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Discover the Gift was created after the reconnection and reconciliation of a brother and sister.  The movie speaks on how we each have a gift inside of us. It also gives us tools to discover our true selves and those gifts in the process. Shajen Joy Aziz and Demian Lichetnstein show us many of the spiritual steps to take and challenges we might need to overcome to step into our full power, discover our gifts and live the life we only dared to dream of.  Discover the Gift offers a lot for the person who has not delved much into their own spiritual journey and reminders for those who have been on this journey for quite a while.


Here is the trailer for Discover the Gift:


Demain was a successful film director who seemingly had it all but was still not happy. After a breakthrough moment in his life – he decided his often tumultuous and now non-existent relationship with his sister was one worth healing. He took action to call her and ask for her forgiveness. Both their lives and the lives of their families began to change for the better. Demian and Shajen take us through their own healing journey and their journeys of self discovery. They also have many gifted spiritual teachers telling us about how to discover our true gifts within and step into them to live life in joy.


The chapter names themselves give you a good idea of the flow of the film and what you will hear about through Demain and Shajen’s story and how to address these spiritual gifts and challenges in your own life:


– Discover the Gift

– What is the Gift?

– Receptivity

– The Mind, Emotions and Conditioning

– Intention

– Discovering Your Gift

– Interaction

– Sharing Your Gift

– Feedback

– The Gift of Energy

– Vibration

– The Gift of Adversity

– Gratitude

– A Conscious and Compassionate World

– Compassion

– The Ultimate Gift: Love

– Unity

These topics are all ones I have encountered on my own spiritual journey over the last 4 1/2 years.  The speakers in the movie share ways we can begin to get in touch with our inner selves and discover the gifts that we all have and are meant to share with the world. The movie takes us through topics such as the energy we are all made of and what it means to vibrate at certain frequencies to attract things into our lives.  It also shows the importance of qualities such as gratitude, compassion and love and how this also helps to awaken the spirit within. Discover the Gift also takes a look at the challenges we face and how to take them in stride and grow from them instead of letting them stop us from following our path. Discover the Gift offers steps and tools we can begin using NOW in our life, such as breath and meditation to get in touch with our inner self and discover our gifts.


There are many gifted speakers featured including His Holiness the Dala Lama, His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Marianne Williamson, Jack Canfield, Janet Bray Attwood, Mark Victor Hansson, Niurka and Bill Harris to name a FEW.  The film holds many inspiring quotes from people who are living their gifts and are the embodiment of what this film speaks to becoming. You may also leave watching it resonating with one or MANY of the spiritual teachers featured to continue studying.


This film is a new release and there are many ways to view it.  Discover the Gift is available as of June 14, 2011 on Video On Demand online – you can get further information on their site.  You can also buy the DVD. There is also a book available. There is a Grand Opening screening in New York hosted by Michael Bernard Beckwith of the Agape International Spiritual Center on June 14th, 2011.  You can find out about other events and screenings for the events throughout the US on their site.  To see reactions you can visit this YouTube link where there was a pre-screening in Los Angeles, CA At the Agape Center.


Discover the Gift offers encouragement, empowerment and steps for us to awaken to our gifts.  I feel this film can help many begin their journey or empower those already on their path to overcome their challenges.  Demian and Shajen make it look easy to not only discover your gift but to embody it and share it with the world.  Please visit the site of the movie, Discover the Gift to find out more.






  1. Robin

    Hi Jen – thanks for finding another inspiring film – we do get them out of our collection now and then and watch ’em – you always get something new out of them. This one looks good – R

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    Thanks for sharing this article and your spiritual journey.