John Seaver and Shantytown – A Guest Post


It is my absolute please to bring you an inspiring guest post from my friend, John Seaver.  John lives in my town and is genuine and sweet to his core.  John is an example of how “challenging” times can be used to rebound instead of accepting defeat. Thank you John for sharing your story and […]

Inspirational Transformational TV – Healing, Stirring and Life Changing

Amy Whitney

When I was contacted by Amy Whitney, who is the mastermind creator of the amazing Inspirational Transformational TV (a You Tube Channel) I was honored she thought my story was worthy of being included on her wonderful site.  I watched the first few video interviews which made me only want to watch more. They immediately […]

Oh My God – The Film that asks the world “What is God?”

Peter Rodger set out across the world to ask the highly volatile question “What is God?”.  The result… a beautiful cinematic experience that educates, engages and touches the viewer and is immensely thought provoking.  Rodger interviews people of many religions all over the world as well as humanitarians, atheists and celebrities such as Hugh Jackman, […]

Top 7 Inspiring and Healing Messages to Recieve Daily in Your Inbox

Beginning your day with intention and inspiration makes a huge difference in the kind of day you will have. There are a few very special sites that will send you inspiration every (or almost every) day to get you in the right frame of mind to tackle anything ahead. Each of these sites has helped […]

Inspiring Interview with Liara Covert of Dreambuilders


It is my pleasure today to present an interview with the ever inspiring, wonderfully poetic Liara Covert of Dreambuilders Australia. She will be talking about her new book, Self Disclosure: Changes From Within as well as take us on a journey of its creation process. I have learned a lot from Liara over the last […]

Interview with Virginia Ellen


It has been my pleasure recently to promote the life changing movie “What If?”. I have interviewed the director James Sinclair, which was illuminating and inspiring to say the least. I have also posted five clips from the movie, one of which includes my guest today. I am fortunate enough to be interviewing several cast […]

Interview with James Sinclair, Director of “What If?” Part II

It is my honor to bring you Part II of my interview with James Sinclair, Director of the life changing movie, “What If?“. If you have not read part one, please check it out here. It was enlightening to speak with James. It is easy to see how inspirational he is and how he used […]

Cirkla — A Directory for the Body Mind Spirit and Planet


It is my pleasure to present a guest post by Amy Jewell, creator of Cirkla. Cirkla is a directory for the body, mind, spirit and planet. Amy’s story of why she began cirkla is inspirational and I feel Cirkla will be an important resource that will just continue to grow. Amy is a very intelligent, […]