If a specific kind of healing modality didn’t work for me before – can it work for me now?

Thank you for joining me for another edition of Healing Answers.  This question is from Camille from CA. Thank you Camille!: “Do you believe that even though a specific kind of healing modality did not work for me before, that it could work now?”   The short answer is, “Yes, it is ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE it […]

What if someone important to me does not believe in the Law of Attraction?

This is part of the Healing Answers series. Please visit my Healing Answers page to find out how to receive a free service JUST by submitting a question. Thank you Leigh from NY for your question: “I have been studying positive thinking and the law of attraction for a few months now and have seen […]

Heal and Empower Yourself First to Be The Change you Want to See in the World – The World Shift-20 Declaration

It is undeniable that the world is going through a HUGE shift right now.  It requires all of our attention. It also means taking a different approach then what has been proven time and time again NOT TO BE WORKING.  Dr. Deepak Chopra says it plainly in this video introducing The World Shift-20 Declaration. I […]

Being “In the Flow” to Heal


We have all had those times when we feel “in flow”.  All is going well – almost “too well” we might find our inner pessimist saying disbelievingly. Life feels effortless and like we have angels all around us making everything all right. The beautiful thing is LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO FEEL LIKE THIS.  We, us […]

Heal Pain Naturally – Services Update – Act Now to Save on Services

jenny close up

As a new school year begins in the US I have been busily figuring out my schedule and time allotment for when my children return and I return to work on a more full time basis.  I have kept the same rates for two years and will be raising them the first week of September.  […]