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Friday, November 21, 2014

wii sports resortWii Sports Resort is not just a kid’s computer game — it is a game the whole family will enjoy playing. Whether it is fencing, ping pong, basketball, wakeboarding, archery, skydiving or any of the other many games that are offered – there is truly something for everyone.  The game play is so realistic and the addition of the Wii Motion Controller adds to the feel of you really being IN the game.  I feel this game is appropriate for all ages but there are definitely some games where the controls might take some getting used to for the younger kids.  It is a pleasure to bring you my review, a little about each game offered and some things I really enjoy about Wii Sports Resort.

Let’s begin with the video so you can get a feel for what it is like:

Wii Motion Controller

When you buy this game you can get one Wii Motion Controller (you add it to your existing remote) or you can get the expanded game pack that comes with 2 motion controllers. Honestly I wish I had known about the edition with 2 before I bought the first.  The Wii Motion Controller adds to the realistic game play and to buy a second motion controller AFTER the fact is more expensive than just getting the original pack with 2 included.  With just one controller you have to pass it back and forth and cannot play simultaneously.  Many of these games are one player but it would be really nice for the whole family or at least more than one to play the option of playing simultaneously.  I think additional Wii Motion Controllers will be on our Christmas list! They are easy to snap onto the existing Wii remotes and to snap off if need be.  It does feel like it adds to the sensitivity and REALNESS of play.


There are MANY games included in Wii Sports Resort and within those games are other versions of the games for you to unlock.  The games include:

Swordplay — Fencing is so realistic in this game.  Hold and swing the Wii remote like a sword.  There are modes where you can slice through fruit, duel or have a showdown against multiple sword fighters.  Nintendo is great at making fencing ultra realistic and celebrating the sport it is rather than having it be like sword fighting.  My kids LOVE this one.

wakeboardingWakeboarding — Hold the Wii Remote like you would a handle if you were water skiing or wake boarding.  Carve the water by tilting the Wii Remote left and right and pull up when you get over a wake to get huge air and do fun tricks.  This one took a little while to get the hang of but we all loved it when we did.

Archery — Use the Wii Remote and Nunchuck exactly like you would a bow and arrow.  You have 12 shots to hit the target and you add up your points to beat your high scores and compete against other players by taking turns.

Frisbee — Throw your frisbee on the beach at the target so your dog can run and catch it.  Yeah, I was scared with this one – any Wii game that involves throwing makes my heart stop a bit when my 6 year old takes the control for the first time.  I am happy to report the TV IS still in one piece and my kids really enjoy this one as well.  You can also unlock Frisbee Golf which has the objective of throwing the Frisbee and getting it to the green in as few throws as possible.

Basketball — Compete to see who can make the most 3 point shots in the time limit.  After playing this you can unlock a pick up game and this is one I wish I had the extra Wii Motion Controller for — so we could play simultaneously.

powercruisingPower Cruising — You use the Wii Remote and Nunchuck like you would two handle bars on a Jet Ski.  You can ride the waves and this one is another one that takes a little getting used to but is so much fun once you do.  You can play the Slalom Course  or a game versus another player – would be good to have the extra controls for this one as well if you want more than one to play.

Cycling — Use the Wii Remote and Nunchuck like pedals.  Pacing is important in this game because if you pedal too fast for too long your Wii character will become tired.  Play as a road race or against another player in your home.  Also need additional controllers for the VS. mode.

Golf – If anyone in your family enjoyed Golf in the original Wii Sports this is for them!  My husband is a big fan of this one and says this version is a upgraded and offers more courses than the last. You swing the Wii Remote JUST like a golf club and the game play is very realistic.

Table Tennis — Swing the Wi Remote just like a Ping Pong paddle.  Very realistic game play and yet another that would be even more fun if there were 2 Wii Motion Controllers.  Without you can still play against the computer and game play gets harder as your skill level increases. After playing the first version you can unlock Return Challenge where you can take turns returning as many serves as you can.

Bowling — This version of Bowling allows you to choose manual throwing style (as in Wii Sports) or automatic throwing style so any time your hand moves forward like you are throwing the ball it is released. A nice option to make it even easier for younger ones. After playing the regular game you can unlock 2 more fun bowling games “100 Pin Game” and “Spin Control”.

Canoeing — Hold the Wii Remote like an oar and start paddling!  You can play the speed challenge or vs. mode — take turns playing or use extra controls to play simultaneously.

sky divingAir Sports — This category is the favorite in my house. There are 3 different games offered.  Skydiving – Is tons of fun… you are the Wii remote as you jump from the plane.  You try and grab other players to form formations and have pictures taken with as many people connected and smiling as possible each time. This is very different from any other Wii Game I have played and one that made me say “AGAIN”. :-) Island Flyover – This is my son’s favorite game. The Wii Remote IS the plane and you fly over beautiful scenery to try and find the

“i” targets above places and objects to shoot and then fly into.  Whether you are flying into a volcano or have unlocked flying at dusk – this game is very pretty and challenging.  They don’t tell you where the targets are and they don’t show up until you are close to them.  Exploration of the entire area is necessary and my son has a blast trying to find the remaining targets.  Dogfight – Fire your balloon blaster to knock out the other person’s balloons.  Another one you need the extra Wii Motion Controller for.


I LOVE Wii Sports Resort – this ranks in my top 5 Wii games without a doubt.  I love the Wii Motion Controller.  My only wish is that I knew some of the games required the additional accessory so I would have bought the combo pack to begin with instead of having to add it on at a larger cost.  There are MANY good games in this one package and ones that the kids will be playing for a long time to come.  Wii Sports Resort follows in the Nintendo tradition of making wonderful games for the entire family. I highly recommend Wii Sorts Resort but do yourself a favor and if you plan on playing with more than one player get the Expanded Wii Sports Resort with Two Controllers to begin with.

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  1. Marianne says:

    I love the Wii!! The technology is amazing! I did a Squidoo lens on being a Wii-tard (yes I am, but I still LOVE it!)
    .-= Marianne´s last blog ..Work From Home And Be The Master Of Your Own Destiny =-.

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