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Shaman John Coughlin – An Interview on Shamanism, Psychic Kids and Healing

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I have known Shaman John for about two years now and he and his family are friends in my community.  Shaman John is knowledgeable about SO many things regarding healing and I always learn when I am around him.  John is a very gifted healer, shaman, psychic and more.  I could ask John a million questions but wanted my readers to get a quick feel for some of his work so they could also have the opportunity to learn from him in whatever way resonated. Whether it is Shamanism, healing, working with psychic kids or paranormal activities – John has a lot to share!  It is my pleasure to bring you this interview with him.


JENNY:  Can you describe Shamanism in its simplest form to people who don’t understand what it is and how it relates to healing?


SHAMAN JOHN:  I like to describe Shamanism simply as a connection. Not only are we connected to all energetics, the planes of upper-middle-and lower but we also are connected to our tribe to protect and heal. The tribe can be our family, our town and as far as everyone on the planet. Connecting to the energetics like we do, we have a vast array of things we can use. I use crystals, herbs, journeying, energy work like Reiki and more. Every treatment is directed to the individual and sets us on their path and where they are and where they are going helping them get past the blocks they may not realize that exist in their lives.

JENNY:  Thanks John that is a beautiful definition.  I know you certainly do have a LOT of tools in your toolbox! 🙂  I could ask you MANY questions about Shamanism and hope to learn more about it from you.  But for now I wanted to give a broad view of the things you are working with and on.  You do a lot of work now with Psychic Kids and their families and time researching Paranormal Activities.  How does talking with psychic kids and parents of psychic kids help them to heal and come to terms with what is going on?  Can you give my readers an example of a story?


SHAMAN JOHN:     Wow, great question! The biggest thing with working with the kids and parents is getting the door of communication open and getting them to work together. Some of  the cases are simple while others are really complex. Just letting the kids know they are not alone and letting the parents know there is help is my goal. Here is one story I’d like to share.

I got a call one night from a family that had been searching for months to find help for their daughter who just came to them and told them there was nothing wrong with her medically, she could see ghosts all the time. She did not want to go to doctors  anymore!

After a long search and little help they were able to find me on Facebook. I was able to talk to them and their daughter McKenzie to try to figure out what she was going through. McKenzie was being poked while sleeping quite regularly, had spirits around her all the time. She went as far as covering her mirrors, hiding in her room, not wanting to be in school and more. In a nut shell she went through hell on a daily basis.


After going to see her we got her to take control of her own space and becoming comfortable in her surroundings. It was not something that happened over night it took time for her just to be able to go out for dinner let alone go to a friend’s home. It’s a process – it takes time – it takes trial and error but in the end to have parents that can once again feel like they are not failing, and getting a child to open their eyes and be comfortable with life and have fun is worth every second my team and I put into it. Acceptance is the healer, realization becomes the comfort.


How is McKenzie now? She is a amazing 14 year old normal girl who is a fantastic medium and is out helping other kids just like her and people in her community.


JENNY: Thanks John for sharing that.  I can easily see how having these gifts could be very scary to a child and not believed by adults.  You are doing more than making the child comfortable – you are often healing the relationship and trust between the parents and child – and THAT is also MAJOR.  I am so grateful to know you and excited and happy that you are doing this work.  Your own daughter is an empath and medium and you have helped me with my own daughter start to come to terms with some of her experiences.  If you could give parents that notice their kids have “abilities” a few words of advice – what would they be?


SHAMAN JOHN: I have one word I can give for parents who think they may have a child with abilities, “listen.” If your child comes to you and you tell them its not real, then you just closed and locked a door in which TRUST is written on it. No matter how far fetched it may sound, they came to you instead of someone you may not even trust! Listen and work together to find some answers.


JENNY: It is so important for parents to listen to their children in all cases.  It takes bravery for a child to come to a parent and tell them they are experiencing things that most say are “unreal” or that they know the parents have not experienced themselves.  Again, I see such a great service in the work you are doing.  I want to ask now about healing a bit.  John, you have many psychic and many healing gifts.  It has been a joy being friends with you and I know I have a LOT to continue to learn from you.  If you could give any advice to my readers who want to learn more about shamanism, healing or shamanic healing what would be the first steps?


SHAMAN JOHN:  The first thing I would do is remind them they are a part of everything and everything has a spirit – meditate with that. Shamanism is not really a sought after path but it has much to teach. There are a lot of great books out there and some great websites, take the time to read different ones and see what feels right for, and with you. Find somewhere that teaches, has drumming, or even journeying. To start, one must start the journey within and let go. When you have nothing left to hang on to everything is within your grasp.


JENNY: Beautiful again John!  Thank you. 🙂  We both know stress causes so many illnesses and how hard it is to keep present when the 3D world seems “challenging” sometimes.  Can you offer some advice on staying in the present or clearing your mind and relaxing?


SHAMAN JOHN:  Make time for, “your time.” Find a place that you can just take even five minutes  with no phones, television, kids etc. Think of your intent for the day to come and put it out there before you begin it. Enjoy a bowl of ice cream, read, breathe, listen to your heat beat and be. Remember your loved and you are a part of that love; smile.


JENNY:  SUCH important advice. In the world of cell phones, ipods, tv and noise galore I also think this is the number one thing we need to do to connect (and stay sane). 😉   John, you are so inspirational with all you do and I am blessed to call you a friend.



  1. Liara Covert

    Jenny, your posts are always uplifting and informative. Love how you take steps to strengthen connections among visitors. Peace to you!

  2. Jasmine

    Hi Jenny! I love this interview here with John. He seems to be very intelligent and down to earth. I like how he just had an overall sense of calm about him. Thanks for the inspiration yet again!


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