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michael newtonImagine no fear of death because everyone KNEW there was more. Michael Newton’s book “Journey of Souls” can change the way you view death AND life. Dr. Newton began as a traditional behavior modification therapist and Hypnotherapist who did not believe in past life regression. As the below video shows – his journey to study the life between lives was presented to him in a way pretty hard to walk away from. Dr. Michael Newton has been studying the life between lifetimes and what happens to the soul for over 20 years and he has uncovered amazing information. It is my pleasure to talk to you about some of Dr. Newton’s work, give a review of Journey of Souls and share some of my own personal experiences learning about the journey of our souls.

Dr. Michael Newton

I feel it is important when learning about anything this extraordinary to resonate with the teacher. Dr. Newton speaks so matter of fact about his findings. His authenticity shines through and it is so very interesting to see how his work in this fascinating field began. Please watch the first video in this series and if this interests you — you can go to youtube to watch the subsequent videos in the series.


Interesting, eh? After viewing his videos in this series and others I knew I had to read “Journey of Souls“. I was NOT disappointed.

Important to note is the fact that it is impossible to lie during hypnosis. If you are “under”, you are under and while you may hesitate or choose NOT TO respond to certain questions (that you do not want to answer) — any answer that does come out will be truthful. I have been tranced/hypnotized and understand how this feels. In my personal experience as well as what I have learned in my research I KNOW this to be true – there is no such thing as lying if you are truly in a hypnotic state/trance.

Journey of Souls

I love the way Dr. Michael Newton organized his book, “Journey of Souls“. Journey of Souls is the culmination of ten years of Dr. Newton’s research. He was able to hypnotize many to the point of death in previous lifetimes and take them through their time in between lives until reincarnation. Some of these sessions were upwards of three hours long. Dr. Newton’s Table of Contents and Chapter Titles say a LOT about what you can expect from this book:

Table of Contents

  1. Death and Departure
  2. Gateway to the Spirit World
  3. Homecoming
  4. The Displaced Soul
  5. Orientation
  6. Transition
  7. Placement
  8. Our Guides
  9. The Beginner Soul
  10. The Intermediate Soul
  11. The Advanced Soul
  12. Life Selection
  13. Choosing a New Body
  14. Preparation for Embarkation
  15. Rebirth

EACH section in this book has applicable transcripts from sessions with clients. Dr. Newton does a wonderfully thorough job at explaining each of these sections. As with his video, Dr. Newton is clear, precise and logical in his explanations. You end the book with a clear vision of what life between lives is like and I feel that if I had ever feared death before – that fear would be gone after reading this.

This book backed up all I have been reading about LIFE in the last 3 years:

We are MORE than our bodies.

We do have a life purpose and lessons to learn.

We ARE spiritual beings having a human experience.

We do have sort of an “amnesia” while we are here which is why so much of the stuff I have learned has seemed like a “remembering” instead new information.

We can see our deceased loved ones if we need/want to when we leave.

We have guides in life and in death that help us.

WE choose our lessons and our family to be born into.

We are SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL than we were ever told!

I found it all so interesting,thought provoking and calming at the same time. I loved the differentiation Dr. Newton made between Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Souls. I had heard the term “old soul” frequently so I was very curious to read these sections. It makes sense – someone might indeed be an old soul and have lived MANY incarnations but may not have learned their lessons well – they would still be a beginner soul. Some have learned their lessons quickly and move more rapidly towards being an advanced soul. There is so much valuable information in this book and I am so excited to read his follow up “Destiny of Souls“.

Michael Newton is retired but has taught many to do the work he was doing and has a school where classes and research continues. It is called The Newton Institute (For Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy). I LOVED what The Newton Institute wrote about Journey of Souls and think it sums it up well:

Finding one’s place in the spirit world initiates a deep process of healing for it provides understanding of the purpose behind significant life choices, and how and why your soul – and the souls of those you love – lives eternally. After reading Journey of Souls, you will gain a better understanding of the immortality of the human soul…and you will meet day-to-day personal challenges with a greater sense of purpose as you begin to understand the reasons behind events in your own life.”

My Experience

As I mentioned this book confirmed a LOT of my studies into spirituality over the last 3 years. I KNOW now that I am not my body. Actually I rarely feel my body which is interesting since I was in chronic pain for 6 years and felt my body aching every day. How freeing is it to know there is MORE and we ARE SO MUCH MORE? How amazing to contemplate that we have been here before and most of us will be here again and again and again? How beautiful to think of a place where we have a soul group and we can talk about our incarnation, reflect on what we did and did not accomplish and reassess for our next lifetime. How beautiful is it to think we have chosen this life BECAUSE of the lessons it offers? In finding our inner self/soul we can find our Divine Purpose. Once you have that watch out because life is NEVER the same. You feel guided and realize life is much easier than we have ever been told.

I have studied many people who have crossed over and come back. People who have witnessed what happens when their soul/consciousness leaves for a while. All of these people’s experiences correlate with “Journey of Souls”. Dr. Joll Bolte Taylor had one of the most amazing experiences that I have read about. Dr. Taylor is amazing and if you have not seen her talk at TED I highly recommend it. She is a brain scientist that witnessed herself having a stroke – she talks about leaving her body and her time in a coma. She came back with the realization she HAD to tell people there was more. Dr. Taylor had to tell people the importance of love and that we were vastly more than our bodies. It was after reading and learning about Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor that my mind began to think more about WHAT happens when we “die”.

I do KNOW we are more than our skin and bones. I do feel we can access that part of us that is ever lasting while we are in these human bodies. I feel in accessing our soul we connect with others more deeply and realize love truly is the answer to all. We find our life’s purpose when delving within and that brings SUCH joy and appreciation and ease into our lives.

I highly recommend reading Journey of Souls and exploring this work further.  When I give an Akashic Record reading I provide my clients with information about themselves at soul level and some of the past life experiences that have contributed to where they currently are in their life. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this one. 🙂


  1. Akemi - Yes to Me

    Hi Jenny,

    Thank you for the mention. I’m glad my reading helped you and opened the gate to more exploration.

    I read this book, too. The process Michael Newton explains basically matches what I know intuitively and through the Akashic Records.

    Comparing Akashic Record Reading and past life regression is kind of fun. I had a session of past life regression who trained under Dr Brian Weiss. I think each has a pro and con sides. Akashic Record Reading is faster and can cover a lot of things quickly, but with past life regression, you get to see and feel your past life directly, which can be a strong experience.

    Again, thank you. For your ever increasing strength and prosperity,

    .-= Akemi – Yes to Me´s last blog ..Interview With Dr Janni Lloyd On Physical Immortality =-.

  2. Evita

    Fascinating Jenny – I just love these topics!

    Like you, I have been delving into these topics of death and the afterlife over the past few years and just love how much I learned, but more so how much it freed me personally.

    Listening to Michael speak, and having heard Brain Weiss, I cannot help thinking how similar they are. I know I mentioned this before, but Brian Weiss is also all about past-life regression and like Michael he was very “sciency” and was baffled by what he found with his clients.

    I tried the super large group regression with Brian at the I CAN DO IT! and it was good, but not very deep. I would love to go deep, like Michael describes.

    And based on my reading with Akemi, this soul has no past lives/ties – but I know that as a higher collective being I have lived out many past lives and what can I say I am intrigued to travel a little through the past and see where my “soul parts” have been 😉

    So in conclusion, the book sounds fascinating and I hope to make a point of reading it at some point. Thanks for sharing the video, that definitely helped a lot to get to know his work.

    And yes, I am so excited about you attracting The Path: Afterlife. I am sure it will lead to even more growth in this field – I know it did for me.
    .-= Evita´s last blog ..Financial Abundance – It’s About Your Mind, Not Your Bank Account =-.

  3. Ray Mannion

    Great post Jen! You know my near death experience affected me deeply and put my life in perspective. Thanks so much to you and your friends for introducing me to Dr. Newton’s work. His videos made my jaw drop!
    .-= Ray Mannion´s last blog ..Matt Goodrich, 1st Dan, Sept. 18, 2009 =-.

  4. Lisa (mommymystic)

    Jen, thanks for the recommendations. I have been reading a lot about near death experiences recently too, and it is fascinating how similar they are, across cultures. Beyond our body we truly do find our commonality. It is amazing how much more accessible this information is becoming to all of us, – the walls are really being broken down between life and death, and mind/body/spirit. Michale Newton’s book sounds very interesting (and BTW I recently finished Neal Donald Walsch’s When Everything Changes, which I first read about here, and I loved it.)
    Also, thanks for mentioning Akemi and Akashic records. I also had a fabulous reading with her and interviewed her this week. I think I may have even read about her first here, I can’t remember. Keep up the good work:-)
    .-= Lisa (mommymystic)´s last blog ..Interview with Akemi Gaines: Akashic Records, Reincarnation, 2012 and More =-.

  5. Robin

    Hi Jen – I think it’s a great thing if people can see themselves as the creator of their body rather than a sort of victim of it. Anything that aids in this sort of understanding must surely be a good thing, I think!
    .-= Robin´s last blog ..When Someone Close To Us Is Struggling =-.

  6. Jenny Mannion

    Hi Akemi,
    Thanks so much for pointing out the differences between past life regression and Akashic reading — I have been wondering! Maybe you can write a post highlighting the differences – would love to learn more. 🙂

    Yes, I have GOT to read Dr. Weiss’s books. I am subscribed to his site and have read about his work frequently – his books have been on my amazon wish list for quite a while — I think I’m going to treat myself to them! 🙂

    Thanks again Akemi – my pleasure to mention you – your reading and clearing helped me tremendously. I am very grateful for all you do. 🙂

    Love and hugs,

  7. Lance

    Hi Jenny,
    Wow, this really is so moving. There’s so much in the highlighted section you have about what the book backed up from your last three years – that I’m so deeply feeling myself. Jenny, this book and material (video just felt so real – I loved that) from Dr. Newton sound so good. Soul is something that I’ve just really been thinking alot about recently – and what that means for me, and for how to really and deeply touch upon that part of “me”.

    Anyway, Jenny – this is all so good, and so connecting for me. You continue to help me as I travel on this journey I’m on…thank you!
    .-= Lance´s last blog ..It All Started With A Salmon Donut =-.

  8. Jenny Mannion

    Hi Evita,

    Thanks again — I am so grateful to have won the movie. As I wrote to Akemi – time for me to get Dr. Weiss’s books! I have been reading so much lately and there are always so many books that seem exciting to me! I just read the first 2 Kryon books as well… so interesting!

    I have been tranced twice and always go lightly under as well. The second time I was much more comfortable than the first though so I am definitely interested in what would happen next. 🙂 I have witnessed a friend being regressed and wow there is no doubting that it is real. This is all so fascinating to me.

    As you mention I think the most important part of studying this is not what you learn about “death” but the gifts and strength it gives you for life. It does free you and motivate. It does put things in perspective.

    I am so happy we are sharing our journeys Evita! And I LOVE that you are writing more… am really enjoying seeing all that you are up to.

    Lots of Love,

  9. Jenny Mannion

    Hi Ray,

    I LOVE when you leave me a comment — thanks hon! Yes, my friends ARE pretty awesome, aren’t they? 😉 I have learned so much and continue to do so daily – as you know and I am constantly bending your ear about EVERYTHING. 🙂

    Yes, I do know how much the near death experience affected you. Boy am I glad we are sharing this lifetime together! This work is so important because I feel it can give people that knowledge without them having to experience a near death experience. Thanks again for commenting.

    Love you madly, xo

  10. Jenny Mannion

    Hi Lisa,

    Ahh I smile every time I hear from you Lisa because it always reminds me of how similar we are…. I almost wrote a whole section on how the commonality of this means so much for spirituality and across religions. This work is beautiful in that regard as well. 🙂 “the walls are really being broken down between life and death, and mind/body/spirit” — isn’t that so inspiring – I feel it too and when people go on about “how bad it all is” I think about all the good I experience daily and this is one of the areas I am so grateful for!

    So happy you read Neale’s latest – yeah, it wowed me! Would love to talk with you about it.

    I am going to read your interview now with Akemi – can’t wait!

    Lots of Love, xo

  11. Jenny Mannion

    Hi Robin,

    I am in total agreement – this is inspiring and empowering. We are sooo very powerful. We are the creator of almost everything in our lives and connecting with that inner being/our soul is the best way to begin creating the things we truly WANT.

    Would love to catch up soon Robin. It’s been a while! Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  12. Jenny Mannion

    Hi Lance,

    It has been wonderful to watch you explore Lance. 🙂 From when I first met you I felt you lived and wrote from your soul. You truly project love and I am so happy you are finding and celebrating your inner self. 🙂

    Salmon Donut? Okay — I’m intrigued — gotta check that one out!

    Thanks for your support and friendship Lance. They are both so deeply appreciated.


  13. Mike Foster

    Fascinating stuff, Jenny, I just watched part one and part two of the Dr. Newton interview and I was hooked. I also really enjoyed your views on how we are so much more than our bodies. I need to dig deeper into this and will start with the Newton books. Thanks again for your invaluable insight and amazing thirst for knowledge and living.

    .-= Mike Foster´s last blog ..Landscape Escape =-.

  14. Jenny Mannion

    Hi Mike,
    The videos is what got me hooked too! 🙂 Thanks for your compliments — greatly appreciated!

    I do believe we need to nurture all three parts of us; body, mind and soul…. Yes, I have that thirst for knowledge all right! 🙂 Ahh I could devour books, videos and movies on spirituality and the mind/body connection all day. Even after three years of study I feel I am just beginning to scratch the surface….

    Thanks Mike. Your comments mean a lot and anytime you want to get a discussion going on this stuff you know who to contact! 🙂


  15. Evelyn Lim

    I can’t remember if you had read my account of a LBL session itself. Most certainly, it is fascinating stuff! The revelations that I got from my session a few months ago are making me ponder over some of my life choices currently.
    .-= Evelyn Lim´s last blog ..Break From Blogging =-.

  16. Ian Peatey

    Hi Jenny. Very interesting topic. I’d like to explore this more – especially whether I’m an advanced soul or a beginner. I tend to think the latter (in fact I was told this by a shaman), but we all need to start sometime.
    .-= Ian Peatey´s last blog ..The secret of happiness =-.

  17. Jenny Mannion

    Hi Evelyn,

    I DID read that and just reread it and WOW – it is fascinating! The link is http://www.attractionmindmap.com/life-between-lives-regression-therapy-review/ for readers who have NOT read this.

    A few weeks previous to your post a good friend recommended Newton’s work to me — so I think it was the combo of your post and the mention that gave me that oomf to go on and research him online – thank you for that! I want to read the rest of his work and am also interested in a LBL session.

    It is so interesting that the LBL session made you ponder choices currently. Any “spiritual work” I have done or any deep meditative states I reach seem to shake up my life quite a bit! This month there has been SO MUCH shifting I feel like I am hanging on for dear life at times! BUT I feel fortunate now that I do not fear change but know it will bring blessings… even if they are hidden sometimes!

    I wish you all the best Evelyn and am happy you are getting time to reflect.

    Lots of Love and hugs,

  18. Jenny Mannion

    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for reading and commenting. Yes, we all begin somewhere. I don’t think there’s better or worse – just the part of the journey we are on. As you know enjoying the journey and learning along the way is key no matter what stage we are in. Thanks again! 🙂


  19. Chris Edgar | Purpose Power Coaching

    Thanks for this Jenny — I’ve been exploring this issue of what “I” am recently as well, asking myself “if this is ‘my’ body, what is the thing that the body belongs to?” When I think about this, my mind goes blank. No clear answer comes up, but it does feel peaceful, and I know some teachers have said that what we truly are can’t be described in words or in the mind because we’re actually everything and nothing.

  20. Jenny Mannion

    Hi Chris,
    I am glad you enjoyed the post. No, we are not by any means limited to or by our Earthly bodies. Our heart I feel holds the key as it is what helps us with our intuition and gets us closer to knowing what our true essence is. It is quieting the mind so we can truly hear the heart that is the challenge! 😉

    I don’t think we can ever truly be explained either but I have to say Dr. Newton’s work gets me a lot closer to imagining it. I just began Destiny of Souls and it is pretty hard to put it down… this one goes even deeper into WHAT our true essence is and is really eye opening.

    Thanks so much for leaving a comment Chris and for reading!

    .-= Jenny Mannion´s last blog ..Dr. Michael Newton “Journey of Souls” =-.

  21. Jenny Mannion

    Hi Maik,
    I love Dr. Newton’s work. He is retired but through his schools and teachings his work continues. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  22. Liara Covert

    Hi Jenny, Michael Newton’s work is remarkable. He encourages everyone to awaken a bit differently, to open to self-honesty on new levels and embrace inner truth. It appears he has removed his own Utube video from the system but all his books are worth a read for anyone who has not yet encountered them. Eliza Mada Dalian has also written an incredible book called, In Search of teh Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness. Not only does she offer a reader-friendly approach to raising awareness with meditations and other helpful exercises, in chapter 10 of her book, she shares some of her own profound past life experiences. They really leave a reader engrossed and speechless. To reconnect with what is changes everythng, how you feel and accept reality inside the self.
    .-= Liara Covert´s last blog ..Be in heaven now =-.


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