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Welcome! The info and links below will give you a comprehensive "snap shot" introduction to me and my Reconnective Healing™ practice.

If you should have any questions, would like additional information or would like to make an appointment for a session, please feel free to contact me at 607.437.7867 or

........................................................I look forward to meeting you!

Jennifer Mannion"Jenny" as most call her, has a BA in psychololgy from Penn State University. Her interest in healing began with her own healing journey. By studying the law of attraction and the mind/body connection she was able to heal herself from many dis-eases that were supposedly "progressive and life-long". She wrote an EBOOK about her healing journey which features her "Paging Me System". She has blogged on Heal Pain Naturally for almost a year and a half on different modalities of healing. When she came across The Reconnection™ she knew she found something that resonated deeply. Jenny is a natural health expert on many web sites and a mind/body mentor. She also offers Reconnective Healing™ and will be studying to offer Personal Reconnection™ in the future. The Reconnection™ healing is often nothing short of miraculous. Jenny offers long distance healing sessions as well.

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