Aligned & Inspired Monday – Megan Eaton - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion

I was introduced to Megan by a mutual friend, Lance Ekum of “Jungle of Life”. He knew Megan was working on the New Moon Expo in upstate NY (where I also live) and thought we would be a great match to meet.  I owe Lance a HUGE thank you for that introduction!  When I met Megan we became fast friends. The few days I had in Rochester with her with the New Moon Expo and now mutual friends (Steve, Barbara, Joy, and Evita) were ones I will always recall with utter joy. There were nights of stomach pain from laughing so hard and also moments of deep mind altering conversation and awareness. Since, I have kept in touch with Megan, met with her a few times in person halfway between us in Ithaca (2 hours away from both) and we have visited each other at our homes.  Megan never ceases to amaze me with her authenticity, loving nature and presence.  I remember hearing about how Megan had manifested her dream job with my mouth open.  Megan is truly a Manifesting Master! She and I share similar stories about bringing our dream man into our lives which she is kind enough to share here below. Megan and I share similar beliefs in miracles, manifesting and the power of love and I have always seen her walk her talk.  She has been inspirational to me in her thoughts on food/nutrition, her manifesting powers and empowerment but mostly because she does all this in such a loving and genuine manner.  It is my honor and a gift to introduce you to Megan Eaton.

Bio: Megan Eaton is a Personal Manifesting Coach who believes everything is possible, including miracles, and that everyone has the ability to manifest easily, immediately and abundantly. Known to her friends as the “Goddess of Manifesting,” she has personally manifested myriad experiences and tangible items in the areas of romance, finance, travel and home. Megan shares her manifesting skills so that all who choose may live the peace and joy of boundless possibility.

AIM Spotlight for Megan Eaton

1) Please tell us a quote that you aim to live by- whether it be your own or from someone else that has inspired you.

“Everything is possible. Believe in magic.” (me!)


2) Tell us about a moment when one of your greatest shifts occurred in your life or in one of your clients’ lives.

I was manifesting romance – specifically a “forever” partner. I’d just come out of a horrific experience (that I’d manifested!), which showed me in no uncertain terms what I did not want. I remember revising my “Dream Partner List” and taking off a few characteristics I realized I didn’t care for (i.e., “charming,” which I’d since come to associate with “duplicitous”). I then added some new characteristics I wanted, one of which was that my “dream partner” and I would come together as whole, heart-led people who were always in-the-moment with each other. A couple weeks later, I met the man who would become my husband.

True to my manifestation, when together, neither of us talked about our past. No ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends or awful stories of how let down we’d both been by previous lovers.

See, I’d come to realize that people who talk about their past are simply pouring energy into it – and bound to relive it. In American culture, we’re conditioned to talk about and use the past as a yardstick for both the present moment and what might happen in the future. But that’s not how I’ve come to learn manifesting works. Manifesting is limitless – and can’t be bound by events or experiences of the past unless we let it (…by what we think about and/or where we place our focus).
Meeting my husband was such a different experience, and one that shifted me (and my life!) from that point forward.


3) Please let us know and describe one to three things that you are passionate about in what you do – (for work or for play or both)
My passions revolve around helping people, so when someone shares a manifesting success story or some other way in which I’ve helped them, it lights me up!


4) If you could give one piece of advice, one action to take, or one tool to empower people right now what would that be?

Every thought we think creates our future, so make it a priority to become aware of what’s in your mind throughout the day. More than that, recognize the external influences you expose yourself to on a daily basis (people, music, television, movies, book, web sites). 

What we let in our eyes and ears shapes our thoughts. Become diligent about creating a positive mental foundation, since that’s the starting point for manifesting, which is to say… the creation of our lives!


5) If you were to offer one of your services or products that best represents what you do, what would it be and how can the readers find out more?

My book, The Pocket Guide to Manifesting – Available here on

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Thank you spotlight guests for your words of inspiration!


  1. Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower

    Oh man, what a great introduction Jenny. I can see why you took to this lady. I especially love Megan’s quote, “What we let in our eyes and ears shapes our thoughts.” We’ve heard this in many ways. Its like, everything is medicine. Everything helps us or hinders us. Its all about what we choose. This so simplifies and reflects the essence of our internal awareness. Thank you for this great reminder Megan. And yeah, we have been so programmed too, to looking back. Blessings on this wonderful day.

    • jennymannion

      Thank you Marguerite for reading Megan’s words and I know you two would have tons to talk about in person. Megan’s awareness on how everything affects is part of her wisdom in being a manifesting master. So many times we can say we want one thing but are surrounding ourselves with opposite energy and repeating self-defeating messages. When we can become aware and present – the miracles and manifestations abound!! Grateful for both of you amazingly wise and beautiful goddesses in my life! <3

  2. Megan

    What a pleasure and privilege to be featured here today! Thank you, Jenny! And thanks, Lance Ekum, for connecting us 🙂

    Jenny, you are such a bright & shining light, whose powerful healing medicine is such a gift in this world. Bless you, sweet soul!

    Marguerite, your wisdom and compassion travels through your words. Thank you for taking a moment to share your energy here, with me, with Jenny, and everyone else who reads this!

    • jennymannion

      Hi Megan! I feel so honored to have you here. To begin my week with inspiring words by you and Marguerite already has me looking forward to Mondays and I hope many read to gain inspiration and wisdom from you beautiful souls!

      I am so grateful to Lance for connecting us and for the times we have had to connect. Every interaction is an inspiration.

      I have seen your manifesting powers in action and you say such wise words to have people begin to live in the now instead of the past, watch their energy and what they are bringing into their lives. When we become present and stand in love for ourselves and others we can truly invite miracles in and manifest all our heart’s desires. Knowing we are worthy is key too – and we all are so worthy of living the lives of our dreams!!

      I am so grateful to have you in my life Megan – thank you for being here! <3

  3. Coryelle Kramer

    Megan wrote “See, I’d come to realize that people who talk about their past are simply pouring energy into it – and bound to relive it. In American culture, we’re conditioned to talk about and use the past as a yardstick for both the present moment and what might happen in the future.”

    YES YES and HELL YES! I love this so much I think it should be a tattoo lol. Appreciate the past for how it’s made you who you are today ALL of it, the good, the sorta good and the interesting and then Move ON.

    • jennymannion

      I totally agree Coryelle – Megan speaks important truth here! You can become a victim of the past instead of being a powerful creator of your present and future! We have seen people that have overcome the most horrific circumstance to do amazing things for themselves and the world. We have also seen people that crumble and take on that victim mentality for the rest of their lives. The beautiful thing? In every moment we have the opportunity to make a decision to move on! So grateful to have you lovely goddesses here! <3 xoxo

    • Megan

      Coryelle, you crack me up 🙂 Appreciate the past, and then for heaven’s sake move on, indeed! I’m looking forward to your upcoming interview, Oh Powerful One. Bless you!

  4. Susan Mary Malone

    Oh, this is so up my alley! I love all of this, but especially: “people who talk about their past are simply pouring energy into it – and bound to relive it. ” This is true in every part of our lives. Great interview!

    • jennymannion

      Thanks so much Susan. I agree whole heartedly with the quote you mentioned. Being present is where all the power is. Learning from our past and taking lessons from there instead of lingering there can catapult us to that next step! Thanks so much for commenting. <3

    • Megan

      Bless you, Susan ~ your sweet energy is so appreciated. Wishing you the best (and knowing you’ll get it)!

  5. Natasha Botkin

    Wonderful interview! Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge. xoxo

    • jennymannion

      Thanks so much for visiting Natasha! Megan does have a lot of wonderful information to share. I am blessed to know so many aligned and inspiring people for sure!! Sending much love <3