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3 Reasons Emotions Can Affect Our Health & How To Shift It

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synapse-widened-pertOur body is always creating new cells.  The messages we send it on a daily basis with our thoughts and emotions contribute to what kind of cells are being created.  Learning that our body is actually 99.999% NEW every eleven months was a key factor in healing myself in three weeks. In looking at how our emotions have and continue to affect our health, we need to look at a few areas of our life.  We may need to look at some past traumas and life events to see if those emotions have been processed around them. We will need to be present and recognize the way we speak to our body and the messages we send ourselves. We also need to pay attention to our most common daily emotions to assess what needs some attention shifting and some healing. This work need not be hard or take years.  These changes can be subtle shifts and the results we get from these shifts are so powerful that it allows long lasting change to occur as our soul supports us and knows this is for our highest good.

I. Awareness of Your Self-Talk

Begin to listen to your dialogue around your body and health.  Do you tend to say things like “I never get enough rest, I get sick a lot, my (insert body part) is always in pain, I HAVE or AM this dis-ease” or even refer to it as “my” dis-ease. Taking ownership of a disease is not a positive message to send your body if you want to get rid of it.  You are claiming it as a part of you and not allowing for other possibilities.  I know when I was sick I was in chronic pain and boy did I affirm that any chance I got. “Ow my legs, my stomach, my head, hurt so badly.” I look at it this way – it just makes sense that if our body is always creating cells – what messages we send it and especially the emotions behind those words contribute to what kinds of cells are being made.  In telling myself I was sick all the time and it being reaffirmed by doctors constantly, I was not allowing myself to heal.

Action:  When you get up in the morning and when you are about to go to sleep – pick one part of your body that DOES feel good or a part of your physicality you are grateful for and affirm you are grateful for it being healthy. When I was healing myself, I started paying attention to the parts of my body that felt good. Even if it was my little finger or toe I would concentrate my full attention on it and think “I am so grateful for this healthy part of me and I know that if there are healthy cells in this part of me it is a possibility for other healthy cells to be created.” The pain started to lessen in a few days and the messages were much more positive than my previous ones of waking up and going to sleep thinking “Ow my legs are killing me!”

II. Past Trauma

Have you processed emotions around any trauma, issue or challenge that has occurred in your past?  When we have faced any kind of trauma from an unhealthy relationship, to physical trauma or abuse, to a great loss or grief to poverty or anything else that had us doubting our physical and emotional safety, there will need to be some processing of emotions & stuck energy around it. There are all kinds of therapies that do this – from traditional psychotherapy to many different alternative therapies.  What is most important is that the energy from that incident is not trapped and causing some kind of dis-ease or lack of energy flow in the body as that will translate on the physical or emotional level.  There are many ways to release and I do feel it is best to find a way that resonates with you.  The fastest tool I have found to transmute these negative energies is the powerful prayer Ho’oponopono. It is a Hawaiian form of healing and prayer and though it’s name may seem complicated, it is the simplest prayer I know and the one I first offer my clients. It is based on the fact that we all contribute to each others’ energy and our reality.  Saying this to someone you feel has “wronged you” or even to the situation that was challenging can help transmute the energy.  We know what we focus on expands and if we have been feeling a victim to this situation for years, we have not allowed ourselves to begin to heal and move into the present moment where our true power resides.  We have kept ourselves in the past. Ho’oponopono offers a way to transmute that energy to begin to heal our relationship with ourselves and forgive and move past what we feel has hurt us in our past.

Action: Say the prayer Ho’oponopono for yourself for 2 minutes and for someone that you feel has hurt you or an event in your life that has been hard to move past.  The four sentences that make up Ho’oponopono are:

I love you

I am sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you.

When you are saying it for yourself, imagine your third dimensional self saying it to your soul or Higher Self. When you are saying it for someone else, imagine you are saying it to the soul of that person.  Knowing that only people who are hurt, hurt other people. If you are saying it to an event – know that there were tools and gifts you received from that experience that have made you who you are today.  Even if it was painful, you might have gained great insight or tools.

III. Everyday Emotions and Focus

Are you sitting in a soup of negativity or do you bring in gratitude? We will have no problem berating ourselves over something we feel we have done or said “wrong” but are you sitting in the gratitude of all you do right?  This is the same as self-talk in some ways but goes deeper into what emotions are you predominantly in throughout your day?  Do you show gratitude for the things and people in your life that are good or do you sit in what is wrong?  Do you ever take the time to give gratitude for yourself and the things you did that day for someone else?  I am not saying to walk around all day with a fake smile plastered on. I am asking you to be cognizant of what emotions you usually have and ask that you bring some more positive ones in.  Gratitude is the number one emotion to switch up our lives to a much happier space.

Action:  Before bed tonight, in the morning before you get out of bed tomorrow or in the shower I want you to take 2 minutes to give gratitude for someone or something in your life. I mean to close your eyes and to sit in it – think of every single thing you love about the person or situation and bring in your senses if you can – sight, feelings around them, smell and sound.  You will feel warmer and happier in a few minutes with this focus.  Now I ask you do the same for yourself. Think of one thing you did that day or in the past week for yourself or someone else that was nice. It could be as common as cooking dinner for a loved one, it could be you called a friend that you knew was in a bad space, perhaps you let someone ahead of you in line or took a class for yourself or a walk… we always are doing good things for others or ourselves and acknowledging this with gratitude makes that expand and honestly helps stuck energy and to create new energy flow.  I say gratitude was the number one tool to help me heal so quickly.

There are many ways emotions can get stuck and create lack of energy flow which contributes to discomfort and dis-ease. These few actions can help to transmute some of those emotions to a healthier state.  Learning about the chakra systems as I write about very simply in my book, A Short Path to Change: 30 Ways to Transform Your Life as our inner diagnostic system will also help you bring your energy flow back into balance. I look forward to hearing how you feel after you use these tools for a few days.  We do have the power to create fast change in our body and mind and it does not have to be so hard. Wishing you all the best for this journey of healing.