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Saturday, November 22, 2014

KidZui.comKid Zui is an application you can download for free that allows your child to surf the internet and eliminates worry for the parents. They pre-screen EVERY site included and there are already millions to choose from. There are free and paid membership options and both include wonderful support and safety for your children.

Kid Zui has over a million pre-approved links, games, videos and photos. It also offers a whole new way for children to surf the internet. All sites have to be pre-approved to have your kids go to them or you have to add them to their approved list. Kid Zui also sends you an email as often as you like telling you what sites your kids have visited.

My son is 9 and has just discovered you tube, which as you probably know is not policed. We have strict rules in our house he is only allowed on it when an adult is around but that somehow wasn’t putting my mind at ease! At Kid Zui the kids will ONLY see SAFE and approved you tube videos through the Kid Zui browser.

kidzui1Your child makes an avatar when they enter and have lots more options to add friends, share sites, change clothes and appearance and boy do they have tons of stuff to explore. There are 3 main sections; Web, Photos and Videos where they can go to search or choose from the many things listed.

They also have the ability to tag sites they like and share them with friends. You can also monitor who they add as friends and even take a friend off their account if you do not approve. This really puts internet use for kids in a whole other category – “SAFE”!

Children have the ability to find games, videos and pictures they never knew existed in a very safe environment. It is taking my children a little while to get used to the browser and where everything is and how to access “their old favorites” but it is well worth the time for me to sit down and explore with them. Funny thing was I was on my computer in the kitchen and my son on his in the living room and he told me he was frustrated he couldn’t get to something. I was able to login to my account as a parent and see that he was entering the name for a song not in the music section but in the photos search and I explained to him how to do it. I will know each and every site, click and search my kids make and that makes me feel safer.

My children are great kids that understand internet safety and I was still worried they would click and ad and somehow get off site to an unsafe environment. Parents can add sites to their children’s account as they see fit but the child will have to ask you first! This puts my mind at ease which is priceless and is why I just purchased a one month membership to try out the additional features.

What does the Paid Membership Include?

For $7.95 per month (and reduced rates if you sign up for more months at a time) you get even more features. I NEVER sign up for a new site upon first looking at it and broke that rule this time. While it is definitely worth it for the free membership some of the perks of the paid membership made me break out the credit card!

The MAIN thing that got me to sign up for a paid membership was they have a section called Homework helper where they have games/sites that are particularly good at helping with what the children are learning in school broken down by grade. My son is in fourth grade and while he is a good student — they have raised the bar quite a lot and he can use some extra help. Learning by playing a game will get a lot less complaints than sitting down and doing an hour more of math at the kitchen table.

Other things included are more backgrounds, options for dressing your avatar, more tags for games, adding favorite sites, creating your own channel with your own content, even more information on your children’s use shared with you, the ability to block individual websites.


Kid Zui is awesome and gets a glowing review from me for so many reasons. Safety being #1. I also love that it introduces them to age appropriate sites in a safe environment. They can get the feel of “surfing the web” with only child safe sites to go to. If a child gets to a game in a site that hasn’t been reviewed yet it sends a message to the team at Kid Zui that they want it reviewed for approval. My children can “surf the web” and find other sites, videos, pictures and games recommended by other children. I love that I can see EXACTLY where my kids are going on the internet and what they are searching for. At my children’s ages it is innocent but I know my son is heading towards the tween years fast and it is comforting to know I have this in place before he arrives!

While the paid membership offers a bit more the free version is just as safe and offers all the same sites in a wonderful platform. I highly recommending installing Kid Zui on your computer if you have kids at home that want to go onto the internet. Please send me comments on how you are finding Kid Zui.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Mimi at Mindful Mimi for recommending I check out Kid Zui! Thank you Mimi for thinking of me — this is a wonderful find as a mom AND for a recommendation! GREATLY appreciated!

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5 Responses so far.

  1. CJ says:

    That is a really cool program. I actually might have to download this. I’m kind of in between things right now though. I’ve been reading an article about Parental Control
    Protect Your Child From The Dangers Of The Internet

  2. Mindful Mimi says:

    You’re welcome Jenny!

    Mindful Mimis last blog post..A hundred words for clouds

  3. Thanks again for thinking of me Mimi. My son has found a lot of great sites and games through this browser already. I know my daughter will enjoy it as well.


  4. yep, I found that even though at elementary school, my then 5th grader was given access to free computer time which included games online that threw beer cups at busty women for wet t-shirts contests. Seriously.

    There were also violent games. More sexually suggestive games. Role playing games with adults that required you to be at least 13 (he was 10) and he was able to sign up for them online.

    When I found out, I was livid at the teacher. She was an idiot. She “just assumed” the school’s filter pre-empted her supervision and vigilance.

    Moral of the story: Even with these filters, and I haven’t tried out this one yet, it requires parents to be involved.

  5. This is why I LOVE this application. They pre-screens EVERY single video, picture and game link by link… there are no “whole sites” approved so there is no getting off site by clicking on ads. You can personally add sites for your child but I don’t think there is any way a Kid Zui site would fall through the cracks…. a perfect example – my site isn’t approved because it has links where they can get off site… even though I warn against it — that is no stringent enough because we know kids don’t always heed warnings. ;-)

    The whole reason I began this site was what you mentioned… some people just don’t understand how kids can get off site so easily and encounter very inappropriate content. Crazy that the school wouldn’t know that but glad you straightened it out. Now it is even more dangerous because sites are allowed to embed games so you have a bunch of sites cropping up that have a few games and a lot of ads. They don’t care if the games are appropriate for kids or the ads are — VERY easy for kids to get where you don’t want them I found kid Zui JUST in time! :-)

    Thanks for commenting!


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