Show: Your Soul’s Compass – Hay House Radio

What Lisa Erickson Has Learned From Joan Borysenko

- Women’s life cycles, when properly understood, provide a natural flow to our spiritual growth. The biological cycles that define a women’s life – menstruation, child-bearing, menopause, and more – each have psychological and spiritual components as well. By understanding where we are in each cycle, we can maximize our health and development.

Marianne Williamson

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by Lisa Erickson at Mystic Mommy

Marianne Williamson is the author of A Return to Love, as well as many other bestselling books, and currently has her own segment on the Oprah and Friends radio show. Raised Jewish, she turned to the Christian A Course In Miracles for spiritual guidance after several years of rebellious and, at times, self-destructive, behavior as a young adult. In A Return To Love, she masterfully interprets the teachings of A Course in Miracles in a way relevant to anyone of any religion. She beautifully communicates the lessons of love as they unfold in our daily lives, and the ways our ego seeks to block love out of fear and disillusionment. In recent years, she has become involved in many social and political causes and is the co-founder of The Peace Alliance, an organization dedicated to establishing a U.S. Department of Peace.




Books: A Return to Love, The Age of Miracles: Embracing the New Mid-life

Radio Show: Archives of Marianne’s Oprah and Friends radio appearances

What Lisa Erickson Has Learned From Marianne Williamson

- “It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” Taken from A Return to Love, this quote perfectly captures the truth that our ego thrives on fear, and often seeks to block us from our own happiness and freedom, even when we think happiness and freedom are what we want. Finding both requires working through our ego’s fears, and doubting their validity, so that we can let go into a greater part of ourselves.


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by Lisa Erickson


Gangaji is an American spiritual teacher and author dedicated to helping us find and dwell in the simple presence at the heart of our being. After years of spiritual adventures with many different teachers and paths, she finally encountered one that helped her to ’stop’ (as she puts it), and recognize the love at the very root of her own awareness. Her message starts with a simple question, ‘who am I?’, that when asked from the right place within ourselves can show us a truth that transcends any one religion or spiritual path. She holds meetings called ’satsangs’ designed to help others find their way to this truth, through both group meditations and individual interactions with her. Watching the transformations that often take place on stage during her one-on-one encounters is truly awe-inspiring, and a powerful testament to her natural state of grace.




Books: The Diamond in Your Pocket: Discovering Your True Radiance, Just Like You

What Lisa Erickson Has Learned From Gangaji

- The spiritual search is not a search: Religion and spiritual practices often lead us outside ourselves, continuing the delusion that happiness is found through ‘belief’ in a doctrine, or by practicing certain techniques. But the truth that all these approaches are meant to guide us to is already present within us. We realize this truth, we don’t acquire it.

Dr. Eric Pearl

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by Jenny Mannion

Dr. Eric Pearl was a chiropractor with a thriving practice when his life began to change. A series of events led to his patients “feeling” other people in the room as they laid there with their eyes closed letting their adjustment set in. He began to heal people without even touching them including healing people with CHRONIC LONG Term health problems including disfigurement. It also led to patients channeling the same 6 messages to him… the first of which was “We are here to tell you to continue what you are doing”. His work is called “The Reconnection ” and his story is truly amazing. For those skeptics, he is also backed by Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer and is known worldwide. His “Reconnection Work” has been tested thoroughly by prominent people such as Dr. Gary Schwartz of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health at the University of Arizona. After a few years Dr. Pearl figured out how to pass on this gift of healing to others and continues to create “Reconnective Healing Practitioners” worldwide. The book is mind-blowing and his story very easy to read as he takes you through his journey of trying to figure out WHY and HOW these events were happening.

The basis of The Reconnection is reconnecting the meridian lines (sometimes called the acupuncture lines) on your body to the same pattern as the Universe. There are thousands of practitioners and even people that have practiced energy healing for years that say this healing is like no other. Reiki practitioners after going through The Reconnection have often given up Reiki because this has even greater potential for healing. This has also been called a healing that has come at this time due to the vast SHIFT the world is currently undergoing.


For full video please visit this link.


Website: “The Reconnection” has news articles, practitioners, seminar dates and much more.

The book “The Reconnection ” is a page turner and is an experience like no other.

What Jenny Mannion Learned from Dr. Pearl

There is much more to life than meets the eye. Healing exists on many levels and just because you have not heard of it before does not mean it is not more powerful than anything you have ever experienced. You do not need to be “special” or a prophet to heal others. Healing is expanding to include many different methods and modalities. I have undergone 2 “Reconnection” healing sessions and they are unlike anything I have ever experienced. Without anyone touching me I felt heat, touch and many other sensations in my body too impossible to explain. I then obtained a “Reconnection” which was even more amazing and led to my life being guided towards my life’s purpose. I just finished Level I and Level II seminars on The Reconnection and am now setting up a practice as a “Reconnection” healing practitioner. This work has shown me JUST how little we all truly understand about human existence and that YES, miracles occur every day.

Follow up: I have been a practitioner now for about 2 months and have seen amazing things occur.  I offer in person (upstate, NY) and long distance sessions all over the world.  Both have the same results and sensations.  To find out more please visit:

I welcome questions and am very excited to be sharing this work with the world!

Oprah Winfrey

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by Jenny Mannion

When the talk show craze hit its peak in the US you could not turn to a channel without finding some guest out of their seat leaping toward another like on Jerry Springer or screaming in anger on shows like Montel Williams. Oprah Winfrey took the high road and wanted to use the show to teach people life lessons and inspire people to live to their fullest potential. Oprah started from humble beginnings but did not let that stop her from pursuing and living her dreams.

From her Oscar nomination for the Color Purple, to her over 20 years on the Oprah Winfrey show, to her 2 magazines, her boarding school for girls in Africa, her shows on XM radio, her ground-breaking webinar with Eckhart Tolle and her soon to be OWN television network – Oprah has been inspiring millions and continues breaking her own records of success. Oprah is now concentrating more on spirituality and consciousness. She is wise, caring, driven, loving and juggles so many projects that sometimes I feel she must be living in some alternate Universe that has 50 hour days!



The Oprah Winfrey Site has a lot of information on it from Oprah & Eckhart’s Webinar on A New Earth to Oprah’s Soul Series interviews with such greats as Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor.

What Jenny Mannion Learned From Oprah:

It does not matter where you are from or what your situation is – you can inspire others and be all that you dream to be.

Life is about continued knowledge and growth.

You can heal from whatever may have happened in your past and move forward with grace and power from lessons learned.

What Lisa Erickson Learned From Oprah Winfrey:

We can choose to uplift anyone anytime. I don’t get to watch Oprah often, but every time I do, even when she is doing a show about fashion or food or whatever, I always end up in a better mood. She just enters every show, and everything she does, with the intent to uplift. And that is really amazing.


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By Jenny Mannion

Vaishali is the author of “You Are What you Love” and is an amazing radio show host. She radiates love and has been called the “spiritual hostess with the mostest”. Vaishali has overcome many hardships physical and emotional to come out on top. She has obtained a degree in Religious Philosophy, studied many different religions and spirituality firsthand and has encompassed them all into her teachings. Vaishali makes spirituality more accessible and easy to understand. She will explain spiritual concepts incorporating The Simpsons or Cheech and Chong so that it is modern and we can all understand clearly what she is speaking about.

Vaishali exudes love and kindness and when you hear of all she has come through to be where she is today you will feel it is possible to get through anything. Vaishali and I have personally emailed and she is a beautiful person through and through.


You Tube site:


Website: Purple V

Vaishali’s My Space Site

Books: “You Are What you Love”, her latest is “Wisdom Rising: A Self-Help Guide to personal transformation, spirituality and mind/body/spirit holistic living

Radio show: Vaishali’s Contact Talk Radio Show

What Jenny Mannion has Learned from Vaishali

“Your love and Your Awareness Are One” If you are putting all your attention on something (even if it is negative) for example anger or worry then you are loving anger and worry. Instead be mindful of where your attention is and love what you want to continue to bring into your life.

Eckhart Tolle

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by Jenny Mannion

Eckhart Tolle’s “A-Ha” Moment came when he was contemplating taking his life. The sentence spoken in his head was “I can’t live with myself anymore”. He realized when he analyzed that sentence there were two distinct people in the “I” and “myself”. He then KNEW it would be up to himself to change the person he was from the inside out so he could and would be happy to live with himself. In that moment Eckhart became conscious and his path after became more and more clear. Oprah has called him a “prophet” during the Oprah/Eckhart Webinar on his book “A New Earth” and Eckhart exudes enlightenment more than any other person I have come across. He frequently quotes Jesus and the Bible and has some beautiful interpretations of passages that make you see them in a new light.

Eckhart’s essence is one of peace as he explains consciousness in accessible terms so everyone can understand. He has caused many people to “awaken” and to think about their life totally differently. His work and talks on the pain body and the roles we play in the relationships in our lives is something I feel most of us can greatly relate to and learn from.



Website: Eckhart Tolle

Books: “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose” “The Power of Now

Webinar of A New Earth with Oprah Winfrey

What Jenny Mannion has Learned from Eckhart Tolle

I have learned just how many of my thoughts were ego-driven and how to quiet my mind so that I can be IN THE NOW.

Eckhart has shown me that the pain body (a part of your subconscious that stores negative emotions not processed) can take over if you are not mindful of what is happening. Mr. Tolle has shown me the power of being in the NOW and letting go of some of the limits language can put on us. I can now go for a walk and admire nature without having to label everything and can just “be in the moment of enjoying them.

Mr. Tolle has also shown me that we are NOT the roles we assume. Yes, I have the role of mom and wife and daughter but that is not my true essence. I enjoy being a mom, wife and daughter but it benefits myself and everyone around me if I truly know and love who I am and am not just a “collection of roles”.

What Lisa Erickson Learned From Eckhart Tolle

Stillness doesn’t require a quiet mind. Eckhart is great at showing us how the stillness of our awareness is always present, even when our mind is busy. Connecting to that presence is just a matter of shifting our focus, in any moment.

Susan Kennedy (Sark)

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by Jenny Mannion

Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy (SARK) is unlike any other writer I have encountered. She writes in colored markers and draws doodles on the pages. Her free writing makes the reader feel free as well. SARK (as she is often called) is a survivor of sibling incest and used her writing to heal from that experience. She tells her readers that it is okay to write on walls or stay in their pajamas as they write and she lifts your spirit with her writing style. SARK suggests writing down your 10 favorite females, favorite books, inspirational people and encourages friendships. SARK is good for the soul and almost feels like a guilty pleasure she is so much fun to read – but she has an important message as well. Writing CAN be fun. Write down your impossible dreams, draw on the pages, write with no lines… live life with joy and it will be joyous.


I could not find a video of SARK and contacted her and she was nice enough to provide the following video (which is WONDERFUL): Thank you SARK!

Planet Sark

I highly recommend visiting her website or calling her “inspirational phone line” which has been inspiring people for ten years at 415-546-3742.
Here is a link to a mp3 file to hear her speak.


Website: Planet SARK – very representative of her books and so much fun.

Her page on self promises videos in the future and lists many inspirational quotes and articles.

Books: “Succulent Wild Woman” “Sark’s Journal and Playbook: A Place to Dream While Awake” (has some writing ideas in it and some blank pages to play).

Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper: Gifting the World with Your Words and Stories, and Creating the Time and Energy to Actually Do it” — Her newest book

What Jenny Mannion has learned from Sark

When I was upset about being so sick — writing became yet another place for me to talk of how sick I was. Sark showed me I had a lot more positive things to write about and she introduced me to writing gratitude lists.

Sark also showed me that everyone has a story – their own unique life and if you don’t get it down who will?

“We are each born creative—then we forget our purpose, or mission. We believe our doubts and fears, and slowly stop “being creative,” as though it were a separate thing.” — Susan Sark

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

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by Jenny Mannion

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor became fascinated with the brain because her brother was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. She trained at Harvard and became a prominent neuroanatomist (brain researcher). It was her knowledge of the brain that enabled her to recognize when she was suffering a severe stroke and fully “process” it as it was happening. Her stroke affected the left side of her brain which deals with cognition, language, processing and “ego”. What took over was the right side of her brain whose function is the emotional and “spiritual” side of our brain. Her stroke left her without speech and physical mobility and it took her 8 years to fully recover. Her story is one of inspiration, courage and pure amazement as you listen to her experience. She credits KNOWING the importance of telling others about her experience with giving her the will to recover.

Since her recovery she has written a best selling book, been on the Oprah Soul Series and has spoken at the TED Conference as well as many other public appearances. She travels speaking about her experience and expressing her important message of living from LOVE and consciousness. The video below is of her speech at the TED conference. It is 20 minutes long but I assure you — you have never seen anything like it.



Website: Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

Books:My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey

What Jenny Mannion has Learned from Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

There is so much more out there than meets the eye. The right side of the brain is as (if not more) important than the left but most of us predominantly use the left side. There are ways to “silence” your mind and get to that “space” of love and quiet that your body and mind so desperately need for happiness and growth.

What Lisa Erickson Learned From Jill Bolte Taylor:

Spiritual experience is a natural part of our humanity. Reading about mystics, it can often seem like we have to lead an unusual or exceptional life to have powerful spiritual experiences. But Jill’s experiences are a testament to the fact that our ability to connect to deeper truth is already present in us, through the tool of our right brain. We are just conditioned not to listen to it.