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By Camille Olivia Strate of Joyz a Choice

20 years ago, Esther & Jerry Hicks began sharing the Teachings of Abraham, a Non-Physical Source Energy that communicates blocks of thought to Esther. While some refer to this process as ‘channeling’, Esther & Jerry do not. Their works include workshops (about 60 per year), more than 700 audio and video recordings and 9 books, the last 4 of which have been New York Times’ Best Sellers.

Abraham’s Teachings are based around ‘The Law of Attraction’ and the central role our emotions play in our lives. Long before ‘The Secret’ was released, Abraham and the Hicks’ were sharing this knowledge with the world, travelling throughout the United States, as well as overseas. They also host several seminar cruises each year, where folks can enjoy the luxury of sea-going experiences, visiting places like Tahiti, Alaska, Mexico and many other exotic venues, all the while engaging in workshops and seminars to hear the Teachings of Source.

Abraham teaches that ‘life is supposed to be fun!’ and that we can create our lives however we wish with effortless ease. They impart their wisdom, straight from Source Energy, in a way that is easy to understand and funny all at once. It is this sense of humor that seems to help people digest their teachings without the heaviness of the more ‘serious’ religious tenets. They will be heard saying that religion has nothing at all to do with Source Energy. We call it “God” or “Allah” or many other names, but the real Source is not an ‘entity’ at all. Source Energy is ‘all that is’, much like that ‘thing’ we often refer to as “God”. They continue to share these Teachings with all who are searching for a better understanding of Life. They impart these Teachings with joy, humor, and with great Love for all Beings.


YouTube Channel: Abraham-Hicks


Books: Ask & It Is Given (my personal fave…but there are lots more!)
Audio CDs: The Teachings of Abraham (11 CD set)
DVDs: The Law of Attraction In Action

What Camille Has Learned From Abraham ~

Long before ‘The Secret’ was released, a very dear friend sent me 2 audiotapes of Abraham workshops she’d attended. The moment I heard Esther’s voice, I was hooked. There was just something about her voice and what she was delivering that made my insides tingle and the hair on my neck stand straight up. I listened intently, feeling the truth of what I was hearing, not with my ears, but rather, in the deepest part of me. It is often said that we can hear the same lessons over and over, but it is the TEACHER who touches that deeper part of us who we learn from the most. Esther’s voice, Abraham’s teachings….I had, at last, found my teacher.

Since that first time, I’ve listened to their audio CDs and read most of their books, adopting the Teachings as my own personal ‘bible’. I had been going through some really tough physical dis-ease and it was Abraham who helped me to get through that experience and move my Self back to wellness. Even when the pain was at it’s worst, all I had to do was lie down on my bed and repeat the words, “My body knows what to do to be well. All I have to do is breathe and rest. Breathe and rest. Breathe and rest.” In just a few minutes, the pain would diminish and I could actually feel myself ‘well’.

Even now, when things get a bit precarious, all I need do is stop for a moment and find a better feeling thought. Once I do that, any angst or fear I was feeling dissipates immediately. Finding that ‘better feeling thought’ is the key to my joyous living. I practice these teachings daily, and find my Life getting better and better all the time.

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