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3 Steps to Start Making Money Doing What You Love

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Everyone deserves to work at a job using their gifts and doing what they love. So many times people will settle for jobs because it “pays the bills” and sometimes truly dread Monday mornings. Many have been told they can’t possibly make a living doing what they love and they believe it, settling instead for spending 8-12 hours a day tolerating a job instead of feeling passionate about it. I feel we are all meant to express our gifts and our gifts come from honoring those activities that truly bring us joy. I am blessed to do what I love and to work with people inspiring them to live their best lives. Tapping into our passions is one of the most important messages we can send to our soul.

Here are 3 steps that will get you closer to finding a job incorporating something that fills you with joy.

1.)  List at least three things that make you feel joyful. If you can come up with more, please do, listing as many as you can. These can be things like cooking, being outside, dancing, creating, being social, biking, having deep conversations, driving, whatever it is that when you are doing that activity makes you feel alive. If you need to come back to this list that’s okay.  Really take some time to come up with these activities think back to when you were younger as it might be something you have not done recently.

Action Step:  Vow to yourself to do 3 of these things in the next week.  If you can, please do more. The more we engage ourselves in activities we love, the more we are feeding our soul. We are telling ourselves we’re worthy of joy and we are actively taking actions to make our lives a happier place.

2.) Let your mind go.  So many times people see a limited view of what they can do with their passions and write it off as “I could never make money doing that”.  I am telling you there is a way.  I wouldn’t quit your day job today as this might take a little while to cultivate, but the excitement you will feel by doing these joyful activities will offer plenty of fuel.

Action Step:  Sit down in a quiet moment (yes, that means phones and computers off) and put your hand on your heart with your eyes closed for a few seconds.  I want you to go through the list you made and come up with possible “jobs” or business ventures that would highlight each of these activities.  Please try and not judge yourself during this – right now you are gathering information.  For example, if you like cooking, there is a possibility of you learning more recipes, taking a cooking class so that you could help out at a restaurant or starting a small side catering business.  If you love biking, perhaps you could be a messenger or work in a place where you will need to take your bike from one location to the other during the day giving you the opportunity to ride.  If you like being outside there are so many different opportunities from hiking guide or sports coach to gardener or landscaper.  There are many different opportunities no matter what you love.  Open your mind and heart and let yourself picture doing something you love every single day. Guaranteed we only know a fraction of the ways we can bring our passions into a lucrative experience. The more you put your attention and intention behind it – the quicker you will draw it to you and new inspirations will come.

3.) Claim your self-worth and know you can do it. Give yourself a healthy dose of self-love for deciding to embrace doing more of what you lights you up.  If you spend the next week doing a few of the things on your list, you will notice you feel much happier and at ease. When we are pursuing our passions we feel strong, connected and very alive.

Action Step:  Take the list from above where you came up with possible job scenarios and do one action step.  If you have always been fascinated by foreign languages – start taking an online class or researching online possible jobs and what you would need to qualify.  If you like cooking – see if the local college needs help with food prep or look up possible jobs or classes online.  Feeding our passions and then telling ourselves there are possibilities to make money doing what we love will truly bring on a sense of excitement that perhaps was missing from your life.  You are worthy of spending each day doing something you love. Bringing your love and passion to those activities will not only fill your heart, but those of everyone around you.

By taking inventory of what your passions and gifts are, writing a list of possible job scenarios and taking an action step – you are on your way to designing a life that you really love.  I list many other ways to tap into what you love in my book, “A Short Path to Change: 30 Ways To Transform Your Life”.


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