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Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch was at a low point in his life when he decided to write a letter to God. He wanted to vent his frustrations. However, to his amazement, he received a response. What transpired after that were extraordinary answers to all his questions about life, beliefs, traditions, religion, family, sex and war, amongst others. His three books based on Conversations with God are in a Q&A format; very readable and yet profound in the answers contained within. Now translated into 34 languages, they have touched the lives of millions around the world.

Last week, Jenny Mannion contacted me about her Heroes of Healing project. She invited me to write about Neale Donald Walsch. I was honored by the invitation for I considered him and his books a source of deep inspiration and insights. So I agreed.


There are a number of videos that you can watch on Youtube featuring Neale Donald Walsch. The one that I’m featuring is a movie trailer for his story on how he came to writing his books.


1. Official Site for Conversations With God

2. Site to the Author Neale Donald Walsch

3. Conversations with God : An Uncommon Dialogue (Book 1)

4. Conversations With God : An Uncommon Dialogue (Book 2)

5. Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialog, Vol. 3

6. The Complete Conversations with God (Boxed Set)

7. Conversations With God DVD

8. More articles on Heroes of Healing, featuring other inspirational teachers.

What I, Evelyn Lim learned From Neale Donald Walsch (or God)

I started reading Neale’s books at a time when I was sincerely wishing to seek the truth. I was literally blown away by God’s answers. There were so much contained in three books that it would be impossible to condense everything here. Neither, do I wish my article to be reduced to a mere laundry list. So in my post today, I’m going to just focus on the top 3 things that have impacted me the most:

1) We are One

I experienced a paradigm shift, when I first read that essentially that We are all One. We are all One at Source; for we are all energy. The energy at Source chose to know itself through what it is not. Put simply, Source then divides itself, to incarnate on Earth, so that each part of itself (spirit) can know itself experientially.

“Physically is the only way to know itself conceptually”.
— Quote by Neale Donald Walsch

Then, in the physical Universe, we first have to experience the opposite in order to know the ultimate truth. Additionally, in knowing ourselves as Creators, we cannot experience our Selves as creators unless and until we create.

Essentially, god (our Creator) lives in us, as us, though us. But we have forgotten about this truth when we incarnate. In our human relationships, we see separation from one another. It is the separation that causes us to feel insecure, jealous, angry, envy, hate, and hurt.

As I started to reflect on it, I began to see less of a rift. I saw the beauty in others. I became less angry at the world and the people around me. I realized that if I see it in others, I would see it in myself too. I look for the common things that bind all of us together, rather than the differences that mark us apart.

Don’t get me wrong once again. I am not saying that I am now a saint or am enlightened. What I experienced was a positive shift in consciousness.

I also sought to heal myself from any illusions and limiting beliefs. I strongly agreed that healing ourselves was the first step in lifting collective consciousness and saving humanity. Problems like war, environmental issues, and politics on a larger scale can then be solved!

It is not the first time I discuss about Oneness on this blog. You can read more about it here on my previous posts on Planet of Dreams and Be One with The Spoons, when I demonstrated how I bend metal spoons to prove we are One in Energy.

2) We Create Our Own Reality

We are, more often than not, creating unconsciously. We do not take enough responsibility for what is happening around us. It is easy to pin point blame or judge external factors when things do not happen our way. Doing so further creates separation in us from others.

In reality, we create through our thoughts. What we fail to remember is that the world as it now stands, is a manifestation of humanity’s creation. We say that things are happening to us. Yet, it is really the case is that things are happening through us.

Thought is pure energy. It is creative. The energy of our thoughts does not die. What happens is that like energy attracts like energy, to group together into physical forms of matter.

“All that is required to know this. For you are the creator of your reality, and life can show up no other way than the way in which you think it will.”
— Quote by Neale Donald Walsch

What I also learned is that for manifestations, it is not a question of wanting or having. It is a question of Being. It is about a change in our state.

3) Purpose Of Life

Our life purpose is to give the God within us the opportunity to experience itself fully. Questions asked of oneself: Can I be loving? Can I be kind? Can I be caring, forgiving and compassionate? Can I be open and non-judgemental? Asking these questions in the experiencing of life – through its ups and downs, trials and tribulations, difficulties and lows – is an invitation for us to move to a “yes”.

Increased awareness has allowed me to constantly challenge myself in my thoughts, feelings and reactions, to what I am experiencing day-to-day. I may have my grievances and complaints but I always ask myself if it is possible if I can view life from a more loving lens. (Now you see why I am so keen on using the Enneagram as a tool that can lead me to spiritual wholeness!).

“The purpose of the human soul is to experience all of it – so that it can be all of it.”
— Quote by Neale Donald Walsch

In physical form, we are really here to remember, and re-create, Who We Are. You may then ask, How? Go by this axiom “If I do not go within, I go without” mentioned in the book. The way to know God (and to all abundance) is from within, not externally. In the search for divinity and in experiencing God, we will get to experience the ultimate truth and all that we have come here to know: Love.

“I am the wind which rustles in your hair. I am the sun which warms your body. I am the rain which dances in your face. I am the smell of flowers in the air, and I am the flowers which send their fragrance upward. I am the air which carries the fragrance.

I am the beginning of your first thought. I am the end of your last. I am the idea which sparked your most brilliant moment. I am the glory of its fulfillment. I am the feeling which fueled the most loving thing you ever did. I am the part of you which yearns for that feeling again and again.

Whatever works for you, whatever makes it happen – whether ritual, ceremony, demonstration, meditation, thought, song, word, or action it takes for you to ‘reconnect’ – do this.

Do this in remembrance of Me.”

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