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A Passion for Writing and Books Helped Me Heal

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I have two creative passions I remember loving for as long as I have been on this planet; writing and dancing.  They fill me with joy, relax and transport me and honestly I feel so at one with the Universe and in flow when doing either.

I am blessed that writing complements the work I do daily in my healing practice. I love writing meditations, poetry, short exercises and tools and journaling about all the goodness I intend to create in my own life and for the world.  Writing also connects me with like-minded people on this journey. I have found power in community, group projects and writing books as collaborative efforts. When you gather a bunch of like-minded people with one focused message; magic ensues!

Books are deeply powerful for learning.  Whether you like audio books, written word, print or Kindle – whatever way you can truly take in information is best for you. I love all of these and reading is another passion which complements writing!

When I was healing myself (even though I didn’t know it at the time) I read for 2-3 hours daily AT LEAST. I read inspirational material by Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle and Carolyn Myss to name a few. I drank their words in like water – as someone who was truly thirsty beyond measure for a new way of looking at life after being chronically ill for seven years would.  I found myself nodding in agreement, taking the words into my soul and sometimes a simple one sentence quote would transform a belief instantly and be a HUGE “AHA” moment!

The first book I was ever asked to be a part of was a collaborative effort.  Robin Hoch and Rich German had heard my story of healing and had asked me to be a part of their inspirational book; Living the Law of Attraction: Real Stories of People Manifesting Health, Wealth, and Happiness.  I was so honored to be a part of it and loved reading how other people had manifested wellness, wealth, and their dream lives!

It was years before I collaborated again, but in the last 6 months have been blessed to be a significant contributor to two books by Conscious Creators Publishing; “The 2018 Ho’oponopono Almanac” and the recent “Tips and Practices for Your Wonderful Life: How to Manifest What You Want”.  All of these books are topics I am so passionate about. To have the energy of other co-authors who were also passionate about Ho’oponopono, Manifestation and Law of Attraction added to my excitement in creating.

The result is powerful books with a variety of ways of looking at the same topic.  I know from reading countless spiritual books that no one author resonates with any one person.  The more people we have sharing the same message in a slightly different way, the better chance there is for our “A-HA” moment or that connection.  It is such a joy to have co-created these books and the books by Conscious Creators and compiled by Theresa Valoczy did go to number one internationally on Amazon.com in a few categories.  I feel there is power in numbers and being a part of a community sharing the same message is deeply humbling and potent.

I also recently was blessed to write a quote for my friend Corey Poirier’s, “The Book of Why (and HOW): Discover the Timeless Secrets to Meaning, Success and Abundance.” Corey has gathered a ton of insightful thought leaders sharing their wisdom as well as his own learnings and experiences.  He is a multi-time TED speaker and the exercises in the book are super powerful!  I love how he references so many teachers and gives them credit as he applies their messages in his own way combined with his own tools!

I believe that we become deeper and more expanded the more we read and learn.  We have more to reflect on, we have more to converse and share with others, we have more to get excited about and we become happier and more fulfilled. But I am also biased as reading and writing are passions of mine!!

What do you do that brings you utter joy contentment and connection?  

Is there a way to collaborate with others to take it to a new level?  

I know when I have meditated with others, danced with others, done Yoga or Qigong with a group, or spoken as a speaker in a group summit, it deepened all of those experiences for me.  Think about what you are passionate about and see if you can think of a way in the next few weeks to manifest an experience where you share it with others.