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Reconnecting to the Soul, a Mother’s Healing Journey

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michelleWhen Michelle called me to inquire about my services she sounded panicked, as anyone would be in her situation.  She was a single mom. She was 36 years old with a 4 year old son and had been given a few weeks left to live due to a very aggressive form of cancer.

She has been diagnosed 12 months previously with only a year expected to live and none of the traditional western medicine was helping.  I heard and felt her fear and also her deep love for her son and how determined she was not to leave him.  I immediately wanted to do anything in my power to ensure she was in fact there for her son.

Michelle and I felt like kindred spirits.  She was also a writer and her beautiful, old spiritual soul shined through the fear of her situation. Michelle had some things in her past she needed to come to peace with as we all do. She also had a book she had begun that she really wanted to finish for her son in case she was not around much longer.

Michelle and I worked on several levels as I do with my month long clients, but our relationship lasted well beyond that.  We did Reconnective Healing energy work together which helped bring her calm and also gave her some beautiful spiritual experiences even at a distance. I am in upstate NY and she is in Massachusetts and to this day, we have never met in person.

I also gave Michelle an Akashic Record Reading and Clearing which heals on several levels. It helps to remove things such a karma, contracts, patterns etc. from this life and others; and it offers a 21 day prayer to say to help that to manifest. There is such power in claiming what you want and being ready to release what is in your way.  Michelle resonated with the reading/clearing and the prayer felt natural to her.  It gave her a 21 day habit to release all that had been blocking her from advancing on her spiritual and life path.

I am beyond grateful to now know she is through the worst of her healing journey and is cancer free and will be there for her son for a long time to come.

Michelle was the perfect client because in healing we do have to also address the mind’s habits and patterns such as fear and worry.  To manage fear and worry in her situation was beyond challenging and I was so happy to offer her many tools and tons of homework to help her keep her mind where it needed to be to heal.

Of course there are moments when fear and worry come in, but if we choose time every single day to say what we DO want and intend and not lapse into letting the fear control us – we are helping so much with our healing.

All of the healing I do aims to do one thing – connect the person to their soul so they know they are a limitless being and live from there.  When someone reconnects with their soul, they can reconnect with that self-love and non judgment which offers a beautiful and safe place to heal.

Michelle noticed many synchronicities coming into her life and asked me for guidance about the treatments that were available with rare clinical trials. We discussed everything and I made sure during those hospital stays where she could not see her son that I was there as support through texts, emails and phone calls.  I know Michelle had this powerful warrior and goddess spirit within, but I also saw it was being tested by this huge health challenge.

Michelle was able to finish the book for her son which is currently available on Amazon and is simply beautiful.  You can get to her link here:  Let Your Spirit Be, Let Your Spirit Be.  Please go check it out and support her if you have a little one in your life that can use a beautiful children’s story.  You can also support the book by liking it’s Facebook page.

Michelle recently wrote me a testimonial that I wanted to share with my readers.  It filled me with such deep gratitude and honor for the work I do and the people that I meet through my work. Michelle is going to be around for a long time and help many others, of that I am sure.

We continue to work together, though very sporadically now, because she has done most of her healing work. Michelle will need to navigate life after healing from such a traumatic event, she actually was in a coma for two weeks before she awoke cancer free.  Her body has been taxed and is regrouping but her spirit is so strong.  She was able to enjoy the end of the summer and take her son camping, hiking and do many more outings she had dreamed of doing when we met.  It brings tears to my eyes every time I see pictures of her enjoying life with her son.
She touches everyone she meets with her kind spirit and way of being.  I look forward to the day I can give Michelle a big hug in person, but until then I will be supporting her and cheering for her every step of the way.

Here is Michelle’s testimonial:

“I didn’t know of Jenny prior to treatment but decided I needed to take responsibility for my healing, for a very rare and aggressive stage four non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, in which surgery and several chemos had not worked for. I began doing online research and happened upon her info from and emailed her from there. Coincidentally the type of healing she does is Reconnective Healing, which is exactly what I needed and something I had not heard of prior.

When I began working with her I was in rough shape and a hopeless place. I couldn’t step from the shadow of doubt, that fear of dying and not being here for my child placed upon me. It was getting in the way of my healing. Due to a traumatic past relationship, I had felt disconnected from myself for a while prior to unexpectedly getting a very aggressive cancer at the age of 36.

I began reading her book and practicing the exercises and did many sessions with her, utilizing various services she offered that I felt would be beneficial. Some people may just need the Reconnective Healing sessions but I was at a point where I needed to go all-in with investing in myself. I was pretty much not far from dying from cancer.

Jenny, seeing I was willing to put the work into myself, was very flexible in working with me. I did a much needed Akashic clearing and felt much junk lifted as a I worked closely with her throughout the next month. I was given a detailed and informational report after that resonated with many parts of my true self and a follow-up prayer to do nightly. The prayer was like a nightly affirmation and gave me a good chance to put myself in the healing. Something I very much needed for the battle with cancer. I cannot count the numerous times I came to her with fear and doubt encapsulating my mind.

With each session came it’s own unique calming and spiritual experience that I often logged, as it was so profound. She was truly a lifeline during a horrible time. I spoke with her several times during hospital stays when doing in-patient chemo with a hope to get to stem cell. Her warmth and love for helping people heal is beyond words, it is natural and well felt. She is easy to talk to and confide in, and is very knowledgable in her field. You can definitely feel her innate compassion for helping people on their journey toward healing, regardless of the type. Mine was healing from cancer but it was also internal. I felt that I went through all of this treatment with nothing working and the missing link was that I was relying too much on Western medicine and not putting myself enough into the practice of healing. I knew better than that but fear of dying can really grip you, and you can start living day to day, in fear. Jenny helped me to take that away and transform, reconnecting me to the person within that needed to come out and partake in this healing.

In working with her, I began to feel myself again, even through late stages of cancer. I visualized my cancer leaving daily, did practices of forgiveness, nightly prayers, did all the work I was given and many of these exercises can be found in her book as well which is a great guide. I began to connect once again with my vibrant, courageous spirit and felt, my God I haven’t felt this person in years.  As I committed to the sessions, I thought I’m either going to save myself through this reconnection of the spirit or at least if I exit this world I will go out as me, as I entered, and not the person I had become who was just stressed out daily and living as if on autopilot. This to me was a gift in itself.

When I began to feel a better connection with myself, worlds seemed to open up. I do believe just the reconnecting of spirit could heal any ailments, it helped me and I went through some of the worst out there. I had primary Renal Lymphoma, which if you look up often comes with a year lifespan. Treatment wasn’t working and I was beginning to approach that year. Doctors from very good hospitals in Boston, told me that conventional treatment was no longer an option. Feeling a reconnection with my spirit brought upon opportunities that saved my life, and the strength, and the courage to get through hardships. And with my being in remission and alive today, this work will pass through me to affect others like my son.

I had done healing things in the past for maybe a day or a workshop here or there, but never invested in myself like this before the cancer, and how well worth it, it is. When you have a good balance in connection with the spirit, all else seems to fall into place and lives can be changed, and impacts can be made.

One of the opportunities that opened was a clinical trial that only hundreds in the world have gotten to do, and it got me into remission. I actually seemed to have opportunities knocking at my door for this, I did some research and then I had centers across the country contacting me to fill ‘suddenly available spots’ because people on their wait list were in other treatments. The trial wasn’t locally available so I was prepared to go to California, but that morning two hours before we were supposed to fly out and with the hotel already booked, my Oncologist in Boston called me and said a spot opened you’re in. It is synchronistic opportunities like this that make me believe it’s all connected and it all seemed to happen in a flow after feeling reconnected.

Jenny was there for me every step of the way, even upon being panicked and making these hard decisions on what treatment is going to save your life. The ability to slow down and go inward is a gift and one that many of us need a trusted guide to get us there, especially in moments of panic. That opportunity was made for me and strong as my will was, I needed support.  I needed guidance from someone who is properly trained in the right methods that would get me there, and someone like Jenny who you can empower you and really cares about you in this process… that right there could make the all the difference in the world!

I know medicine from the trial took part in my sudden drastic, almost miraculous recovery in which I went into a coma and two weeks later was cancer free, as I know my stubborn spirit and love for my son took part, but just as sure I know how much Jenny took part. Her working with me played a huge role in getting me through all of this. I don’t think I could’ve done it without her. She was there with me every step of the way, whether it was sessions from home or the hospitals or through email or text. I didn’t know her before this, I wasn’t recommended by a friend I was just a stranger who contacted her dying of cancer, scared to death and crying out that I can’t leave my son. With grace and gentleness, she helped guide me through this nightmare I faced.

I continue to do some work with her to get through the next stage of this, which is the struggle of recovery when you have to find a way to get back to life before, after this traumatic life changing event. I continue with occasional follow-up that provides me a huge spiritual recharge. Jenny has been an angel for me. She showed me I was the missing link to the completion of my healing, and it was Jenny who helped guide me to that place.

I hope my testimonial to my experience will help others to take that first step, like I did that day when I reached out to a stranger via a website recommendation. I think making the investment in yourself and working with Jenny would be well worth it for any scenario where any type of healing or reconnection with the self is sought after.

I had stage IV cancer, an aggressive type that literature will tell you there’s a year average life-span for. I am now in remission, survived the coma without long-term effects and feel great!

Believe me I have my bad days with the recovery, my body get sore from neuropathy, but I really feel I was able to heal from deep embedded things there that I had been holding onto for years and in my mind is this type of thing that left me vulnerable to get sick in the first place. It makes sense that this self-healing had to be taken care of in order for me to get better. I didn’t know how to exactly do that myself but luckily Jenny can guide people through this.

In my eyes I can’t see any situation which working with Jenny would not be well worth it. I’ve never met her in person and I’ve only worked remotely… Through working with her it is easy to know the purity of Jenny’s soul, and to know she can help you once again reclaim that same purity of your soul. With that, you can move mountains. I am so grateful fate brought me to her page that day.

Thank you Jenny,

Michelle and Gabe


It was an honor to work with Michelle and see how even though she felt weak, she was doing the work because she knew it would help and hearing about her amazing results is both heartwarming and inspiring.

I want to thank Michelle for coming into my life and for having the confidence in me to be her guide and confidante.  We can all use that sometimes. I am so excited to see what Michelle continues to do with her life.

If you would like to or know someone else that is in need of a guide to help them through the life challenge they are going through physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually… it would be my honor to work with them.

I love working with people for my month long program because; 1) it gives us time to really know each other; 2) we get to work on all levels, mind, body and spirit; 3) it allows me to give discounted, ongoing and significant healing support via phone and email for an entire month.

Thanks again Michelle! Sending you and Gabe so much love!  If you feel guided to offer her some support you can do so here.


  1. Reba Linker

    Oh my! What an incredible story. What a beautiful testimonial to your wonderful healing work, Jenny. And what a blessing that Michelle is still here to share her stories, her beautiful, inspiring spirit, and her love for her son. What a blessing you are dear Jenny.

    • jennymannion

      Thank you so much Reba! I feel so blessed Michelle came into my life and am so grateful she is able to have so much fun with her son! She is such a beautiful and inspiring soul and it is my honor to do the work I do to invite such amazing people as Michelle into my life! Thank you so much for your kind words! Lots of Love, xoxo Jenny

  2. Natasha Botkin

    Amazing! I went through something similar. So happy to hear that you doing well. Muxh love to you and many more blessings. xoxo

    • jennymannion

      Hi Natasha, Thank you so much for being here and sharing you also went through something similar. Michelle is an incredible inspiration as are you!! Sending lots of love, xoxo

  3. Vatsala Shukla

    A well deserved testimonial, Jenny, but more importantly, thank you for giving Michelle and her son back their time in this life. The thought of a motherless 4 year old is too much for me to even contemplate.

    • jennymannion

      Thank you so much Vatsala. I look at all healing as self healing and I was so grateful to be there to offer Michelle some tools to remember and connect with herself deeper. We can all heal when we come from that unlimited space and connectivity. I was so touched by her genuineness and earnestness to be there for her son. I also cannot fathom a motherless 4 year old and am so grateful Michelle will be with Gabe for a long time to come sharing her beauty and wisdom! Thanks so much for for reading and commenting. <3 xoxo

  4. Michelle Denault

    Thank you for your beautiful words Jenny, brought tears to my eyes!!! Was just thinking of you today. I hope my experience will help others to know a bit about the type of healing you do! You are an continue to be an angel in our lives! It’s empowering to know there’s nothing you can’t face, and though I knew I was strong, leaving Gabe is my achille’s heal. I couldn’t see past that fear when I first reached out. The change in my persona from when the battle first started is huge, but that change started when we started working together. Thank you for your beautiful words and sharing the book!…..and for the work you do! This world needs more angels!

    • jennymannion

      Hi Michelle, You’ve definitely brought tears to my eyes sweetheart! I am so grateful for your health and well being. It has been a joy to work with you and you are the perfect client for me… able to look within and do some work. We all have such amazing abilities but it is getting through our own limited beliefs as well as the subconscious ones we might have been running our whole life. Not necessarily easy but much easier than the alternative. I love your book and you and Gabe and am so excited to be on this journey with you!! Much Love, Jenny

  5. Heart Jules

    Such a potent testimonial to the healing powers of the human body and of interconnectivity, connection, holding space for each other can do. Thank you Jenny and Michelle for your amazing share.

    • jennymannion

      Hi Juliette, I am so grateful for you reading and commenting. Michelle is such an amazing person and I feel blessed to be with her on this journey. We all have unlimited potential for healing, connecting and all else. With the right tools, guides and most importantly turning inward and tuning in – we can truly change our lives into ones dreams are made of. <3 Sending Blessings <3

  6. Jonita D'souza

    This is so beautiful and heart touching Jenny! You have been a God sent to Michele and it is so inspiring to see Michele’s recovery . The book for her son looks magical and what a great teaching for kids. This is yet another example of how shifting our energy, thoughts and focus can lead us to a place of healing.

    Thank you for sharing.. Keep up your good work. The world needs more healers like you. 🙂

    • jennymannion

      Thanks so much Jonita. You got it – when we shift our thoughts, focus and energy we can truly heal from within. The power of our mind and spirit is limitless once we get quiet enough to see our old patterns and put some effort in to tap into our soul. I appreciate your kind words. I feel very blessed to do what I do and the fact that it attracts such beautiful souls as Michelle into my life is one of those reasons. The book she wrote for her son is magical! I am so grateful she will be around for a long while to keep gracing the world with her gifts. Sending much love – thank you for being here, xo