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Something Unknown – A Film Review – The Science Behind Psychic Phenomena

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This award winning film, “Something Unknown” takes you on the filmmaker’s journey to discover IF Psychic phenomena is scientifically proven.   Experiences in Renee Scheltema’s own life led her on this journey as she talks to many scientists, researchers and healers to learn more.  The movie tackles the “BIG 5” that ARE provable psychic phenomena; Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Precognition, Psycho-Kinesis and Psychic Healing. It is my absolute pleasure to review and recommend “Something Unknown“. There is a very good reason it has won SO MANY awards.  Please watch the trailer:


Something Unknown” begins by explaining WHY Renee was drawn to begin this journey.  She had 3 consecutive events that led to her questioning how things could happen that she could not logically explain.  Two involving Precognition and one involving Psycho-Kinesis.  She became inspired and went to the very top of the parapsychology, healing, physics and consciousness fields to get some answers.




Renee begins her investigation at speaking with Dr. Charles Tart who is an author and Professor at The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and the University of California.  Dr. Tart breaks down the “Big 5” of psychic phenomena that HAVE been provable by science by vigorous experiments:


1)  Telepathy – Mind to Mind communication or mind reading.

2)  Clairvoyance – The ability to see remote places, objects or people.  Also called scientifically; “Remote Viewing”.

3)  Precognition – Knowing something before it occurs/predicting the future.

4)  Pyscho-Kinesis (PK) – Formerly called Tele-Kenesis – The ability to move matter with your mind.

5)  Psychic Healing – Spiritual practice(s) that can bring about gradual healing or a “healing miracle”.

Renee’s movie, “Something Unknown” takes us through all of the BIG 5, citing experiments and years of research  from each.  She has many of the top scientists in these fields featured. Here are A FEW of what I consider highlights from the first 4 and I will spend a bit more time speaking about the healing section. All 5 were fascinating to learn about and Renee did an amazing job at bringing the viewer the evidence behind each.


Dr. Edgar Mitchell, former astronaut shares how he first knew that we were MORE and there WAS MORE.  This led to him founding the Institute of Noetic Science (that I talked about here). Noetic means – “revealing a deep truth” and there are many experiments, videos, lectures, classes and more offered through this important institution. I highly recommend visiting their site to learn more.



The movie features Dr. Rupert Sheldrake who has run VERY interesting telepathy experiments that prove people CAN communicate mind to mind.   You can also participate and find out more about his online telepathy experiments by visiting Dr. Sheldrak’s site.

Arielle Ford shares a WONDERFUL story about a telepathic moment she had with Dr. Deepak Chopra.

As far as telepathy goes, I feel most of us have met couples or close friends like these in our own lives. They can finish each other’s sentences. Sometimes they KNOW what the other is thinking even if they are far apart.  Renee highlights some important experiments that prove that this IS real.


Remote viewing has been studied for decades by the government, in scientific experiments and without a doubt is PROVEN. Dr. Hal Puthoff is a physicist at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Austin, Texas and is featured in the film. Dr. Puthoff used to be the Director of the Stanford Research Institute, during “Stargate”, the CIA’s Remote Viewing Program in the 70’s and 80’s. There are even many courses out there to achieve this ability.

Remote viewing has been used to find missing people and to help in criminal investigations, as the featured psychic, Nancy Myer has been able to do and shares with us. I have always found Remote Viewing fascinating and know many psychics who CAN and have done this.  I have no doubt this is real.   It was wonderful to see that it is used for VERY practical and important reasons such a helping to find missing children.


Dr. Dean Radin was featured with many of his “Pre-Cognition” experiments that indeed DO prove we ALL know things BEFORE they happen. Dr. Radin is a Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Have you ever thought of someone and the phone would ring and it is them?  Have you even gotten an urge to speak with someone and found out they were in trouble?  Dr. Radin was able to run controlled experiments that prove our bodies are responding to information even before our brain and eyes SEE and receive the information.

Renee also features the renowned cat “Oscar” presented by Dr. David Dosa.  Oscar KNOWS BEFORE a patient in a home for the elderly will pass and climbs on them 2-4 hours before allowing the staff to prepare ahead (if the family has allowed).


Spoon bending was featured throughout the movie as it was an important part of the beginning of Renee’s journey. I remember a while back my friend Evelyn Lim taking a class in it and writing about it here, “Be One With the Spoon and Universe“.  Yes, there are those that might do this with a slight of hand but there are those that learn this VERY teachable technique quickly.

For example, James Twyman offers a spoon bending class via The Daily Om for WHATEVER amount you can afford to pay. There are also the spoon bending “parties” offered by Dr. Jack Houck who is featured in “Something Unknown“. It IS possible to use mind over matter.  “Something Unknown” also featured FASCINATING studies being done by Dr. Roger Nelson on Global Consciousness.  Dr. Nelson, a psychologist was one of the first involved in mind over matter experiments.  I find these SO amazing and while researching I DID sign up for the Twyman spoon bending class… I will let you know how it goes! Thanks Renee for the inspiration! 🙂


I was extremely interested in learning about ALL of these psychic phenomena but of course the one that had me the most interested was Psychic Healing. As a Reconnective Healing Practitioner I KNOW it works. I am honored to have witnessed it countless times but boy do I still LOVE hearing about the science being done to prove HOW it works!

Renee featured MANY inspirational stories of healing and different forms of Psychic Healing including one of I am very familiar with, “Dr. Eric Pearl” who The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing began with. Eric is dynamic and one of my favorite things about him (BESIDES HIS INCREDIBLE SENSE OF HUMOR) is he says he is NO GURU and when you leave his seminars he tells you “you can do this work as well as me”.  “Something Unknown” features one of Dr. Pearl’s seminars where he (in a few minutes) gives a presentation and demonstration (facilitates a healing) on a member of the audience.  I ALWAYS love watching Eric and this movie was no exception. He speaks a little on healing and also featured is the amazing Dr. Gary Schwartz who has helped Dr. Pearl and MANY others prove psychic healing really does work.

I had heard about some of Dr. Schwartz’s work at The Reconnective Healing seminar but it was amazing to SEE some of those experiments on film. Yes, psychic healing does work, many miracles happen daily and even at a distance REAL HEALINGS occur.

Something Unknown” also featured the wonderful Dr. Larry Dossey. Dr. Dossey came from a Western Medical background and was a surgeon in Vietnam who received many medals for his work.  Early in his practice he saw a miraculous recovery from a patient he thought would pass within a few days.  A year later BOTH lungs in his patient were clear of lung cancer and the only answer – prayer had done it.  Dr. Dossey did not believe this right off the bat but when studies started coming out linking spirituality/intention/prayer with science he was paying close attention and began to research and write about it himself.  I actually fell in love with Dr. Dossey’s work in this movie and just ordered a few of his books.  He has written many books on the science of spirituality and healing and I cannot WAIT to learn more about him.  Another HUGE thank you to Renee for introducing me to a person I am SURE will be an influential teacher in my life.


A VERY interesting study Dr. Dossey referenced was a survey sent out to 1,000 US physicians that they could respond to anonymously.  75% surveyed said that they believe spiritual beliefs help in healing. 74% said they believe distant prayers help.  This correlates with The Intention Experiment that Lynne McTaggart runs and many other studies that have been done in the last few years on intention and prayer.


Something Unknown” ends by asking a few of the scientists about WHAT spirituality has to do with all of this and the answers are fascinating.  I feel it basically comes down to this, “we are SO much more than our bodies, we are unlimited, we HAVE a soul and energy in us that enables this”. These are the messages that taught me how to heal myself and these are the messages I hope I share in almost every post on this blog. There are MANY other resources on ALL of the “BIG 5” featured in “Something Unknown“.  They are jaw dropping, change the way you look at life studies.  I have given you just a snippet and highly encourage you to watch the entire film. I cannot thank Renee enough for creating this movie, “Something Unknown” and I encourage you to share it with others.  It resonated deeply and I feel it will help MANY to recognize that psychic abilities are no longer woo woo but provable and recognized by science.

Just by learning ONE of these; Reconnective Healing, my life has opened up in ways I could never have imagined and we ALL have these abilities WAITING for us to uncover them! As always, I WELCOME comments.  Have you ever witnessed any of these phenomena?  Do you have an interest in learning any of these? Do you have your finger hovering over the “Something Unknown link” to order your copy of this incredible movie now? 😉



  1. Edward

    Looks like a great movie. I’m surprised I haven’t heard about it. I will be checking it out. Thanks, Jenny.
    .-= Edward´s last blog ..Calming The Wild Mind =-.

  2. Jenny Mannion

    Hi Ed,

    I was REALLY surprised I hadn’t heard of it either – which made me jump on getting it out there. The movie even exceeded my expectations. 🙂 Renee and her movie are really important and I hope many more people see this film. 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. 🙂

    LOVE your new blog!!! Congrats – you know A LOT about meditation and it shows. 🙂

    Love, Jenny

  3. Lindsey

    Looks like an interesting movie!

    Just wanted to let you know,Deepak Chopra will be talking with IONS President Marilyn Mandala Schlitz on a teleseminar Wednesday May 5th at 5:00 pm Pacific time… sign up to participate in the call FREE here:

    You will have the opportunity to ask Deepak questions on the call.

    Lindsey King
    Institute of Noetic Sciences

  4. Jenny Mannion

    Hi Lindsey,

    I actually had signed up for that a few days ago and attended last night. It was WONDERFUL to hear Deepak speak and I did get to ask him a question. Marilyn is wonderful as well and I am a HUGE fans of IONS!

    I think you everyone at IONS that hasn’t seen this yet would REALLY enjoy this movie. Thanks so much for reading.


  5. Robin Easton

    Dearest Jenny, I found this article SO fascinating. I could have read even more. I am now at a stage in my life where I’m just privately claiming or more definitely claiming aspects of myself that I just took for granted all my life. Parts like, learning how empathic I am, and telepathic, and also that I see things that will happen, particularly in the area of seeing serious illness in people, long before they are diagnosed and sometimes up to a year before they died, long before they knew they were ill. It’s not something I talk about except with my husband or one or two close friends, only because I just don’t think of it as something “special” to me or a few select people alone. I think it is our natural state of being. It’s who we all ARE. I see it in everyone around me. I think it’s just whether WE are aware of it or not. Or have had it acknowledged. In most cultures it’s not acknowledged in kids.

    And an example of being aware of it and how that can help us is: we can better understand what might be “our own feelings” and what might be something that we have “picked up” from someone else, and need to let go of. It can help us discern what may be the collective angst/trauma and what might be our own, or both.

    Thank you dear Jenny, I always feel so welcomed and loved by you and around you. Much love, Robin
    .-= Robin Easton´s last blog ..Who Are Your Teachers? =-.

  6. Suzie Cheel

    Wow Jenny,

    You are up on your movies. I have not heard of this and I will now check it out.
    So much amazing information here I want to know how you go with the spoon bending….

    love and hugs
    .-= Suzie Cheel´s last blog ..Losing Can Be a Gift! =-.

  7. Jenny Mannion

    Hey Suzie,

    Ray and I began the spoon bending course together – I will let you know how it turns out. Believe me I’ll be posting about it. 🙂 You do a few exercises for a week or more each – so it’ll be a while.

    This movie is wonderful and I know you’d love it. 🙂 Lots of information and so many cool studies.

    Thanks Suzie – always a pleasure to have you here!!!

    Lotsa love and hugs,xo

  8. Jenny Mannion

    Hi Robin,

    SUCH a pleasure to see you here – thank you! I totally agree with you that we need to acknowledge these gifts to know we have them. Many times when we access these gifts it feels like a remembering of sorts and it is with ease that we feel these sensations… With nurturing them – like with practicing anything they become even more definable and we can access them for practical purposes.

    Oh the empath thing and feeling others feelings – that is SO huge Robin! I think so many more people experience this and don’t know what it is. I have heard they believe THAT is what certain forms of autism are… The children are feeling many of the emotions strongly of everyone around them and don’t know HOW to explain it or WHY they are feeling so intensely so they become withdrawn. I had a small bout with feeling empathic STRONGLY and it was NOT fun. I was lucky I DID know what it was and for those few months I did retreat and was almost afraid to go out in a crowd because I did not want to become overwhelmed. I actually had Andrea Hess “clear me” and find WHAT had caused it because I was at wit’s end. I feel very fortunate I saw it, named it, and conquered it. The first time I was at a party for a close friend and felt so overwhelmed with grief and loss when I KNEW I was having a good time… it turned out someone there had lost a close relative by violence and was still carrying that loss very heavily. I could not “shake it” for a day and it did not feel good…. Now I can notice it and separate from it… knowing it is NOT me… MUCH healthier.

    Thanks so much for sharing your gifts and thoughts Robin. I am REALLY looking forward to your book and I always enjoy visiting your blog. It is always filled with love and authenticity!

    Much love, xoxo

  9. Anna Conlan

    Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for this post, I will definitely check this movie out!

    It is very interesting how the scientific community is divided about whether psychic phenomena exists. You hear people saying ‘science has never proved that it exists’ as a way to justify not being open to it. And then you also hear some influential scientists saying that they believe there is such a thing. Even Albert Einstein said “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” and I get the impression he was very tapped into the spiritual side of life.

    • Jenny Mannion

      Hi Anna,

      You would LOVE this movie. There are so many exciting studies that have been done. I feel there are far more people now than EVER before KNOWING this stuff is real. Science is finally catching up and being able to prove SOME of it. For people like us that have had these experiences it is wonderful to see this be proven so others can take it more seriously and begin to develop their own gifts. Albert Einstein was a HUGE believer in intuition and that life as we see it is not all there is. 🙂

      WONDERFUL seeing you here Anna! I’d love to catch up some time. Have you settled in? I am really enjoying the Soul ReAlignment and continue to be BLOWN away each time! Between that and reconnective healing I feel like I live in a land of miracles which is a pretty cool place to be! 😉

      Lots of Love, xo


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