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What if someone important to me does not believe in the Law of Attraction?

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Thank you Leigh from NY for your question: “I have been studying positive thinking and the law of attraction for a few months now and have seen my life change. I totally believe it and the issue is my boyfriend does not believe any of it. I also see how he creates the stress around him and it makes me upset he will not be open minded and learn with me.  What can I do?


I answered this question in a post a few years back and feel this is a VERY important one. It is also multi-faceted. Here is my response to Leigh. Thank you so much Leigh for your question and I look forward to your session!

People become very excited when first hearing about the Law of Attraction IF it clicks and resonates. They see how it has applied in their lives in their past and want to take action to bring more goodness rather than negativity into their future. But what do you do when your “other half”, a parent or someone else significant in your life disagrees? This raises several other questions which I will answer here. Will their “negative energy” stop YOU from achieving what you are aiming to attract? How do you CONVINCE the other person? How do I pursue learning more when the other person is so against it? What do I do if I manifest something and they STILL don’t believe?

Will someone else’s negative energy stop you from attracting what you want into your life?

Only if you let it. Do you believe that the other person can stop you from attracting what you want? If you do you are calling it into existence. Only YOU control what you are attracting towards you. Are you thinking positive thoughts and listening to your self talk? Are you visualizing it? Are you feeling good about receiving it? Do you know in your heart you will receive it? Or are you telling yourself, “Well — I really want this but I know because “______” doesn’t believe I won’t be able to get it”. KNOW only you control what you are asking for and whether or not you will receive it.

How Do I Convince the Other Person that the Law of Attraction is real?

There are several aspects to this but the bottom line is it is not your job to convince them. People either believe something or they don’t. If you try to force someone to believe something that doesn’t resonate with them you are wasting your own energy and theirs. Everyone is on their own personal journey. That being said you can examine things before giving up that they will ever believe. There are many different ways the Law of Attraction is presented. You have “Jerry and Esther Hicks and Abraham” who for MANY people embody “The Law of Attraction”. Others will immediately discount their teachings because “anyone channeling must be faking therefore anything they say is fake”. Some people love “The Secret‘s” explanation of the Law of Attraction and others call it “wishful thinking”. Some swear by the brilliant “Master Key System” by Charles Haanel and others would simply not have the patience or understanding to read 24 parts about “the world within” and “the world without”. For me it was reading Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, The Master Key System and listening to the audio book “The Secret” that resonated from the beginning.

The Law of Attraction can be presented in many ways. If you do want to try and give a good explanation of it to the “doubting person” in your life the best way is to:

1) Put it into practice for yourself and get a good feeling of it.
2) Read MANY different authors, blogs, articles and understand what each author’s approach to teaching the Law of Attraction is all about.
3) Think about which author has the best possibility of connecting with the person that says they do not believe and present it to them that way.
4) Simply live it, manifest something using the Law of Attraction and show the person firsthand what worked for you.

When I was healing I was lucky that my husband DID believe in the law of attraction – but if he hadn’t..my healing certainly would have proved it to him. I was told I would only be getting worse by several doctors and to EXPECT to be in a wheelchair. Once I started learning about the Law of Attraction and the mind/body connection I was healed within weeks. This was AFTER 6 years of suffering. I adopted the Paging Me System to keep me conscious and in constant practice and there is no way after my family saw the transformation that anyone could doubt the power within.

How do you pursue learning more when the other person is against it?

There are so many ways to learn about the law of attraction now. Books, you tube videos, online courses, blogs….. You do not have to agree with the people closest to you about everything. In fact, it would be pretty boring if we all did agree on everything. If this resonates with you — study it, learn more and put it into practice. Most of the materials I learned from were free. You might get very excited when studying and want to share it and be frustrated you can’t…. well then join in on a forum online or look for a group in your area that discusses it. It does no good to retell the person 20 different ways if they have expressed to you “they don’t believe it” or “they don’t want to hear it”. KNOW it is true for you, understand it, manifest and then see what happens.

I know when you learn this and you KNOW it is true it might seem hard to keep it to yourself. There are people that are not ready and no amount of insisting will make it so. People may not be ready to hear certain things. If I had heard about all of this 10 years ago in the middle of all my illnesses, truthfully I don’t think I would have “heard” or understood a lot of what came easily to me 5 years ago when I WAS ready. Be patient, don’t “blame” anyone for not being where you are in your life or not believing what you do. Nothing good could come of that and the more you persist the more they will resist.

What do I do if I have manifested something and they STILL don’t believe?

As mentioned above, be patient. If they are going to believe in the Law of Attraction they will do so when they are ready. Do not let it stop you from practicing it — if you have manifested using the Law of Attraction, you KNOW its power and there is no reason for you to stop. Move onto your next goal, visualize, ask, believe, take inspired action and receive. You can now create your life as you want it and maybe in time after many more manifestations it will make the person stop and say, “Wait a minute here… this is more than a one time thing — look at all the changes he/she made — MAYBE it is true after all?”. Keep moving forward and do not concentrate on the other person’s beliefs — follow your own.

Thanks for your question Leigh.  I love answering and for all my readers.. please submit your questions to jenny@jennymannion.com. Visit my Healing Answers Page for more information on obtaining a free session. 🙂 Thank you.