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Would an Akashic reading explain why someone is a schizophrenic?

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Thank you for joining me for another edition of Healing Answers. 

Frances asked, Would an Akashic reading explain why someone is a schizophrenic?” and “What information would you need to do an Akashic reading/clearing? Thank you Frances for you question!i I am grateful we get to work together!

Yes, I do feel you could get a better understanding of why someone is schizophrenic by doing a Akashic reading. When I do an initial Akashic Reading/Clearing I receive a LOT of information that I pass onto you! I find out the soul group of origin which holds a lot of information as to that person at soul level. I also ask a lot more questions that really help shed light on that person at soul level. In addition I find out the soul’s “Primary life lesson” for this lifetime which can also point out some hints as to WHY the person is in this state – what they have to learn from it. I also look for negative energies around the person. Sometimes there can be more than one soul inhabiting the body and that would certainly lend itself to a diagnosis of schizophrenia. This person could also be highly sensitive to the energies around them – hearing different voices, feeling more than the average person would.. this could also cause a splitting of the personality as we see in schizophrenia. So, yes, I definitely feel an Akashic reading/clearing can shed light on why someone is schizophrenic and at the same time grant some peace and understanding.

Remember – we all have this idea of what is “normal” and “right”. Every person has their own gifts and some might be things we have yet to grasp with our understanding of reality as we see it. I feel that by getting to know ourselves and loved ones at soul level (as the Akashic records helps us to do) we truly can be granted peace and acceptance. We can “relax” a bit as to what we have deemed “bad” or “less than attractive qualities” because some may be deeply seeded and in fact a gift in ways we have yet to discover.

The Akashic Records hold many answers and information.  We are not our bodies – we are our souls that HAVE bodies. We have lived MANY times before.  The Akashic Records are a place where every thought, action and emotion from ALL of our lifetimes are stored. Receiving an Akashic Record Reading and Clearing is healing on many levels and offers many benefits:

1) By getting to know ourselves at soul level we can release some judgments on how “we should be”. I give my clients detailed information about themselves at soul level including soul group, soul specializations and primary Life Lesson.

2) I work with my client’s spirit guide team and my own spirit guide team to find blocks and restrictions from past lives and this life that might be stopping my client from spiritual development as well as contributing to their dis-ease. 

3) My spirit guide team and yours will restore natural protection from negativity, this is something we are entitled to but did not realize we had the right to.

4) I include a detailed typed report (usually 6-8 pages) and a 21 day prayer/intention setting for my client.

5) After you look over your report I include a 1/2 hour talking session with me to answer any questions you may have. This can be done via phone/skype or email if that is easier.

6) These clearings shift your energy to a higher vibration, releasing what you do not need so you can move forward in your life; physically, emotionally and spiritually.

7) These readings/clearing bring a lot of comfort and understanding to my clients about themselves on this planet, themselves at soul level and why their life is where it is now.

What to Expect and What I Need: I need information as my permission to enter your record. I would need your full name now, full name at birth, date of birth and place of birth. When you email it to me with payment I can go into your record and do the reading/clearing. I will be in touch via phone/email and you can expect your reading/clearing usually within 1-2 weeks.  I will let you know when the clearing work is done and then email or send you the report/homework. I ask that you take a day to look over it, come up with any questions and then book an appointment with me to go over it.

I hope this answers the question and that you enjoyed this edition of Healing Answers.