7 Evidence Based Steps to a Blissful Relationship

Mark Tyrell

It is my pleasure to present a guest post by Mark Tyrell of “Uncommon Help“.  The health of the relationships in our life are very important for our health and wellness.  I agree whole-heartedly with Mark’s steps to maintaining a blissful relationship.  I also LOVE the fact that he backs up his post with research. […]

Happy 3rd Anniversary Heal Pain Naturally

lance and jenny

So I don’t think forgetting your blog’s anniversary (August 1) is nearly the same as forgetting your wedding anniversary but I still felt badly about it! Is “forget” the correct word? I have been so caught up with life and living it this summer that it just did not fully make it to my consciousness […]

Rising Star – A Guest Post of a Healing Modality Brought to you By Sarah Root


As my regular readers know the key belief behind this blog is that everyone is capable of healing. Finding messages, modalities and teachers that resonate deeply can create that spark that empowers you. As such, it is my pleasure to bring you information on many modalities and teachers so that this blog is a resource […]

The “Paging Me System” — A Method to Heal Pain Naturally


In my ebook, I have a system I adopted and coach from called “The Paging Me System”. It is based on my belief that we need to “‘awaken” to be able to heal. I have had two wonderful bloggers highlight and summarize this system before: Thank you Alex Blackwell and Dr. Nicole! Now I would […]