If a specific kind of healing modality didn’t work for me before – can it work for me now? - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion

If a specific kind of healing modality didn’t work for me before – can it work for me now?

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Thank you for joining me for another edition of Healing Answers.  This question is from Camille from CA. Thank you Camille!:

Do you believe that even though a specific kind of healing modality did not work for me before, that it could work now?

The short answer is, “Yes, it is ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE it could work now”. I feel when we find a method of healing that resonates with us there IS a reason.  Maybe we do not receive the “physical” healing we are looking for but we can possibly be receiving another healing.  It is also possible it is not time yet to “heal” the issue we are dealing with. It might also be that the healing needs to be approached in a different way at a different time.

Health and all challenges bring lessons, awareness, noticing.  We can feel on one level “I am ready for this to be DONE” BUT there is a reason we ARE still holding onto this challenge. When I was ill for 6 years I was NOT ready to physically heal one day before I had.  I was told to read some books and see some movies that would have helped – but it wasn’t until I was ready to truly HEAR what was in them that I picked them up and read/watched them.

When we do resonate with a form of healing I think that IS worth paying attention to. Maybe the person was not ready the first time they tried to heal. Maybe they needed another practitioner. Maybe they needed a different perspective than the one they had when they first found it and the initial healing aided in them getting there.  Maybe time would help them get there. I also do feel there is NOT just one healing modality for everyone. When I became a healing practitioner in my first form of healing I thought “This is IT – all I need to help people”. Then I found another and realized that one could help on profound levels unlike the way I had seen the first one heal.  Sometimes you might need a combination of different forms of healing to truly receive the healing you are looking for. 

If something is resonating with you and making you feel “this could work” I would ALWAYS recommend “going for it” again. Whether you take some time until it feels right once more, find a new practitioner, find another form of healing in the meantime… all of those are good options. Just remember to NOT dis-count your intuition – if you are being told something might help – it JUST might – just not in our human time frame. We often tend to be QUITE impatient with how things “should be” or how we want them. The Universe often has other plans. The more we are able to “let go” and trust we are being led to the resources we need – the more they will keep showing up for us.

I hope this helps. Thanks for your questions!