Aligned & Inspired Monday – Suzie Abels - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion

Aligned & Inspired Monday – Suzie Abels

AIM Spotlight, Akashic Records Expert, Empowerment

I met Suzie Abels about a year ago through social media. We bonded instantly on both being authors, moms and people who know kindness is a great key to changing life as we know it.  Suzie’s book, “Kindness on a Budget” speaks to this and with over one hundred Five Star Amazon reviews you know it is a good one.  This book is written from Suzie’s heart and tells of times she has reached out with kindness in many different situations in her life.  It usually does not cost a thing (or very little in money) to show others around you gratitude and love.  In this time where we feel such division among us, it has never felt more important to do random acts of kindness.  We can reach out every day in some little way to show others around us that they do matter and we are grateful for their service and or friendship.  Suzie’s book is timely and her message is one that is inspired and aligned with who she is as a person.  It is my great pleasure to bring you my friend, Suzie Abels.

AIM Spotlight for Suzie “Harijot” Abels

1) Please tell us a quote that you aim to live by- whether it be your own or from someone else that has inspired you.

“Daily acts of kindness helps  to raise the energy & frequency on our precious planet to:KINDNESS,one kind act at a time.” ~ Suzie”Harijot” Abels, M.S.
“Travel light. Live light. Spread the light. Be the light.” ~Yogi Bhajan


2) Tell us about a moment when one of your greatest shifts occurred in your life or in one of your clients’ lives.

A powerful and great moment for me was when I was in Nepal with my step-father, 4 years ago.  We had traveled to the banks of a Holy area where people say goodbye to their loved ones. T he sights and smells were both beautiful and overwhelming for my senses.

We stood observing four Sadhu’s (Holy men) meditating on a cement structure.  I felt drawn to them and many people walked by quickly.

Since we were with a translator he explained to us that these were “the real deal Sadhu’s” who had attained enlightenment and lived to be in the blissful state of deep meditation.

The oldest Sadhu said something to Om our private guide as well as family friend. He motioned for me to come over.  Om said the elderly Sadhu said I could mediate with them.  I asked him to re-ask the question as women, let alone Westerners did not usually do such things, at least in India.

He told Om that I should sit with them, and when I did I felt as if I entered some Holy and deeply Sacred state of meditative consciousness.

After some time, I got up  and said thank you directly to the four Holy men.  The elder Sadhu locked eyes with me and nodded.  I felt as if the experience had helped expand me spiritually & consciously without knowing exactly why and how.

I learned that I could be in a foreign country or in my own city and that the GIFT of both connection & meditation could be felt and perhaps seen too.

It was a tremendous blessing and pivotal point in me stepping into my confidence as a deeply spiritually being.


3) Please let us know and describe one to three things that you are passionate about in what you do – (for work or for play or both)
I am deeply passionate and committed to helping inspire and support  others on their life path.  I truly believe that self-love and self-responsibility leads to self-respect and ultimately a more balanced and aligned life.  I also am deeply devoted to my three kids, Zachary, Haley and son, Riley, my husband, my family and community.  I wholeheartedly believe that we are ALL  deeply connected regardless of where we live, what we look like or what we do.


4) If you could give one piece of advice, one action to take, or one tool to empower people right now what would that be?
My best advice is to follow your heart as it carries great wisdom in most situations for our precious lives. One way to connect to one’s heart is to spend time in nature.  Another way is to mediate or simply sit quietly and follow your breath.
One powerful  action to take daily is to:
  • Express GRATITUDE for 1-3 things daily (no matter what circumstances you are facing) 

“An attitude of gratitude is the highest yoga.”~ Yogi Bhajan

  • One tool that is empowering is to be in service daily to another through an act of kindness.  Do an act of kindness daily as it is an immense GIFT to both the giver & receiver alike (it can be a phone call, a note, a gift, a smile, a hug, or just listening).  My book “Kindness On A Budget”   illustrates real life examples.
“Be kind whenever possible. Its always possible.”~ HH Dalai Lama


5) If you were to offer one of your services or products that best represents what you do, what would it be and how can the readers find out more?
I would like to giveaway two copies of my book “Kindness On A Budget”  and a 30 min phone consultation (in U.S. only) to two of your readers.
“Follow your heart & embrace your true path.” 
To qualify for the giveaway – please email me and tell me: 
How has kindness impacted your life both as the giver & receiver?
(Two people will be selected)

Send your responses to Suzie at:  KindnessOnABudget at

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