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Saturday, October 25, 2014

In the last 2 months my family has discovered all new kids computer games.  We have turned MAC.  We had an IPOD we loved for years and recently have gotten a Mac Laptop,  my husband and I switched to IPhones and my son received an ITouch for his birthday. There are so many wonderful Applications (Apps) for these products but it is good to know which ones are safe and educational before you download.  Here are a few of my favorite games/apps to make you/your child think and have fun. They ALL have free (LITE) versions to try out and if you find yourself needing more levels – you can always purchase the full version. Open ITunes then click the ITunes links provided to find out more. Enjoy!


Genesis Lite

Genesis is an awesome game much like Auditorium, which  I recently reviewed. A puzzle game with music and beautiful graphics that increases in difficulty. Point the beams of light towards the planets to light up the sky, get the music flowing and have the light flow to all to solve the level.

twistytextTwisty Text

Twisty Text

A fun game where you make as many words as you can out of the 6 letters given to you in 2 1/2 minutes.  Guess the 6 letter word to advance to the next level.  Click the Twist button to rearrange the letters.  Challenge yourself and try and get all the words.  My FAVORITE part about this game is the controls. You can drag and drop the letters and you can underline the word with your finger. COOL use of the ITouch/IPhone technology.

crack the codeCrack The Code

Crack the Code Pro

Crack the Code is a version of the old classic game Mastermind.  Guess the order the colors are in.  You get hints each step of the way.  A black peg means you have the right color in the right place.  A white peg means you have the right color but it is not in the correct spot.  How long will it take you to Crack the Code? ;-)

tap wordsTap Word


A boggle-like game.  Drag to form words or tap consecutive letters before the time runs out. This game comes with LOTS of options. You can  set the timer for 1-5 minutes, change the board size to either 4×4 or 5×5 or change the minimum word size allowed. At the end you get a complete list of the words that were possible.

boxed inBoxed In

Boxed In

Boxed in has received millions of downloads.  This is a logic based puzzle game where you guide the robot with your finger.  The robot needs to push boxes in the correct order to solve the puzzle.  The game play gets increasingly difficult, adding force-fields you need to deactivate by pushing floor switches down with the boxes.  I recommend if you get stuck either going to another level or stepping away and coming back to it. This game is tons of fun and requires lots of thinking and planning.

These are just a sample of the wonderful educational games available for the many Mac products like the IPod, ITouch and IPhone. Most of the full versions of these games are $.99 which makes them a huge bargain. For my son’s birthday it was nice to be able to get him an ITunes gift card so he could decide which games, movies, music and/or videos he wanted to spend his money on. Email me if you have any other games or apps you would like me to review.  Remember they have to be non violent and I LOVE educational games. Thank you! Have fun!

Apple iTunes

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