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Michael Moore’s “Sicko”

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'What can I do?' - SiCKO

I knew I HAD to see this movie when it came out but having 2 young kids it seems I don’t get to any movie in the theaters that doesn’t have a PG rating on it. I was happy to see it offered on Video On Demand and finally got to see it a few nights ago. I highly recommend Americans see this movie. People from other countries would be educated by it as well but as an American it is an embarrassment to show JUST how screwed up our health care system is in this country.

Yes, I knew the health care system had BIG problems. This was not all new information for me considering I was ill for 7 years and have been dealing with a few health insurance companies during my illnesses.
I knew that health insurance companies declined people for pre-existing conditions.
I knew that 50 million Americans DO NOT have health insurance because they can’t afford it.
I knew people were declined NECESSARY treatments to save their lives because health insurance companies wanted profits not spending.
I knew health insurance companies were making record profits and sadly I knew how involved the pharmaceutical companies were/are in making expensive drugs for profit rather than their primary goal being to help those in need.
I knew that we are not taught about preventative care in this country but given pills to relieve symptoms.

What I didn’t know was that there are people whose job it is to refuse people treatment and that they are given bonuses based on the number of people they have refused with pre-existing conditions. After all sick people eat into profits because they need constant care.

I didn’t know that 18,000 people die yearly in the US BECAUSE they don’t have Health Insurance.

While I did know Canada, England and France offered Universal Health Care I did not know Cuba offered it or JUST how much aid and help is given to you by these countries if you are ill. Medication costs average about $10 no matter how many pills or WHAT medication you get. England has a service that comes to your house within an hour if you are ill (no cost). You can even get reimbursed for carfare for the times you need to go to a hospital. No paperwork, no money exchanged at all and they talk to you about PREVENTATIVE measures. Doctors are rewarded for patients that they refer for preventative care (no referrals needed). In France the government hires a nanny to help out new moms a few hours at a time a couple of times a week so the mom can be happy and adjust. These nannies will also clean, cook and do any other chores you need them to do while they watch your child. The government pays for all of this.

There are tons of facts featured in Sicko that will blow your mind. Click here to get the fact sheet backed up by links of proof. Prepare to be disgusted if you are American or grateful for Universal Health Care if you are not. I’ve got to give Michael Moore credit for trying to add some humor and to keep it from being just a totally depressing account of how messed up everything is. Yes, he can be obnoxious and sometimes seem “over the top” but he is getting an important message out there and DOING something about the changes he wants to see. To find out ways to help out and change the health care system in the US you can click the above picture or this link. I’d love to hear from people who have seen this movie and what they thought.

When and why did the US Health Care System become more interested in making money than healing people? Why is the US so GREEDY? How can we help change the future of medical care in the US? These are issues I think about every day. I sign petitions via Care2 that have to deal with Health Care and now I will pursue Michael Moore’s recommendations as well. Isn’t it time we made the US Health Care System care about EVERYONE and not just those that don’t mind paying $15,000/year for coverage that are NOT sick? Please help to BE the CHANGE you want to see in the US Health Care System and visit one of the above links to find out how to help. This is an area I am very passionate about and would love to hear how others feel about this. I welcome comments and emails!