Interview with Robin Easton, Author of “Naked in Eden; My Adventure and Awakening in the Australian Rainforest” - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion

Interview with Robin Easton, Author of “Naked in Eden; My Adventure and Awakening in the Australian Rainforest”

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This is Part One of an inspiring and eye opening interview I did with Author, Robin Easton.  Robin writes the blog “Naked in Eden” and recently released her non fiction book, “Naken in Eden; My Adventure and Awakening in the Australian Rainforest“.  Please enjoy, leave comments for this incredible woman and come back for Part 2. 🙂

JENNY: I met Robin Easton of Naked in Eden through a mutual blogger friend; WD Favour of “Discover Yourself”.  I have been reading and enjoying Robin’s writing for over a year now. What struck me from the beginning about Robin was she exudes LOVE, Kindness, Creativity and Authenticity.  When I heard she was coming out with a book, an amazing true story of her awakening in the rainforest, I was very much looking forward to reading it.


To say I enjoyed her book is an understatement.  She writes about her journey with her husband Ian in the rainforest and brings you into the story from the first page.  She flashes back to memories and you feel like you are there standing beside her, understanding what she is going through.  The book is moving, healing, thought provoking, suspenseful, funny and a must read.  I am very fortunate I got to ask Robin a few questions about her amazing book, “Naked in Eden; My Adventure and Awakening in the Australian Rainforest“.


Hi Robin.  Firstly, thank you for writing this book.  I know many will be inspired by it.  I loved it and it is a pleasure to be able to ask you a few questions.

There are so many quotes and passages in your book that grabbed me and had me re-reading them and nodding.  The following is one,

Ian, I grew up with radios, artificial light, chemicals in my water and food, artificial smells, car exhaust and plastic shoes and clothes that were often too tight.  I was left with no soul, no connection to the Earth.  I don’t even know where my food came from. A grocery store, that’s where it came from, and I accepted it all as normal until I stood in this forest.  The cycle of life hasn’t been broken here. Can you believe it? This place is still intact?


Robin, MOST of us grow up like this… this is how we are taught life is.  Yet, when you are in nature you FEEL and KNOW life is so much more.  Not everyone will resonate with giving their life up as they know it and moving to the rainforest… how do you recommend people get in touch with this in their daily life? Can you share with us the importance of us being in touch with nature?


ROBIN: Hi Jenny, It’s wonderful to be here today, and I am loving your questions and insights. You have always been a great inspiration to me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to look in ward.


When I was a child and young adult, right up until I went into the rainforest at age 25, I thought that “Life” in its entirety was school, college, work, the car, the house, the stores, town and all the things that made up my society…and took up my time. When I didn’t fit into that in the way my peers appeared to, and when nothing about “Life”, except nature, engaged me, I thought I’d failed at life. I thought something was wrong with me.


I grew up close to nature, but in a very limited way. My dad got rid of our TV when I was a tiny girl, and whenever he wasn’t working he started taking me and my five siblings hiking, canoeing, and camping. But that was only a fraction of my life. School took up most of my life. As I got older it was work and school. And the pressure to become something increased with each passing year. I knew I was expected to somehow fit into this thing I thought was “Life”. (And of course I didn’t fit in.)


You asked: “How do people get in touch with nature in their daily lives.” The operative word there is “DAILY” or as often as possible. The more we expose ourselves to ANY form of nature the more we heal. Simply lying on the grass in a park for five minutes and watching the clouds drift by until we forget our worries, can heal us. It’s important that we do this WITHOUT talking on a cell phone, or listening to music, or reading, or talking to someone, or anything else. Don’t put anything between you and that moment with nature, just you and the sky for at least five minutes. Or lie under a tree, look up through the leaves and watch them endlessly rearrange themselves. Or grow a tiny organic garden. Or watch a sunrise or sunset. Or look at the stars and moon, and remember how vast Life is. All of these things will heal the soul.


In our day to day busyness we forget this vastness, which we ARE. We become consumed by work, family, school, computer, TV, cell phone, house, car, shopping, doctor’s appointments and so, until we think we ARE these things. We forget there’s a world beyond our frantic routines, which extends far beyond anything we can ever imagine. It’s in this vast mysterious “Infiniteness” that we heal, that we “re-member” remember who we are, that we come to meet our “god”, whatever that is for each of us. We once again feel whole, healed and connected to something much larger than our day to day worries. Even the poorest of people have drawn sustenance and healing from the infinite stars.


We don’t have to go to the ends of the Earth to connect with nature. Nature is all around us. However, what we DO need is to STOP our busyness, take time out to be WITH nature. Leave the cell phone, radio, mountain bike, and camera at home. Often these things put a buffer between us and nature. If we remove them and are patient nature will seep in to soothe, heal and restore.


We are all inseparably connected to nature. We ARE nature. It is only when we don’t actively LIVE this connection that we suffer. We have longings and yearnings that we don’t understand, and that we try to fill with TV, food, drugs, alcohol, busyness, computer, cell phone, information, and more. Since these things aren’t what we really long for, they never satisfies us. We’ve become so disconnected as a species that we no long can comprehend that nature could sustain us spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and more.


We must give ourselves and nature time to reunite, time to become acquainted with each other. If we give it time, an awakening and healing will occur like we’ve never known before.



JENNY: I totally agree Robin. I have had some of my most profound healing moments in nature.  I know if I do feel stressed a walk in the woods can sure cure all. Turning off distractions and “tuning into ourselves” and everything around us is so very important. Thank you.


You talk about growing up mildly autistic and having a very difficult time being in the classroom.  When I read about your experiences I kept thinking about how empathic you were and the fact that you were picking up other people’s energies and it was too much.  I have heard that some believe forms of autism are actually a child being extremely empathic and not being able to cope because we are not taught those tools.  Do you have any words of wisdom to kids and parents of kids who are going through this?  Did you find anything that helped you cope with the overwhelming emotions of being in a classroom 8 hours a day? (ASIDE – for those who don’t know being an empath means you may FEEL other people’s emotions, physical sensations or mental experiences as if they are your own. For a wonderful article on empaths please visit my friend Anna Conlan of “Psychic But Sane‘s”post, “Is Overactive Empathy Ruining Your Life?“.)


ROBIN: In reading about your autism empathy connection in one of your blog posts, I realized for the first time in my life that I walk around in a full-on constant empathic state, even in my nightly dreams. In fact, it’s not even a “state”, it’s who I AM. It’s all I’ve ever known. Up until I read your response, I thought everyone was like that. Sometime after you told me about the autism/empathic connection, I had a close friend—who has a Ph.D. in psychology—say to me, “Wow, I just realized something about you; you move through the world without defenses.” The moment she said that it was like a whole part of me caught up with myself, and I felt completely seen in ways I’d never before been seen. I knew she was right.


In the past when I’ve felt something come into me that was painful, people have said to me, “Oh just shut it out.” “You don’t have to feel it.” “Don’t let it in.” “Separate yourself from it.” And so on. I had NO idea what they were talking about or how to do that. Over the years I repeatedly tried to do these things. I even used my mind or meditation, but I always failed. One day I said to my husband, “How do we shut out something when we are irrevocably merged with everything ALL the time? And I don’t think with my “head”; I think with my whole being. He looked at me and said, “But we aren’t merged with everything all the time, well at least most people aren’t.” I was stunned, and said, “You aren’t?” LOL! 🙂


Then it hit me that I don’t experience myself as separate from everything else. Being separate or having defenses isn’t even in my physiology. I walk around in a heightened state of awareness of EVERYTHING, even things and people seemingly far away. This awareness isn’t fearful, nor do I feel “on edge”, not at all. It’s just that I’m aware of everything, even online. I feel how other people are feeling. I can go away drained from an overwhelming amount of “information” or energetic input.


(Seeing you talk about autism/empathy–set me free, because I no longer even tried to create defenses. I started to honor my sensitivity and who I am and how I experience the world. Then I started to look at what might work for me in terms of not suffering due to my complete empathic state.)


What I am learning to do is to discern what is mine and what might have originated in, what we call, “other”. If I can stop and “feel into” my own body, I can almost always know what feelings originated in me, and what originated in “other”. Once I see that, I try to choose what I will focus on, either who “I” am or who “other” is. Doing this doesn’t always stop what I feel, BUT it does make me see “this is mine and THAT is theirs”. And although I may still feel “theirs”, it doesn’t bother me as much. I can “be with” that.


The other thing that always helps, is doing something physical, where I intensely FEEL my body, like walking fast, jogging, swimming, pulling weeds, or anything highly active that draws my focus into my body and how that activity feels. I become very aware of myself, and not “other”. And doing activities that I LOVE, or doing activities in nature multiplies the positive effects on my well being. I also will often do a cleanse type of thing at the end of my day, like a really hot or cold shower, or smudge myself with sage, drink water or hot herbal tea, or anything that shifts my energy and allows me to shed what I have felt from “others” or the collective I merge with, that I am. That we all ARE. I also learn to choose who and what I am around. I begin to be more selective. Fortunately there is bounteous beauty in the world.


Since I now have a strong sense of self, I can in most cases immediately distinguish between what is mine and what is someone else’s. I can honor and recognize that I FEEL other people just as if they were in my body or I in theirs.


I think the only advice I could offer a parent or student would be to have a support team that understands or, at the very least, is open to the idea of living in a total a empathic state. That alone can help a child (or adult) realize that nothing is wrong with them. Parents can also make sure their children have “low input time”. Nature is a wonderful place for this. By “low input” I mean where there is limited noise, people, information, activity, demands, etc. Everything comes to rest. STOPS. This is essential on a daily basis, even for a brief time. I think we ALL need this, at any age.


Parents can also watch for the things that bring their child joy, and then foster these experiences, not to the point of pushing them on a child, but simply by making them available. These things will not only be healing, but will give a child a stronger sense of self. This might be playing the piano, violin, etc, or it might be painting, drawing, crafts or any number of creative activities. It might be swimming, canoeing, hiking and so on. Again, nature is wonderful for empathics, for ALL of us. It’s vast, soothing, communicative, and yet, in many ways it’s silent because it doesn’t judge. There is room to let down and breathe in nature.


I’m sure my school experience would have been much worse had my father not put me in close contact with nature. In doing that he gave me at least one place where I could experience peace, and a beautiful reflection of myself and life. This saved much of my soul.


In the rainforest I experienced this total empathic state as life’s normal state of being (for all life), whether we are human, dolphin, polar bear, ant, tree, river, Planet Earth, or distant star. All life is communicating with itself in a great conversation. It’s just whether we hear it or not.


How do we be part of this conversation? That’s obvious: by BEING part of it. How do we sleep? We take off our work clothes, lie down on the bed, pull up the covers, turn out the light, and sleep. How do we have an intimate conversation with a close friend? We take TIME OUT, go to their house, sit down with them, and talk…and listen. How do we be in nature, we stop what were doing (sometime through the day), turn off our cell phone, lie under a tree, and watch the rearranging patterns of green leaves against blue sky…and just “BE”. Eventually we will come to know nature and ourselves.


The advice for empathics is the same advice for us all. Whether we are extremely open or extremely shut down we all need time out to know who we are and why we are here. We all need to experience both our uniqueness and our connection to everything (or “our greater self”).


JENNY: Those are amazing words Robin and I hope that in the future there is more of an emphasis put on the connection between some forms of autism and being an empath.  There ARE ways to cope and to nurture yourself.  I am grateful you had nature and passions.  I also agree we ALL need to do these things… I think it is so important to KNOW YOURSELF and for an empath I imagine it is even more important… how ELSE will you know the difference between what is truly your experience or if you are picking up someone else’s emotions or pain around you.


I went through a few months where I developed picking up random people’s feelings and feeling them HARD and not being able to shake them.  It was NOT FUN. It was SCARY and it got to a point where I was afraid of being in group situations.  I know it was not easy for you to feel like this and to be picking up on not just one person’s emotions but MANY simultaneously.  I am so happy for you that you were able to understand this and heal.  🙂

Please join Robin and I tomorrow for Part II of this interview.  Robin talks about how she healed herself from Autism and gives more amazing insights! Thank you Robin – your words are inspiring, authentic and so very helpful to many.

Please leave comments for Robin and go visit her blog, “Naked in Eden” for even more inspiration, truth and beauty.


  1. Robin Easton

    Dear sweet amazing Jenny!! I just realized something RIGHT NOW, as I was filling in my email and name to leave a comment. (Gosh, talk about beginning to understand the extent of this empathic thing!! Wow.) I was thinking as I got ready to leave a comment, how amazing it was responding to your interview. The moment I FELT you, everything just flowed out of me, just like water running effortlessly and happily down a hill. BECAUSE I’m empathic and YOU are SOOOOOO amazing and vast,such a powerful magnificent being, everything in me FELT that in you, and THAT threw me right into my own most powerful and vast place, my most authentic place. Because that’s what you allow yourself and those around you to be.

    You give others a lot of space and openness to be who they really are. In that space I and others feel so safe that our truth, feelings, and love can just come tumbling out. I love being around people like you!!! LOLOL!! Because I can be WIDE OPEN. Isn’t that just SO beautiful and wonderful and cool?!!! 🙂 🙂

    Much love to you dear Jenny. Thank you for this incredible opportunity to discover more of myself and life. You have given me SO much. You’ve no idea. …well, probably you do. 😉 Love, Robin

    • Jenny Mannion

      Hi Robin, 🙂

      I feel you too and I did the whole time I was reading your book – what a gift!!! Your book led me to many insights Robin and I thank you deeply for that. I am so grateful you have shared your experience in such a way that we are THERE with you and we can learn about ourselves by your own observations.

      I am so happy my writing has helped you – yours has healed me in many ways. I wish you all the best success for this and everything else sweet Robin. You are truly a gift to this planet!

      Much Love and BIG HUGS,

  2. Henway

    Love the interview. For me, whenever I have to work and stay indoors for days in a row, I always end up feeling burned out and out of balance. But when I go outside and just look at the flowers and trees, I feel refreshed and happier.

    • Jenny Mannion

      Thanks Henley and welcome. I feel the same – working from home can get me in a rut of staying inside and I NEVER benefit from it. Because of that I just got an office outside the home so I HAVE to leave. I also make sure I take walks and just simply stand outside and soak up the trees, grass and nature. Thanks so much for commenting.


  3. Robin Easton

    Dear Henway, you have really expressed not only what I think happens to many of us when we stay indoors too long, but you have also expressed how little it really takes to revive, nurture and soothe ourselves when we spend any time at all in nature. Reading your comment, I can’t help but think how much children sometimes suffer when their little bodies have to sit still indoors in school for months on end. Even a few minutes running around outside is so life-giving and liberating for them. Thank you for stopping in and for your kind words about the interview. I so enjoyed Jenny’s questions and energy.

  4. Julie

    Hi, Jenny. Thanks for showcasing Robin here. I look forward to the continuation tomorrow.

    Robin, your message of urging parents to nurture a strong sense of self in their children is one of the most important you could offer! I believe there are far more of us highly sensitive, empathic, and perhaps even autism-spectrum people than we realize. It’s only in finding others like ourselves that many of us understand there’s nothing wrong with us. Speak your message far and wide, dear Robin, and take it to the youngsters! With your storytelling and your heart, you’ll do wonders for other young hearts. Bless you! ~Julie xoxo

    • Jenny Mannion

      Hi Julie,

      My pleasure – Robin and YOU are SUCH beautiful souls – it is an honor to showcase this amazing book! I too hope Robin speaks her message far and wide – it is an important one that so many could benefit from. Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment Julie. Wishing you all the best.


  5. Robin Easton

    Dearest Julie, What an endearing message; I felt nurtured all the way through it. I could really FEEL your soft beautiful heart. So so lovely. I LOVE these words you wrote: “It’s only in finding others like ourselves that many of us understand there’s nothing wrong with us.” Julie, YOU have given ME this. Dear one, you live in another world. No, wait….you FULLY live in THIS world. That’s what it is. I relate to that, as you know. And you are one of the most remarkable people in my life that has given me a reflection of myself, of Life, Love and so much vastness. You are just always with me, and I give thanks that you ARE, that you exist. I love you dear soul friend. Robin

  6. HappinessandWisdom

    Inspiring post. We know we must spend more time in nature and when we do, we feel present and alive. Now we actually have to focus on making more time for it — even 5 minutes as you suggest sounds great! Thank you.

    • Jenny Mannion

      Hi Happiness and Wisdom,

      5 minutes a day is an amazing start.. it all begins with the first step. As Robin said, then we will find ourselves wanting it more. Thanks for commenting.


  7. Robin Easton

    Dear HappinessandWisdom, Thank you for stopping in and for your kind words. I am so pleased that you also related to at least doing even 5 minutes. If we start with 5 minutes eventually we will find ourselves connecting with nature more often, while driving to work, while walking to the mailbox or out to our car, or looking out the kitchen window while doing dishes. If we ALL did this, I think it would change the world quite a bit. And thank YOU!! I appreciate your comment. Robin 🙂

  8. Corinne Edwards

    A wonderful interview, Jenny. You made us know Robin in a very close way.

    I also was touched by this quote –
    “You asked: “How do people get in touch with nature in their daily lives.” The operative word there is “DAILY” or as often as possible. The more we expose ourselves to ANY form of nature the more we heal. Simply lying on the grass in a park for five minutes and watching the clouds drift by until we forget our worries, can heal us.”

    I live 40 feet from beautiful Lake Michigan and although I can enjoy it from my window, I don’t go out there. Only if the weather is perfect.

    That is changing today. Thank you, Robin.

    • Jenny Mannion

      Hi Corinne,

      Thanks so much. Robin is such a joy to this world and it was so nice to be able to have her convey some of her amazing personality here. I am so glad you will be going out more Corinne… it is only a big deal and “hard to do” in our own heads… once we begin to take those steps our body, mind and soul will thank us and want MORE. 🙂 I always love having you here.. thank you so much for reading and commenting. 🙂

      Much Love, xo

  9. Robin Easton

    Dear Corinne, I am SO honored to connect with you today, I have heard such wonderful things about you through our mutual friend Jonathan Wells. I have also read your blog and various comments on the internet. You are a joy, very wise, witty and whip smart!! 🙂

    It sounds lovely where you live. I grew up in Maine (now I’m in New Mexico), so I know the green and watery landscape you live in. It’s vibrantly lovely. And if you live only 40 feet from the shore, OH YES!!, you must go down and just stand or sit on the shore for 5 minutes. You don’t have to anything like meditate or “try” to connect with nature or think anything, just “be” there, that is enough. With time that living body of water will get to know you, you it. A relationship will develop.

    I am deeply moved by your comment and appreciation. Thank YOU Corinne

  10. Simon Hay

    Hi Robin. I’ve become aware of the empath/autism connection in my work. I think autistic children have an unfiltered sense of the world. There’s so much information it becomes white noise and cannot be processed. The response is to shut down energetic and emotional responses. I loved the interview. I’m going to read part two now.

  11. Robin Easton

    Dear Simon, I am so happy to see you here and to read your insightful comment. Wow, and what a comment. I had this thought, and many would find it exceedingly hard to believe, but my memories don’t start in childhood. They are vivid at 1 year old, birth, in the womb, conception, right before conception and so on. And they are not linear. The are all happening at once. So on one level they are simply everything that I am. They are pool of all experiences and emotions.

    At one year old I felt as I do now. I looked out of my crib into my parents faces and saw how incredibly young they were. I was looking at two very small, young children. I felt two emotions at once, tender love and compassion for them, and dismay that they were going to be my caregivers (and I, their guinea pig). LOL!! 🙂

    We adults, and at least my society equates body size (infants and little children) with level of intelligence and awareness. But, this was not my own experience as a baby or child. I was then a fully aware being in a tiny body. And this awareness is what I see in most babies and children. If I “see” them, they perk up and respond with highly sophisticated communication. It thrills me no end. It may not be words, but we ARE communicating in a highly aware/intelligent manner. Even the teeniest baby KNOWS whether it is “seen” or not.

    Thank you for stopping in. And I so appreciate you and your kind words. Talk with you Monday, 5:00 my time. Hugs, R

  12. Julia Harwood

    Hi Jenny,
    I too beleive in healing naturally and I do healing art photography. I have found that nature is a great healer if we give her the opportunity. Please feel free to check out my website and follow my blog.

  13. Evita

    Hi Jenny and Robin,

    Beautiful interview from two beautiful souls! Jenny I so hear you about all that you said about Robin’s book, I don’t want to sound like a broken record, by my goodness the revelations Robin shares with us, the reader, as she experiences her own awakening were deeply moving on a heart and soul level for me.

    The book is just so, so amazing!!!!

    And thank you for taking the time to talk about and explain “empaths” – I think many people can benefit from this so much, as it is not given enough understanding in our society, yet. I know I am an empath, but not in the typical sense of the word… I can’t figure out where exactly I fall in within this definition, as I feel deeply all parts of nature and animals, and that is my weak spot. Where as with humans I am able to feel, but for the most part, not allow it to influence me, as in change my energy vibration, or “take me down” or move me into a state of suffering with them.

    Ah, well in the end, no need to be analytical about it. I feel deeply and that is all that matters 🙂

    Lots of love to both of you!!!

    • Jenny Mannion

      Hi Evita,

      The empath discussion is SUCH an important one Evita and I too hope this can shine more light on that and open it up to more people. Once you begin to talk with people about this it seems many have experienced it or do know it simply makes sense. If I were a small child and receiving emotions from MANY people in the room unknowingly – especially in a classroom environment where you have teachers, students and such a mixture of MANY different energies – how could you NOT be overwhelmed? I am grateful Robin did have nature and other places to channel and connect with this amazing energy. Sadly many children are given meds to squash their “symptoms” of being withdrawn and unfocused and they never learn to deal with it. I am holding onto faith we will see this shift dramatically in our lifetime. 🙂

      You are so beautiful Evita – inside and out.. meeting you I could tell you feel deeply… you give deeply from your soul as well. Listening to you speak in front of the crowd I was awed by your ease and knowledge. Thank you so much for commenting and for reading. Robin is indeed an amazing woman and beautiful soul!!! Can’t wait to see your interview! 🙂

      Much love and big hugs,

  14. Justin Deichman


    Compelling story so far…it’s an important message; by dedicating ourselves to strengthen these connections through practice, we keep Joy in our heart, and gain clarity of perspective.

    When I learned Qi Gong (Chi Kung), the class was held outside by the water, all year round. We never worried about the shivering cold, or the Summer heat, because the our breath and our training kept us in balance with those vibrational fields.

    We pushed trees there, on of the foundational practices of the system. By pushing the tree you symbiotically entrain both fields, and circulate light and information between the both of you. Like natural antennae, and symbolic of what man needs reach for…roots and spreading balance and resonance with the elements. Can we stand tall and deep in our Self? Can we sway in the winds of change?

    We need to nurture our relationships with the First and Second densities of this planet, the primal elements and the plant and animal kingdoms. Connecting to these places as you suggest, with simple and joyful effort, will nurture effortless regeneration of our human spirit.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Jenny Mannion

      Hi Justin,

      You have taught me first-hand about opening up to and our connection with nature and for that I thank you deeply. “Pushing” a tree and feeling my energy merge with it has held many moments of bliss, clarity, connection and wonder. Our walks and talks about nature and our connection to everything have solidified my WANT to feel that always. I could ramble on about all you’ve taught me already as my Qi Gong teacher and good friend (and now office mate – wa-hoo!) but I think you know how much I appreciate it ALL. 🙂 Thanks for reading and for commenting to Robin. Your words always ring true to me deeply in my soul as did Robin’s when I was reading her book and every time I read her writing.

      Much Love,

  15. Robin Easton

    Dearest Evita, I love your comment here, and I had this thought. Although being empathic can, as Jenny once stated, be painful at times (depending who we are around and what they embracing within themselves), there is another side to this that is glorious.

    Being around or talking with someone like you, is a total “high” because you are so open, loving, joyous, connected to your feelings and claiming them, and filled with magic and beauty. So to FEEL you, is ecstatic for someone like me. And I know instantly that I can be wide open and be all that I am and it is a glorious experience.

    Something I have learned and am learning is that I may totally feel others suffering, but do not have to focus on it. I can totally shift my focus back to myself or something else that is soothing, joyous, beautiful, etc. I also know that if I walk around with their suffering, then two lives are lost. I don’t do anyone any good doing that. I can understand their suffering and even understand when it’s good to sympathize with someone and when it isn’t. Sometimes they may be wallowing in their suffering, and sympathy may or may not be what they need. It’s such an interesting topic. Because sometimes Love means being really firm, solid….or even possibly a bit of a kick in the tush to get up, start living and stop wallowing.

    I love this whole topic as it has so many levels and there are so many ways of seeing it and living it, and probably all are valid at some time. So I learn to assess each one and learn to choose what I want to focus on….even though I still may FEEL it ALL. So you dear friend raise a WONDERFUL point. I am so so grateful as I get to better understand myself and claim more of who I am.

    So much love,

  16. Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord

    Better late than never! Absolutely riveting — thank you, Jenny & Robin, for creating a space here in which you both share so openly. Robin, you live your life from a perspective I both respect and admire. I learn by watching you, and what I learn is love.
    Thank you, thank you; my heart, mind, eyes, ears and energy are more receptive whenever I interact with you.
    Jenny, I am grateful for what you provide here on your beautiful site.

    • Jenny Mannion

      Hey Sweet Megan!

      Thanks so much for your comment and for reading. I also learn by watching Robin as I learned by watching you at the Expo too Megan. 🙂 Poetry in Motion.

      Much Love and big hugs,

  17. Robin Easton

    Dear Justin, It is wonderful to meet you. I love how you did your practice by the water in all whether. I so relate to that in that I often hike barefoot in all whether. And it is Chi in me that keeps my feet warm. Feeling the Earth beneath my bare feet give enormous energy to me, directly into every cell of my body, plus it physically stimulates all the acupressure points on the bottom of my feet.

    Another thing I have found is that we often look at trees, rocks, water, the beach, the plants, the mountains as solely physical, or as denser energy, but I learned in the rainforest that they are ALL simply energy, and part of a vast energetic Existence that makes up all that is and all that hovers in potentiality or possibility. we can experience the all of existence (anything that exists) as ecstatic energy. Whether that is tree, rock, mountain, distant star, the cancerous cell in a body, or the sun. It is all one living energetic existence. And we can choose what we want to focus on and create. All of existence is creating, experimenting, learning, exploring, and so on. It is astounding what we are.

    Thank you dear Justin. You touched me deeply and inspire me greatly. Hugs, Robin

  18. Robin Easton

    Dearest Megan, so filled with joy and love. I am awe-struck by your vastly generous heart. You are one of the most lovely souls I’ve met. You seem to just love freely and openly and never keep score. I am always so moved by that, by you. Like Jenny said to you, I too learn by watching you Megan. I looked at many of the photos of you at Expo and you RADIATE love and beauty from your heart. It just GLOWS on your face and in your eyes. I am always humbled in your presence. I love you, Robin PS Thank you for you heartfelt encouragement. It means a great deal to me, Megan

  19. Bernie

    When one is very empathic as you are Robin, one can not take the feelings of others personally. Then we get wrapped up in their stories and enter into a polarized state ourselves. We can choose not to feel for them and let them be, for if we do choose to enter into such a contracted field, then there is a chance that such a field strengthens.

    However, that said, since you are a master of feelings, you can enter their field or their dream and help them to sort it out. You have the capacity to help other people and the environment heal with your mere presence. You forgive their sins so to speak. Even by not feeling for them, you break some of the bonds that keep them imprisoned in the past by your strong magnetism that brings people your attention in this moment. Anyone, will then feel better by just listening to you or watching you and feeling you….thereby shifting the environment and the people in it since you speak so strongly, honestly, and fluently. Those trees are awesome mentors. I guess there are many strategies in using your gift.

    But oh man, to be deprived of the pacifying effect of cartoons at an early age. That was a drug I truly relied on.


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