The Universe is Always Speaking to You – Are You Listening?


We are constantly receiving messages to keep our lives flowing effortlessly.  Most of us are wrapped up in the constant distractions, our lifelong patterns and the WAY WE HAVE decided things SHOULD BE/GO.  When we are so attached to our own stories and distractions we are truly resisting the Universes’ wisdom instead of allowing it […]

PAGING ME SYSTEM – Awaken To Your Higher Self to Heal

tree meditation

My life truly began again in healing myself of several chronic illnesses. Instead of the dire future I was promised with chronic pain and ending up in a wheelchair, I gained health beyond what I had known in 7 years and a true sense of POWER over my own destiny. I also gained a love […]

Heal and Empower Yourself First to Be The Change you Want to See in the World – The World Shift-20 Declaration

It is undeniable that the world is going through a HUGE shift right now.  It requires all of our attention. It also means taking a different approach then what has been proven time and time again NOT TO BE WORKING.  Dr. Deepak Chopra says it plainly in this video introducing The World Shift-20 Declaration. I […]

Interview with Robin Easton, Author of “Naked in Eden” Part 2

robin easton

This is Part 2 of an interview with the amazing Robin Easton, of “Naked in Eden” about her book, “Naked in Eden; My Adventures and Awakening in the Australian Rainforest“. Please read Part One, if you have not already.  Enjoy and please leave comments. JENNY: I love your moment when you decide you will no […]

Interview with Robin Easton, Author of “Naked in Eden; My Adventure and Awakening in the Australian Rainforest”

robin easton

This is Part One of an inspiring and eye opening interview I did with Author, Robin Easton.  Robin writes the blog “Naked in Eden” and recently released her non fiction book, “Naken in Eden; My Adventure and Awakening in the Australian Rainforest“.  Please enjoy, leave comments for this incredible woman and come back for Part […]

Being “In the Flow” to Heal


We have all had those times when we feel “in flow”.  All is going well – almost “too well” we might find our inner pessimist saying disbelievingly. Life feels effortless and like we have angels all around us making everything all right. The beautiful thing is LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO FEEL LIKE THIS.  We, us […]

The Barn Dance by James Twyman – A Book for Anyone that has Lost Someone

Barn Dance Cover

Occasionally a book comes along that you physically cannot put down.  It draws you in, moves you and does not let go.  “The Barn Dance” by James Twyman IS such a book.  It is written from James’s personal experience about contact with his ex wife, Linda 3 1/2 years AFTER she was brutally murdered.  Call […]

Being in the NOW to Heal and “The Bus Stop Dance”

57435289_bus stop

Have you ever caught yourself in a routine that is not healthy either physically, emotionally or mentally and asked yourself “WHY, AM I DOING THIS?”?  I was away last weekend in NYC and it is funny how some of the habits come back the instant I am there.  Luckily this past weekend I DID catch […]