Healing Answers – How to know where a health problem stems from and can it be healed naturally? - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion

Healing Answers – How to know where a health problem stems from and can it be healed naturally?

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The next question is from BC from NY. Thank you BC!

BC Wrote, “I’ve been thinking about how to know whether a health issue stems from a physical problem or otherwise a state of mind or being; and can both be healed the natural ways you promote?


We ARE body, mind and spirit. As such any physical problem is a reflection of some dis-ease in our bodies.  We need not know necessarily WHAT caused the dis-ease though certainly sometimes that can help us to heal.  What IS important is what we are doing NOW with it and how are we moving forward. Yes, I do feel all dis-ease can be “healed” naturally but “healing” can take many forms.


When I was ill and beginning to heal myself I wanted answers to everything. WHY did I get sick?  Did “x” make it happen, how about “y”? I wanted to blame something and felt that would help me.  I came up with MANY influences of why my body stopped working but that was not what helped me to heal. Our body has usually sent us MANY clues and messages before we come down with physical illness. The challenge is to begin to listen early on so we can hear what it is telling us BEFORE symptoms worsen.


Many times when we are ill we blame ourselves or something/someone else.  It is more important for us to come into a state of Grace, forgiveness and acceptance for ourselves and the issue than try to “figure it out”. Many times when we do “figure it out” it gives us more reasons to be unkind to ourselves. Blaming ourselves will only worsen any symptoms and dis-ease and will not serve us in healing.


Obviously if we are eating fast food all the time, not exercising and topping it off with sugar we encouraging dis-ease in our bodies.  But if we are doing all these things we KNOW are not good for our body – guaranteed we do not think very highly of ourselves which is much MORE of the key issue and what we need to address.


I feel the basis of healing is knowing we ARE okay. Loving ourselves, understanding we are more than our physical bodies and recognizing that even a dis-ease can be a gift to teach us something. As humans we are quick to label and judge, “this is bad”, “this is good”. I could call my 7 years ill my biggest hardship or I could call it the greatest GIFT of my life. It truly IS all in how we look at it and what we tell ourselves about it.


The same is true with “healing”.  Is healing necessarily a disappearance of dis-ease?  I heard a Neale Donald Walsch quote recently that resonated deeply with me on this:

Illness is a not a sign of spiritual weakness but of spiritual strength.

 When we fall ill there are some who will say, “Why did you create that for yourself?” They might convince you to see it as a sign of spiritual weakness or failure. It is not. It is a sign of spiritual strength.

All challenges are a sign of spiritual strength, and of the readiness of the Soul to move on; to evolve even further.


All this being said, YES dis-ease can be very challenging and sometimes we DO need HELP to heal on whatever level that can be. I do believe there is always healing possible no matter WHAT that looks like in that particular situation. And sometimes, YES it is a complete removal of ANY AND ALL PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS and MANIFESTATIONS.


I have worked with NUMEROUS cancer patients.  Many given the diagnosis “terminal”. After working with me many of my clients have seen their cancer “disappear”. Some have not but have healed on other levels; emotionally, spiritually, a lessening of physical symptoms or come to a place of deep peace they were missing before. ALL are gifts of healing. It was VERY difficult for me in the beginning to not be attached to the results.  But it is not ME that determines WHICH healing is appropriate.


Our state of mind can usually use some improving and this will go a long way to helping our physical challenges. There are many exercises I offer in my ebook to facilitate this and I love mentoring clients on how to get into a better state of being. I am very grateful to have the toolbox I have acquired to help people on their journey to well being and health. I feel most of us can benefit from some healing and I know I, too enjoy looking to my friends for help.  We are all meant to help each other and my work IS my passion. I am grateful! BC – I greatly look forward to our session together – thank you so much for your question! 🙂