Doreen Virtue

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Doreen Virtue by Suzie Cheel of Abundance Highway (posting soon)

Brad Yates

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by Suzie Cheel of Abundance Highway

Brad Yates is know as the EFT Wizard. Brad likes to think of himself as an Evolution Catalyst. He is known Internationally for his creative and often humorous use of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). I like the humorous approach he takes.

For those who have suffered through dry seminars, you should know that Brad’s eclectic background includes several years as an internationally performing actor, and he is a graduate of Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Clown College, where he was selected to be the emcee and a featured performer in the final show.

Brad supports the Seeds of Greatness Project is to support children in being more successful in their lives, particularly through the use of EFT and guided imagery. I also know that he is currently writing a children’s book on eft.

I have recently through being reintroduced to Brad’s EFT work through The Boundless Living Challenge been using the Tap of the Morning video most mornings to start my day. I like how Brad starts with the positive in the morning.



The Tapping Song

Brad has a monthly newsletter that is filled with lots of free tips. This month’s starts Happy October! This is one of my favorite months – lots of great things have happened in October over the years…

There are many EFT videos to tap along to at EFT Wizard

Your own Success Thermostat

Money Beyond Belief a program Brad did with Joe Vitale, I have just bought this and working through. It comes with MP3, and bonus ebooks from Brad and Joe, the eft abundance MP3 and a daily action plan after you have completed the course.

What Suzie has learnt from Brad Yates:

  • The power of EFT in releasing stress.
  • A daily habit that allows me to start the day in a positive way.
  • I like his relaxed approach and his humor
  • The simplicity of the process
  • The power of EFT in healing stories: Try it on everything

Michael Losier

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by Suzie Cheel of Abundance Highway

The How To Guy of Law of Attraction:

Whether you want to heal your health, your relationships or your finances Michael Losier can help you.

Michael has been working with the Law of Attraction since 1996 and has helped so many people attract more of what they do want in their lives.

I was introduced to Michael Losier’s book: Law of Attraction, The Science of Getting More of What You Do Want and Less of What You Don’t by a friend at a local Reiki group. At the time the book wasn’t available in Australia, so I ordered it when we went to Blog World Expo last November. I explored the book and downloaded free resources from his website

I then discovered that Michael was coming to Australia in 2008. I booked to go to the seminar in Brisbane, went on a free teleclass Michael held on January 1st and was gifted a DVD Michael has recently made: Attract Your Ideal Relationship.

The seminar was fantastic, I came away with tools to move forward with. At that seminar Michael announced that he was doing a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioners Facilitation course in Vancouver in June. At the time, he also mentioned he would be doing the same course in Malaysia in April 2009. Malaysia is much closer than Vancouver, so that sounded great.

I then started listening to Michael on Voice America and heard him talking about the training and decided to put the law of Attraction into Action and go to Vancover. You can read the rest of my story here and see why so many people are training with Michael in this video.



Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't

Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting

More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t

The simple 3 step process to changing your life

Free Ezine Monthly: Contact me to get the latest copy

Listen to Michael weekly on Oprah and Friends

You Tube Videos:

What Suzie Cheel has learnt from Michael Losier:

  • The importance of creating an abundance journal- a record of the abundance that I was experiencing daily in my life. This is called my evidence of proof. learning to see abundance in the small things, the grains of sand, leaves on the trees, free seminars and more
  • A simple 3 step process for creating deliberate attraction in my life.
  • The LOA faciliator training was invaluable and is allowing me to build a wonderful new business that is helping people change their lives and get more of what they do want in their life. I will be running some free teleclasses this month on getting clarity about what you do want in your life. Leave your name in the comments below if you would like to be notified or in the box above.
  • The importance of keeping my vibrational bubble high, remembering that the Law of attraction matches my words and my thoughts.
  • Generosity shown by Michael was exceptional, he is a very special person and a wonderful mentor.

Bob Doyle

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By Suzie Cheel of Abundance Highway

Live Your Life by Desire: The Boundless Living Challenge

Bob Doyle is the creator and facilitator of the Wealth Beyond Reason program, which is a very in-depth online curriculum on the Law of Attraction. Aside from giving the basic fundamentals of the Law of Attraction – including the actual physics of this incredibly powerful principle – Bob spends most of his time focusing on the real-world application of the Law of Attraction, because he realizes that while intellectually understanding these principles is a good start, we all have years of resistance and limiting beliefs that can make this work a little tricky at times.

Bob is also a veteran broadcaster, music composer, and author – but his real passion is the Law of Attraction and helping people to realize its full potential in their lives, no matter what their starting point or current beliefs may be.

The Boundless Living Challenge reflects this passion. I had known about Bob from the movie The Secret Bob has established a supportive like minded community in establishing the Boundless Living Challenge


You tube videos

Find more videos like this on The Boundless Living Challenge


Free Resources: Join Boundless Living and join in the next 45 day challenge

Wealth Beyond Reason The Book

Wealth Beyond Reason; Free Resources

What I, Suzie Cheel learnt from Bob Doyle:

  • The powerful healing that comes from using EFT on a regular basis
  • That ” so called gurus” aka Bob Doyle, face the same challenges and learning when they set a out of the comfort zone challenge
  • That to relax and enjoy the moment no matter what will generally improve one’s performance.
  • The power of being part of a community is so important.
  • Embracing the moment and being with what is.
  • Being able to share the highs and lows in the community
  • Setting the intention, got my book published and launched as per my challenge- very exciting

View my page on The Boundless Living Challenge
Do You Have a project or passion that the world needs to know about? Join the next challenge and grow!

Brandon Bays

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by Suzie Cheel of Abundance Highway

Brandon Bays: A Journey To Freedom

I first met Brandon Bays at an introductory evening in December 1999 in Sydney, Australia. I was so impressed with Brandon’s story, I then attended The Journey intensive weekend in February 2000. This was a life healing and changing process for me. Des, my life partner commented on how free I was after this weekend, like a layer had been lifted. I know for me I was able to release stored memories that enabled me to forgive myself along with family members and others.

Eight years on I still marvel at the power of the Journey Process, the stories of healing I have both heard about as well as been witness too. Most years I spend one weekend volunteering at a journey intensive. This weekend is always powerful. Watching other people experience the joy that comes from this simple process. There are some amazing stories of healing.



Free Online magazine: Living Consciously


The Journey: An Extraordinary Guide for Healing Your Life and Setting Yourself FreeThe Journey: An Extraordinary Guide for Healing Your Life and Setting Yourself Free

Freedom Is: Liberating Your Boundless PotentialFreedom Is: Liberating Your Boundless Potential

The Journey for KidsThe Journey for Kids

There are also audiobooks, meditation CDs and DVDs and the Journey Cards for daily healing.


Listen To Real People Talk About How The Journey Has Helped Their Life

The Journey Intensive

The Journey for Children:Making a real diference

The Journey Outreach: A Miracle Train in South Africa

What Suzie Cheel Learned From Brandon:

“Come to the Edge”, he said. “We can’t Master, we’re scared.” “Come to the Edge”, he said. “We can’t Master, we’re scared.” “Come to the Edge”, he said. They came. He pushed them. They flew.

This quotation is in the front of a journal I was given after completing my Journey intensive to record my journey to freedom. The Journey and working with Brandon Bays has given me tools to release much of the emotional baggage I like, many others, have carried around for many years.

I love the Physical Journey process where I can simply, by myself explore a physical issue and release the pain and move on.

I love how Brandon simplifies what we don’t know and says to put it in the “bucket of unknowables” Allow Grace to take care of it!

Brandon’s latest book Freedom Is a wonderful resource that you can use daily for meditation and release. I use the CD that accompanies the book.

For many years I have regularly used The Healing Sand meditation for both release and meditation.

The friendships that I have formed over the years through The Journey are wonderful. I have also completed many of the advanced courses offered. Now there are many free workshops and teleclasses to introduce you to the Journey Process. Details can be found at Brandon Bays. and these are worldwide.

The Journey is an invitation for you to participate in your own natural healing process by diving into the core of your being to uncover the greatness that is locked inside!