The Healing Prayer that Can Work Miracles - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion

Ho’oponopono is not only a prayer, healing modality and miracle maker, but I feel in this day and age it’s a necessity with all that is going on in the world.  I learned about the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono Prayer in the beginning of my healing journey over 11 years ago and it is still the first thing I teach my clients and the one practice I keep every single day.

So when Theresia of Conscious Creators Publishing asked me to be part of this amazing book, “The 2018 Ho’oponopono Almanac” to share some of the miracles and practices of Ho’oponopono, I honestly felt like a dream came true!  If you know my work, you know the main theme is to keep tools easy and short and this prayer might be small, but it is also powerful beyond measure.  It is four simple sentences and when I give this prayer to my clients they often report crying and a deeper connection than they have felt in months, years and some even decades of time.

The Ho’oponopono Prayer:

“I love you.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Please forgive me.”

“Thank you.”

I always tell my clients to begin by saying this life changing prayer to themselves because we are usually our worst enemies instead of our greatest cheerleaders. When we say this prayer, it connects us to our higher self – helping us release the thoughts and old “stories” that usually keep us on auto-pilot.  This prayer grants us the ability to touch our soul’s essence as we feel the love and layers being shed as we repeat this prayer.

We have much to forgive ourselves for in the judgements, harsh words of self-criticism and other ways we have self-sabotaged and repeated patterns from our limited “stories” from the past.  The beautiful thing is that our soul and the energy that connects us all is always forgiving.  If we begin to get out of our minds and into our hearts, life truly does flow more magically than we ever thought possible. Ho’oponopono grants us that connection to our heart and so much more.

This collaborative book offers many inspirational stories of how Ho’oponopono changed people’s lives as well as different ways to apply this energetic and far-reaching prayer in your own life.  I have taken advanced training in this prayer with Dr. Len (who healed a whole ward of criminally mentally challenged people with it) as well as Dr. Joe Vitale who is known for sharing its’ teachings.  But the beautiful thing about Ho’oponopono is you can begin now, with those four simple sentences, apply them in different ways and watch as your life transforms.

This is not only an amazing book filled with inspiration but a planner for 2018 and a gratitude journal as well!  3 in one and a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one! I want to give a ton of gratitude to Theresia from Conscious Creators Publishing for putting this together as well as to all of my wonderful co-collaborators! I see the “2018 Ho’oponopono Almanac” helping many! The Ho’oponopono Almanac 2018 is available on Amazon. Get Your Copy Today!  And let me know of the miracles Ho’oponopono helps create in your own life!




  1. Laura

    Beautiful story. Congratulations on your continued success.

    • jennymannion

      Hi Laura, Thank you so much for visiting, reading and your very sweet comment! It is all greatly appreciated! Sending you love and blessings, Jenny

  2. Leil

    Wow congratulations on your achievement! Thank you for sharing?

    • jennymannion

      Hi Leila, Thank you so much! I absolutely loved your last post and am very grateful to connect with you! Sending love and blessings, Jenny

  3. Kelley Grimes

    I love Ho’oponopono and use it often for myself and with my clients. I find it so healing and nurturing! How wonderful that you have a book with stories of people using this simple and inspiring practice to transform their lives. May it continue to bless all that read it! Thank you Jenny!

  4. Barb Parcells

    I learned about this a few years ago and it has become my mantra for whenever I find myself judging or criticizing someone, especially someone I see on the street or in a store that pushes my buttons. It reminds me that none of us are perfect, but all of us are worth loving.

  5. Lea Tran

    Thanks so much for sharing the meaning of The Ho’oponopono Prayer, Jenny. I always wondered how those simple 4 lines could be so transformative. How wonderful that there’s a whole book of stories about it. Congrats on your contribution to it 🙂

    • jennymannion

      Hi Lea, Thank you so much for your comment and the very sweet congratulations! This prayer has indeed helped me in my own life countless times and the lives of my clients. I am excited and honored to be a part of it and am delighted I will have a planner for the year with inspiration daily for 2018! Thanks again! Sending blessings,