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Awareness Test — Where is your Awareness?

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I came across this You Tube video and had to do a post relating to it! I would love for you to take this quick awareness test before you finish this post.

Amazing huh? What were your results? If you, like me did not see the moon-walking bear you can understand the message of this video clearly. You only really notice what you are focusing on and it is easy to miss the rest. While this was a service announcement to warn you to watch out for cyclists (which of course is important) you can carry this message MUCH further.

What are you focusing on throughout your day? Are you making time to look around and appreciate the good and beauty all around or are you focused on the negative? I have addressed this in my post, “Are you listening to your self talk?” as to the messages you are telling yourself but it works the same with what you are seeing.

Are you seeing the traffic ahead or are you stopping to appreciate the world around you? Are you concentrating on those bills or are you stopping and paying gratitude for those checks that come in? Are you seeing that you are gaining weight or are you watching and paying attention to the food you are putting into your body? Most people eat without consciousness at all yet that subtle shift can help you to lose weight. Many people will complain about bills but not take that second to be grateful for their paycheck. A lot of people will curse in traffic rather than taking a moment to look around and notice the mountains, scenery or if you are in a city the changes taking place around you as well as all the interesting people. What you look at and take in you will internalize.

Oprah gave a great example of what I am talking about in her follow up show on “The Secret” a few weeks ago. She talked about how after having a master bubble blower on her show she was wishing for bubbles and said she couldn’t wait to share bubbles with her God Daughter. She got back to her desk and there was a big package of bubbles with a silver bubble wand. She found out the bubbles had BEEN there for weeks and she had never noticed them before. Suddenly when she WAS consciously thinking about bubbles — there they were.

What is right in front of you that is a gift that you are taking for granted? Are you seeing your spouse’s quirks but not noticing all the great things they do? Are you noticing how your kids make a mess but not how much they are growing every day? You can apply this simple lesson to anything in your life. Set the intention…. “I will notice 3 things today that I did not notice before” — and it will happen. Your life has good in it no matter how bad it may seem. Looking for the good will enable you to find it — be sure to pay gratitude for it when you do – that is what enables you to find even more treasures!


  1. Yoga Mama

    Great post – saw your Blog Catalogue broadcast to check it out. I’m a big fan of LOA as well. I actually found it more through my yoga practice which led me to seek more spiritual teachings. Unfortunately your YouTube video is no longer available though…

  2. Jenny Mannion

    Thanks for commenting. Weird — sometimes the youtube video shows up and sometimes it doesn’t — I’ll get another link and put it back up… thanks for letting me know! Yoga is very in line with the law of attraction and is another love of mine. JUST started to get back into practicing and am showing my kids as well. Thanks for coming by and commenting. Gratefully, Jenny