Heal Pain Naturally Celebrates 100th Post and 1 Year Anniversary!

Thank you to my readers, fellow bloggers and family for making this blog successful over the last year. I am even more in love with blogging than I was a year ago. I wanted to share with you why I started blogging, the most popular posts of the past year, fellow bloggers that have inspired […]

Eggscelence (Excellence) Award for Heal Pain Naturally

My friend Leena of Conceptis Addict was nice enough to give my blog an award of excellence. This award was started by Bradley of EgleNest. I started blogging to help others and I am happy to say I have received a bunch of emails from people telling me I have helped them already. What I […]

Why Do I Blog? What it Means to me!

I found blogging by accident. I had written an e-book on how I healed myself, put a website up and wanted to drive traffic to my site. I took an internet marketing course and they recommended a blog to post articles, make relationships and for advertising for my site. I fell in love with it […]

Social Networking Sites with a Purpose

Since I have healed my pain and illnesses I am spending A LOT of time on the computer. Blogging, researching, learning, studying and meeting people. The best thing about this whole experience has been the people I have met. I must admit when I started I had a very “Doom and Gloom” feel about the […]

Personal Development Sites — Not ONLY about Healing Pain!

Everyone can use some fixing in their life, whether it be to heal some pain emotional or physical, to unclutter their house, to become more self aware, to handle anger better, to build self-confidence, to conquer fears or the millions of other ways you can improve yourself and your well being. I am so grateful […]