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Transform the Energy of Your Home with a Property Clearing

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Our home is the place where we rest, sleep and rejuvenate, so should be a place of the highest positive energetic vibration possible. Our residence has its own energy body comprised of the emotions and occurrences of past occupants as well as our own and those of our roommates/family.  In our home, we let ourselves unwind and experience every type of emotion and energy, challenges and the ups and downs of life.  Our home soaks up that energy and the energy of all living in it and even those who visit on a regular basis.  

Our residence also holds the energy of the people that have lived there before.  Every argument, complaint about things breaking in the house or the house itself, not to mention the original signature energy of the property it was created on.  Every house I have ever been asked to do a property clearing on bears some kind of negativity. In clearing its energy in the Akashic records, there is a HUGE shift of energy experienced. 

Some houses were built on lands that were previously used as battlegrounds, burial grounds or used as a Sacred site at some point.  To build on such a property causes disruption in the energy of the property and usually some unhappiness from energies involved.  By reassigning this property, also showing gratitude for its previous use – the property can then be energetically aligned with being a “residence” or whatever its new use is.  We are honoring the previous energy and also asking for the reassignment so that the new owners can move on in peace without the residual energy interfering.

Times where I HIGHLY RECOMMEND a property clearing are:

  1. Moving into a new house – You will want to clear it of any energies from past occupants.
  2. Before selling a house – It can take away any residual negative energy and make the house much more attractive to prospective buyers.
  3. Before building a house – Clearing the property to make sure it is being built with the correct energetic intention with respect to past uses of the property.
  4. When any resident moves out of a property. We all have energy bodies. Everyone has been through challenges and some people tend to be more negative than others  – these all leave residual energies. To clear it makes it brand new for the current inhabitants.
  5. You or another resident have noticed strange and “negative feeling” occurrences in the house and it is scaring or affecting anyone inside.

These are only a few examples of when to get a property clearing. In each of these cases my clients and I have seen significant improvement. 

Some of the questions I have received about property clearings are:

  • If I live in an apartment can I have it done?  Yes, I can clear your apartment but (not the whole building) as that will be the permission I am granted. If you get permission from the other residents it is possible to clear the whole building.
  • Is it recommended to clear an office space?  Yes, it can help. Please remember an office also bears the energy of everyone in it.  While it can provide some relief and a significant shift – if you have an office with 100 people in it – it might be more challenging to feel that shift. If you have a private or small office you will be more likely to feel a significant change.
  • Isn’t it possible trying to clear it will anger the energies/entities involved?  No, the clearings are done with the highest intentions for those energies involved.  The clearings are done in love, not in anger and I call on assistance to secure and help the energies involved.
  • Don’t property clearings have to be done in person? “No”. The power of the Akashic records is that these clearings can be done from anywhere. I access the Akashic Record of the property and the clearing is done remotely.
  • How long will it take?  It depends on my schedule at the time but I can usually get a property clearing done and back to you within the week.

I have had clients come to me that have had significant activity from entities in their house. Including being terrified at night to go to sleep because the activity was so intense.  These clearings have helped and in most cases (over 90% out of over 200 clearings) have TOTALLY gotten rid of those occurrences.  Keep in mind sometimes the energies are tied to PEOPLE and NOT the location. Most times, my clients report the property feeling “brand new” and a sense of peace moving in. I also ask that protection be put in place so that the property will stay in a healthy energetic space.

Every house I have ever been asked to do a property clearing on bears some kind of negativity. In clearing its energy in the Akashic records, there is a HUGE shift of energy experienced. – Jenny Mannion

Akashic Property Clearings are such a wonderful tool I feel blessed to have learned. I use them frequently in my own life and as house warming presents to friends as well as with my clients. I believe in them wholeheartedly and feel it just makes sense to want the clearest and most positive energy possible in your home, the place where you spend the bulk of your “regrouping” and relaxation time.  

As you can see there are so many reasons to get one and they are also nice to give as a house warming present. I am currently offering Property Clearings for just #250 and to do a clearing I will need the address of the location to be cleared as well as the names of all the occupants living there. I will send you an email highlighting what was found and cleared.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you have about property clearings.  Here is a testimonial from a previous client, I bolded the part on the house clearing:  

“I had a house clearing and an Akashic reading done by Jenny Mannion and her work is very real and was a blessing to me. Her Akashic Reading work has helped me tremendously to clear away all negativity and unjustified karma that I found has been hindering my progress for this lifetime from many lifetimes previously. I found who I truly am spiritually and she has set me back on my highest path and purpose in this lifetime. The house clearing that she did for me was also a blessing, I live in my grandparents’ old house now, and as a child I remember having experiences with entities even back then. She cleared the old entities as well as new ones and even closed the portals that were open in the house and ever since my family is calmer and has experienced no hauntings or nightmares. My son used to grind his teeth terribly at night but since she did the work he no longer does. I have also noticed that my dog no longer growls or has the chase dreams at night. I am very glad that I found her, her work is one of a kind and it has made me feel like I am finally free to be who I was meant to be.

Tanya S. Horseheads, New York