4 Ways to Shine More Light in These Chaotic Times - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion

4 Ways to Shine More Light in These Chaotic Times

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I am sure at some point (or many points lately) you have felt the world is spinning and seems to have gone a bit out of control!  There are so many things shifting and changing and has certainly been a lot of seeming chaos rising to the surface.

As a lightworker, it is heartbreaking to witness some of what has been going on but also there is a deep understanding that this is not something brand new rather a culmination of many systems that have been broken for a long time. It truly feels like all of us individually and collectively (as a country and planet) are living through a dark night of the soul.

The beauty in all of this?  When light permeates darkness there is no more darkness!  I do feel with my whole heart these circumstances are showing themselves so there can be healing and true change.

Nevertheless, it can feel overwhelming as we hear of more atrocities and feel the pain of our fellow men, women, children and planet.  Please know that you staying in your own strength and light is not only possible, but helpful and needed at this time.  It is crucial to have tools to move through this.

I have two beautiful resources I would love to share with you today as well as some steps you can take to not just “get through” this time, but to use this time for your own soul advancement and manifestation to create a life you may have never dreamed possible.

Here are some steps I feel are key on this journey right now:

  1. Gain Tools from Those that Know How to Do It:  This is a time where there are so many BRILLIANT lightworkers, healers, way showers around us offering advice and guidance.  People that have known this time was coming and have been preparing for it for decades, gathering tools, doing their own self-work so they would be ready and truly walking their talk so they could offer guidance to the masses when this time came to pass.  I have the honor of being among 30+ powerful inspirational speakers as part of my friend Mike Picone’s “Awakened and Ready Summit: Your Road Map for Accelerated Living During Our Current Global Consciousness Shift”.  It is FREE! It begins February 26th and I am the second speaker on the first day.  I highly recommend you register for this and listen to as many speakers as you can.  This summit can help to bring you to a place of self-love and love of others so that you can get back what you feel you lost and become even stronger than you had ever imagined!
  2. Self-Love – As I said, we are ALL in it. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been on this journey for decades or feel like you don’t have a clue what the heck is going on!  Everything is surfacing so we can shine some light on it to be healed and looked at differently.  To do that you need a healthy dose of self-love to maneuver through these changes.  If you see an old pattern, behavior, self-sabotage or negative self-talk come to the surface – be grateful you noticed it.  Put your hand on your heart, take a breath and ask yourself how it has served you before and how you can let go of it and heal.  Be extra kind to yourself in the healing process because YOU ARE HEALING.  If a loved one was sick you would not be berating them, you would give them a hug, advice and support – please do the same for yourself.
  3. Show Yourself You DO HAVE Power and Can Manifest!   I am blessed to have co-authored the new book Tips and Practices for Your Wonderful Life: How to Manifest What You Want.   These are all experts that have their own way of bringing manifestations so that you can see which ones resonate with you.  You might have felt out of control these days, but showing yourself you can manifest even little things can validate your power to yourself, helping you feel more in control. These tools can help you manifest little and HUGE situations and miracles into your life.
  4. Show Love and Kindness to Others – Since we are all going through these changes you may have noticed loved ones seemed extra snippy or sensitive.  EVERYONE is facing their “stuff” and they are dealing with their loved ones facing their “stuff” and the world and all its challenges.  Be EXTRA kind and loving and show some patience. THINK and take a breath before reacting and ask if you are responding in a loving manner.  Reach out to people you see struggling and offer them help or some tools. Again Mike Picone’s “Awakened and Ready Summit” will offer priceless tools on how to navigate these changes with grace and flow and perhaps you can share some of the wisdom gained here with others.

I am wishing you all the best for these changing times. Know that you do have the light and power within to not only weather this time, but to come out on the other side empowered, in flow and feeling love for yourself and others.  Grab some tools, remember to be kind to yourself and enjoy the ride! Sending much love for the journey!