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Monday, November 24, 2014

supersecretcrescentbeachSuper Secret is one of the top sites I have seen for kids ages 8-16 online. I love innovative computer games/sites for kids and from the graphics to the idea behind it — this one delivers. The goal – to age from age 10 to age 16. How do you age? Play games, find “secrets”, help Super Secret characters with mini adventures. The games are varied from skill to plain fun and there are many of them. Yes, you can buy and take care of pets too (the biggest collection of pets I have seen yet online) and design your dorm room and apartment when you are old enough to get one.

The interface is very easy to use and this is a SAFE site with NO ADS (my favorite kind of kid’s computer site). There is reading and figuring out involved and just plain fun. Add friends to be able to chat with them and if you see anyone doing or saying anything you don’t like it is easy to report them or make it so you don’t see them online anymore.

You begin as a ten year old and you pick an avatar. As you play you can get “spenders” to customize your avatar’s hair, clothes, background, etc. Every game you play gives you “Spenders” and Age Points. You need to get a certain amount of age points to reach the next age and with each age comes more places to visit and things to do. For example when you turn eleven you are able to buy a pet. Turn 12 you can get your own dorm room. Turn 15 and your “spenders” earn interest like a bank account. One of the features I really like is AS you are playing a game you see how many spenders and age points you have earned and can opt to “cash out” at any time or keep playing for more.

supersecretmapThe map is very easy to use. Explore to find hidden “secrets” and also to interact with Super Secret characters that will send you on missions for additional items, spenders and age points. The graphics are so pretty in this game and my two children were instantly immersed in the environment. My daughter is 6 and is a beginning reader and only had to ask for guidance a few times after I showed her how it worked. There is nothing inappropriate on this site and I would say kids as young as six can definitely “get it” and enjoy the games. My 9 year old son said this was one of his favorite sites and went and told 5 of his friends about it the next day.


There are over 35 games and you can find them by exploring or by clicking on your “card stack”. Visit the arcade and talk to characters to get additional levels on games. As I said I LOVE that the games have how much you are earning as you play. I also love that the instructions and keys to use stay up as you play. No more going back and clicking on instructions. There are so many great games here and I will highlight a few.


I wrote about “More Bloons” here. In Super Secret they have Bloons, More Bloons and Bloons Defense. All three require skill and boy are they addicting. have the monkey shoot darts to pop balloons in Bloons and More Bloons – sounds easy, right? ;-) Bloons Defense is a strategic game and is one my son and I thoroughly enjoy.


Fill the screen with balls. The longer you hold the mouse down the bigger the ball but touch the balls flying around and you lose that ball. Fill up most of the screen without running out of balls and you will advance. This requires some skill, thinking ahead and swift mouse usage. Fun!

supersecret23gamesTwo 3:

Aim at the numbers to bring them down to zero. Not hard when the numbers are 2 and 3, but what about when they get to 55? Good for math skills, thinking and reflexes.

There are TONS more games that are worth checking out. I recommend logging on and trying a few.


supersecretdormYou can easily find out how many spenders you have and how many points you need to reach the next age by hovering the mouse near your character on the left. Click on the bottom left map to find out the places you are able to go to.

This picture shows and apartment of a 15 year old. Go to certain locations/stores/people to buy things for your room, backgrounds, pet supplies, pets and more.

On the bottom you are able to buy gifts for “friends” and some of them could be practical jokes like a pie in the face, etc…. You are able to initiate chat with friends. You can look at what secrets and inventory you have collected and also go to the complete game catalog. In your room it is easy to decorate and move furniture if you decide you want a different look.

Overall it is a very intuitive interface and one kids will find easy to use.

Paid versus Free membership

Like many of the social networking/gaming sites for kids there are 2 options for membership. For a free membership you still get to play games and explore but you won’t age beyond age 12. This still allows for lots of fun for your kids.

Paid Membership of Super Secret are for now introductory prices for early members at $4.95/month and $19.95/6 months. This will increase. With paid memberhsip you can reap the benefits of aging.

At 13 — There are MANY more options for your avatar and shopping

At 14 — Explore a Hidden World Cataluna

At 15 — Open an interest earning bank account

At 16 — which is coming soon you earn a driver’s license and buy your first car.

Soon they will also be releasing ages 17 and 18.

As with any paid membership site I suggest starting for free, seeing if your child (and you) enjoy it and taking it from there. With the introductory rate of less than $5 for a month I think it is well worth it.


I love Super Secret. It has all the things I love about a social network gaming site for kids; innovative ideas, graphics, skillful games in a SAFE environment. I recommend it highly and would love to hear some comments after your children have tried it out. Thanks to the creative team of Super Secret – you have produced a quality safe site for kids to be kids and have fun online.

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