3 Ways to Feel Instinctual Happiness and Joy Now - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion

“Happiness is not an intellectual choice, it’s an instinct, and a good in itself.”


Happiness and joy are instinctual.  Who would have known it the way we berate ourselves, repeat negative mantras and speak to ourselves worse than we would anyone else?

We have been programmed and numbed out of this awareness since a very young age and this is not only possible to remember, but your soul is begging you to. We see children doubled over in laughter, pets chasing each other and playing and we can learn from how carefree those moments are.

It is up to us to figure out what gives us that happiness and joy. What ignites your soul?  What makes your heart sing?  Being with friends?  Doing something creative?  Walking amidst nature?  We tend to be very comfortable allowing ourselves to sink in and roll around in the misery of what is not right in the world.  Only we can give ourselves permission to seek out that joy and remember how to be childlike and even silly sometimes!

Here are three ways to access and attract more joy into your life starting today.

I.) Anchoring Moment: When we remember a moment, the longer we stay present, we can truly feel like we are there again. Usually though, we are in the habit of recalling the unfortunate moments of our lives.  Instead, close your eyes, take some deep breaths and think of one of the happiest moments of your life.  It could be one where you were alone and in nature and at deep peace. Perhaps it was a moment where you were surrounded by loved ones and felt deep joy.

This moment is special to you and the more you sit with it for a few minutes and bring every sense in; the sights, sounds, smells and feelings of that moment – the more you can feel as if you are there.  Let yourself bask in this moment as that tells the Universe, YES, I remember joy and know life will be like this again!  Come up with a name for this moment and soon you can program yourself to just speak that word and feel the same emotions and joy you felt bringing it in. It is much healthier and more uplifting than dwelling in the negative, plus it tells yourself that you are ready to receive more moments like that anchoring moment of pure joy.

II.) Basking in Self-Care: What make you feel rejuvenated, safe and cared for?  Maybe you like a walk in the woods? Reading a good book?  Taking a long bath?  Going for a run or taking a class?  Scheduling a facial, massage or energy healing session?  Most of us have many other people in our lives that we feel we need to take care of and help, but it truly begins with us taking care of our own energy first. If we become caretakers for others too much, then we can become resentful and exhausted.

By taking care of ourselves first, we are claiming our self worth by giving our body, mind and soul what it needs to rejuvenate and feel joy.  Whatever fills your well is something you will feel better by doing. Even if it is basking in the sun for twenty minutes.  The more we quiet our minds and receive; the more we are sending out the signals that we are content and that brings even more to be grateful for!

III.)  Creating: There is only one unique you. This carries with it your unique perspective on the way you see the world and the ways you contribute to it.  Whether it is drawing, writing, singing, dancing, cooking or any other way that comes to mind; whenever we create we are accessing our soul.  Ever get caught up in creating something and time flies by because you are so in the zone you are unaware of anything else?  That truly is connecting with your Higher Self.

The more we access this sacred space, the more we affirm our connection to our gifts which is joyful and fulfilling.  After you are done creating something be sure to celebrate it!  You can do that by giving yourself credit for it or by sharing it with someone else.  Thank your soul for giving you these gifts that make you uniquely you.

These are just a few simple steps to get you started in creating more joyful moments for yourself.  If you did all three of these in the next few days, you would see a huge change in your energy and joyful moments. If you did these on a regular basis, you would call back that instinctual joy and it will no longer feel like simply a beautiful gift but your birthright and something you will not accept being without.  You deserve happiness. We all deserve joy!  I hope you enjoy these easy steps to bring some and happiness in and would love to hear your experiences!


  1. Barb Parcells

    Creating is my go-to method of stepping into happiness. I also write out my happiness affirmations every day. Seeing the words on the page gives them even more meaning and power.

    • jennymannion

      Hi Barb, Creating is a wonderful way to step into happiness! I love your writing prompts and have bookmarked your site so I can experience some happiness through some of them! I love writing and really appreciate writing prompts so I don’t have to think about what I feel like writing! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting! Love, Jenny

  2. Andrea

    These are wonderful tips. Thank you for sharing.

    • jennymannion

      Thanks so much Andrea!! Deeply appreciated! Sending Love!

  3. Suzie Cheel

    Jenny love this quote : “Happiness is not an intellectual choice, it’s an instinct, and a good in itself.” –LIESL SCHILLINGER I do believe happiness is a choice we can make from out heart and it effects each and every day how we feel and act. Love your 3 ways- the beach and nature are big ways for me as well as creating xxx

    • jennymannion

      Hi Suzeie Apologies for the late reply – YES nature is a wonderful way and it is one of my key ways too. I just got back from a week’s vacation on a Lake in the Mountains and it was so very healing!! Sending much love! xoxo Jenny

  4. Lisa Hutchison

    We all try to make ourselves happy and it just does not work! The more we try the more unhappy we become. Happiness is a state of being as you said in your writing, in order to connect with it, we need to be and flow with it. Thanks for your words of wisdom Jenny.

    • jennymannion

      Thanks Lisa, I agree! There is no try! The more we just relax into our beautiful inner selves the more life flows and we can live from happiness not struggle to attain it! Thanks so much for visiting! Love, Jenny