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Healing Answers – Can All Illness Be Healed?

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i-see-beauty-all-around-meCan all illness be healed?  Is it possible that our Souls chose certain illnesses that are not meant to be overcome? – Heather B

Thank you for this question Heather. I feel the answer is multi-faceted.  Also, of course it is simply my opinion formed by what I have seen by working in alternative healing and in the Akashic records for the last few years.

In short, I feel in MOST cases illnesses and dis-ease can be healed.  There is also the definition of “healed” that differs from person to person. I feel if someone who is ill does have “healing work” done by a qualified healing practitioner… they will heal at some level… emotionally, spiritually, mentally gaining some kind of peace or insight.  But I am taking it to mean by your question to be “the disappearance of all physical symptoms” so for the rest of this article I will refer to healing at the physical level.

Yes, some people will choose to have some physical challenges for their incarnation and “tough” life circumstances. These can be chosen not only for their own lessons but for the lessons their loved ones have chosen to experience as well. There are certain soul groups in particular that incarnate with more challenges than most. So, in some of these cases especially when we talk about children who have not really lived to make any significant life choices yet – I don’t really KNOW if healing is possible in ALL cases.. I tend to feel it is not.  There were lessons chosen to learn and as painful as they are for the people around them.. that is the path this time around.

I also do believe in “free will”. There are many different “forks in the road” we can take on this planet.  I have worked with clients I had felt had a really good chance of healing from physical symptoms and they did not. In spite of their belief, internal work and openness to receiving healing.  I have also worked with clients that had NO belief in healing (loved ones gifted them sessions with me) and they healed completely physically. Some even with such“dire” diagnoses like “terminal cancer”. I have since learned to release all “expectations” and just KNOW that I am providing the highest level of service I can – and if they are meant to heal and whatever my part is IN that process – The Universe is WAY wiser than I am.

Healing in itself is also mutli-faceted. I had a client that was healed of all physical symptoms when “she was on her death bed” after one distance healing session with me. She then went back to the same emotionally taxing situation and most of her physical symptoms came back. We can heal the physical symptoms but if we are still doing the same thing our body WILL try to tell us we need to change something!

We are usually not taught how to communicate with our bodies but our bodies are always communicating with us.  The easiest way I have found to “listen” is by learning about the chakras. We are given signs our energy is out of balance and flow and if we catch it early enough WE can correct ourselves and heal.  I have given the example many times of when we get a small cut on our body. We do not WORRY that it will heal. We do not go and listen to 5 different doctors saying it won’t heal. We have every confidence it WILL heal because of what we have experienced.  In MANY cases if we had learned HOW to listen to our bodies – we could head off serious illnesses.  

This is definitely a question that can be examined on many levels..but I feel the short answer is dis-ease in MOST cases can heal…but not in ALL. 


  1. Debra Rincon Lopez

    I most certainly know GOD can heal all illnesses. There isn’t nothing that he cannot do? But most people don’t even try to change their lifestyles to be a better person, they don’t try & do anything but want the QUICK FIX METHODS. If we weren’t so impatient there would be alot more caring & healed people in the World today!

  2. Jenny Mannion

    Hi Debra, I have seen so many things healed that everyone believed couldn’t be. Yes, many people have challenges changing to heal things in their life. I love Deepak Chopra’s quote on this, “Everyone is doing the best they can from their OWN state of consciousness”. I was sick for 7 years with doctors telling me I would not get better… sometimes it is challenging NOT to lose hope. Yes, patience is MAJOR and the biggest is patience with ourselves. Sometimes we begin to try and change but it feels too hard and we fall back on old patterns. There are many caring people in the world and there are many people trying their best but they can use some help to remember JUST how powerful THEY always are. Thank you so much for commenting. 🙂 Love, Jenny