Aligned & Inspired Monday – Coryelle Kramer - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion

Aligned & Inspired Monday – Coryelle Kramer

AIM Spotlight, Akashic Records Expert, Empowerment, Healing, Inspirational

I met Coryelle locally at one of the first Monthly Mind Body Spirit Collective meetings my friends and I had organized about 8 years ago.  Coryelle has a strong presence and we talked and laughed easily about dancing, spirituality and just about everything else as if we were long time friends. Coryelle lived about an hour away and I would see her sometimes at spiritual events or shows. We stayed in contact on social media and I loved watching and hearing what she was up to.  Coryelle has this deep presence you feel when you are with her; it exudes kindness, humor, and a “tell it like it is” vibe but with love energy.  I have heard many wonderful stories of Coryelle’s communications with animals and her work as a seer.  I’ve had close friends receive spot on readings from her and never for a moment have I doubted her deep intuition and gift to help others with her ability to see.  The last time I got to see Coryelle was at a local wellness expo and I was sad when she told me she was moving, but knew if she felt that was the next step – it sure was – and I was very happy for her.  I have watched as life has fallen almost magically in place for her in New Mexico with a big smile and lots of love in my heart.  It is my great pleasure and honor to introduce you to Coryelle Kramer

AIM Spotlight for Coryelle Kramer

1) Please tell us a quote that you aim to live by- whether it be your own or from someone else that has inspired you.

“It is only those things you believe impossible which are, so if you believe everything is possible, it is.”
– Quote from a conversation I had with a Red Tailed Hawk.

2) Tell us about a moment when one of your greatest shifts occurred in your life or in one of your clients’ lives.

“There have been quite a few LOL (I’m constantly embracing change).  I knew early in my life that I was going to be expanding and growing a lot in this life and that I should get really used to embracing change (and I was right) lol .

One of the most profound shifts for me happened on my birthday in 2012.  I remember figuring out the importance of the date when I was around 8 or so, but it’s importance really hit me when I counted and discovered that (if the Universe willed it) I’d be alive to experience it.   I felt like something immense was going to happen.

In 2012 the date of it was 12/12/12, I was also born at midnight.  I was living in the mountains of upstate NY and I went outside my house moments before midnight.  I remember feeling the energy building all around me and it was a very clear night so the stars were all around.  I had a quartz crystal in each hand and held them both up and said a little prayer of release and embrace (releasing the old me and embracing whatever came as the new one).  As I finished, midnight struck (and I kid you not) I opened my eyes and there, suddenly, shooting stars zooming all across and down the sky. I felt this huge power, it was like things were “clicking into place” inside and around me and I embraced the power, stepping into the next “shift” of me and it felt glorious.  I was receiving all this knowledge and love.  I embraced who I was and what I brought to this world and I began to own it, really OWN who I was and what I did.  I saw my uniqueness and knew that I would continue to do things for the beings of their world and help them whenever I could.  It was an extremely profound, humbling and empowering experience all at the same time.”

3) Please let us know and describe one to three things that you are passionate about in what you do – (for work or for play or both)

  • Creating the life of my dreams which I’m currently living with the assistance of the Universe/Goddess/God force.
  • Helping Animals by bringing their voices, messages and insights to the world.
  • Uplifting and empowering as many people as possible so they can then discover how to raise their own vibrations & connection to Divinity, enabling them to ride the vibrational tsunami of the “consciousness shift” this dimension and others are now experiencing.

4) If you could give one piece of advice, one action to take, or one tool to empower people right now what would that be?

Connect every single day to your intuition, use it, trust it, LISTEN TO IT.  Connect to your guides, to God/Goddess/Christ Consciousness (whatever name or entity resonates with you).  In doing so you’re tapped into the never ending stream of Divinity.  It will show you the way out of doubt, fear, worry, self hate, anger, emptiness, loneliness and darkness.  Everyone has inside of them a powerful tool; you can choose to use it and embrace that power or you can turn from it and stumble in the darkness in anger and confusion. Connect to Divinity, through nature, or meditation or in a sacred place that touches yout spiritually, the point being, connection is the key and your intuition is one of the doorways to Divinity – it is it’s voice.

5) If you were to offer one of your services or products that best represents what you do, what would it be and how can the readers find out more?

Well being a Seer & Animal Communicator means I wear many hats LOL.  I honestly can’t say just one thing because everything I do is important and to choose one over another says that either people are more important than animals, or that animals are more important than people.  I would say people should go to my site and choose for themselves which of my readings resonate the most with them.  They can find out more about me through my website   I’m also on Facebook

Thank you spotlight guests for your words of inspiration!


  1. Megan

    Oh my gosh, Coryelle! What a great story you have to share here, and what I love about it is how *now* it is. Your words – the way you present yourself – feels fully present. That’s absolutely awesome and powerful. (Not at all shocked, by the way – the first time I met you I could feel your power!)

    I loved your quote – that’s aligned with how I live my life: everything is possible. BELIEVE!

    How flippin’ cool that I get to walk on Earth at this same time as you. WOW!

    And Jenny – you know some pretty phenomenal people. (But then again, it takes one to know one and you ARE ONE!!!)

    • Coryelle Kramer

      AWW! Thank YOU Megan, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I always try to speak from the heart (I’m glad that it came through) and I also thing it’s pretty freaking awesome that I get to share in walking of the earth with you as well. <3

      and I 100% agree with you, Jenny is indeed phenomenal

      • jennymannion

        Hi Coryelle! Thank you so much for being here and for your inspiration! You and Megan were both instant connections for me as you both exude such love, strength, truth and beauty! You do always speak from the heart and when I read your words I hear your voice and your smile that I hear when you speak. Sending so much love and gratitude, xoxo Jenny

    • jennymannion

      Megan!! I DO some pretty amazing people!! As I sat down to write the list of who I wanted to approach and as that list continues to grow – I pay heaps of gratitude!! This project is to honor those people and to introduce them to others but it is also making me smile and keeping me very inspired!

      I love that you and Coryelle know each other as you are both phenomenal – and I can dream that some day we can all get in the same room and watch out roof! 😉

      Love you and am so grateful to the beautiful powerful goddesses that have been sharing their inspiration. There ARE some men that will be sharing as well. I feel like as we step into this Divine feminine energy it is no surprise the first few are all women I deeply admire. Sending heaps of love and big hugs, xoxoxo

  2. Camille Strate

    Thank you, Jenny! I am thrilled to learn about Coryelle. Once again, you have offered the PERFECT thing in PERFECT time.
    Hugs and Largest Love, Dear One ~

    • jennymannion

      Hi Camille, I am so happy Coryelle’s words resonated and offered some inspiration! I am not surprised with her and your deep connection with animals! I am hoping this year is off to a wonderful start and am sending you much love, big hugs and best wishes for a beautiful year ahead! xoxo <3

  3. Colleen

    Very inspiring, Jenny. I especially loved Coryelle’s story about the shooting stars!

    • jennymannion

      Thanks so much for being here Colleen. I also loved that story. It is so amazing what signs the Universe is able to offer us when we get quiet and are open! Sending love, xo

  4. Susan Mary Malone

    I love the place from which Coryelle comes, and such wisdom she imparts! This, just this, is everything: “Connect every single day to your intuition, use it, trust it, LISTEN TO IT. “