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Simple Ways to Fast Track Positive Change in the New Year

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I am of the mindset to approach your goals and what you want to change from a positive and loving state of mind. I am not a fan of the word resolution since to me it feels a little desperate and also limiting.  When I have heard people speak of setting resolutions I also have heard them talk about breaking resolutions. This feeling of failing can cause people to spiral down deeper into the negative habit they were trying to break.  Setting intentions and mini goals is a good way of approaching your goals in a positive manner and it leaves some wiggle room in case you get off track a bit.  If you are speaking negatively to yourself, it does not put us in a good space to create positive change. Here are some tips on how to begin the new year in a positive manner while being kind and loving to yourself!

  1. Assess Your Life – What areas in your life do you want to experience change?  Look at the following categories and see if you want to set intentions in one, two or all of them. The areas are physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, relationally and financially.
  2. Look closer at the chosen areas. Look at the area(s) you want to see real change in this year and set a goal for the end of the year and one for a long term goal.   For example, if it is to lose weight – in the physical category – maybe you hope to lose 20 pounds this year, but long term, you would love to be 30 pounds lighter.  If you want to meditate daily but don’t do any meditation yet in the spiritual category, maybe this year you want to meditate three times a week and the long term goal will be to meditate daily. You can also choose this knowing you can change this at any time as you step onto this path knowing just how much meditation is right and sufficient for you.
  3. Set a mini goal towards each yearly goal. A mini goal is a first step in that direction.  If it is to meditate 20 minutes a day three times a week by the end of the year – why not start with once or twice a week for 10 minutes.  Or you can set a goal to try three different meditation routines in the next month and see which one works for you.  You are taking a step in the direction you want to go, and you are giving yourself wiggle room to get comfortable.  The more rigid our goals, the more likely we are to meet up with resistance and self-sabotage which is a whole other topic!  When we take that first step, we see what is comfortable for us and we are able to assess if this is what we want.  Maybe when you begin to meditate you see that 10 minutes brings you to complete calm and you want to change that to 5 times a week instead of seven.  As you find out more information and how this goal fits into your life, working your way towards that yearly goal you will see the Universe open up to support you. You are taking action and honoring yourself in the process!
  4. Be patient and kind with yourself.  As mentioned, that goal may change. Maybe you set out to lose 20 pounds but as you lose weight around 10 you feel pretty good about yourself.  Maybe you set out to learn about something and it leads you to another topic you are even more interested in.  By giving ourselves this room to renegotiate our goals as we listen to our inner self we are honoring ourselves instead of pushing ourselves towards an uncomfortable place where we will meet resistance and possibly give up altogether.
  5. Give yourself gratitude.  Setting goals and looking at all of these aspects of your life takes time, presence and reflection. All of which are healing and empowering to your soul.  Give yourself heaps of gratitude for every step accomplished and for knowing what you want – it will help the process be more in flow and contribute tons of positive energy towards your goals.

Thank you so much – remember that change can be easy and you can do this!  We all are so much more powerful than we ever imagined – it is time to live the life of your dreams!


  1. Camille Strate

    Dearest Jenny ~ Talk about synchronicity! It made me grin like the Cheshire when I saw this. Just the other day I wrote a piece on my Blog about this very thing; in fact, I have done so for the past several years. The adage “great minds think alike” comes to mind. And yes, I’m on the very same page with you here. Also, Mike Dooley is doing a 30-Day Project (which I’m participating in) and he, too, has opted to break things down in much the same way. It tickles me to my toes when this much energy shows up. Really it does. Perhaps there are times when I don’t notice it as much, likely because I’m off on some not-so-groovy tangent and forget the practices that I have learned over these past few years. It is only when I catch myself that I am able to turn things ’round and get back on that magickal track. So then…I just wanted to say thanks. For every lovely thing you do. Hugs, Bella ~

    • jennymannion

      Hi Camille! Yes we are all still human and will forget those practices sometimes! The beautiful thing is we will find our way back. We will acquire new tools as long as we stay loving and kind to ourselves in the process. I’m a believer in both – having the flexible end goal in that day dreamy space but also breaking things into smaller steps and simply taking that first step. As you know the Universe rises up with synchronicities once we take that first step. Love you and am wishing you love, health, abundance and JOY for 2016 and way beyond! Xoxo