Chakra Ebook Release

chakra ebook cover

I am THRILLED to Announce the release of my new Ebook: Chakras, Guidance, Healing and Illumination, Poems for Discovering Balance The journey writing these has been a healing one for me. It has been fueled by my passion in discovering the powers and guidance the chakras hold.  Please visit the page on my new ebook […]

Are There Any Spiritual Tools that Help with Worry and Depression?

Welcome to Healing Answers #5. If you want to submit a question to receive a free 1/2 hour session or 1/2 hour toward a larger service – please visit the Healing Answers Main Page.  This next question is from “Usually Happy”. Thank you – I look forward to our session together! Dear Jenny, Usually when […]

Healing Answers – How to know where a health problem stems from and can it be healed naturally?

The next question is from BC from NY. Thank you BC! BC Wrote, “I’ve been thinking about how to know whether a health issue stems from a physical problem or otherwise a state of mind or being; and can both be healed the natural ways you promote?“   We ARE body, mind and spirit. As […]

Stop Fighting It – A Guest Post by Edward Sanderson


It is my pleasure to bring you a guest post by my friend, Edward Sanderson of Visualize Meditate Heal.  Ed has been practicing meditation for over 30 years and his blog, Meditations for Healing offers many tips on starting and maintaining a meditation practice and using meditation for healing emotional and physical pain.  I met […]

Rita Loyd – Healing Through Painting


Art CAN help people to heal from emotional, spiritual and physical illness.  I talked about this in my post, “Art – Spiritual and Healing” when I profiled my step-mother, Darcy Lynn‘s healing from cancer.  I was recently introduced to a truly inspirational woman; Rita Loyd who healed herself through painting. Rita Loyd faced many hardships […]

Prayer – What Does it Mean to You?

Sunset Park

What comes to mind when you hear the word prayer? Do you think of being in church reciting prayers with many others? Do you think of the times you felt lost in your life and asked for help or answers? Do you pray regularly as a way to solidify in your own mind what is […]

A Healing Exercise

I was feeling pretty out of sorts recently and was wondering HOW I was going to find the answers I was seeking and feel better quickly. I decided a walk with my MP3 player was a good place to start.  I set my IPod to Shuffle and set my intention and prayer to the Universe […]

The Love List Project – It is Healing to Say What You Love and WHY


As people who know me are aware, I LOVE “LOVE”.  I was extremely touched when I heard about “The Love List Project”. The premise is simple; think and share what you love and WHY. The WHY adds another dimension and this project had me thinking a LOT this week.  In saying WHY you love something […]