Embrace Your Self-Worth to Align Your Life - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion

Every single person has stories from the past. Limits that you repeat to yourself even if you don’t truly believe them.

They might have come from a parent, relative, community member, teacher, friend, relationship or possibly from collective consciousness.  We all repeat these messages, barely taking time to give ourselves compliments and expecting ourselves to get up feeling empowered.

If you talked to a friend, loved one or pet the way you spoke to yourself, they would feel anything less than powerful. Considering 80% of the average person’s 60,000 thoughts a day are negative, it’s amazing to me that anyone gets anything done!  Embracing your self-worth is truly the key to creating a life you feel you deserve.

During The Phenomenal Woman’s Rockstar Revival that begins on June 15th, I am blessed to speak with Sara Vos about ways to own your self-worth to change your life.

In small windows of time you can bring your awareness to how you speak to yourself.  Oh when I did this when I was sick for seven years, I was truly appalled. I was in chronic pain, told I would never feel healthy again and was beating myself up!! Where is the reasoning there??  Yet we all have a tendency to do it.

When we are facing our greatest challenges most of us go to our limits and past stories of when things turned out badly instead of remembering the times we rose up and surpassed our own expectations.

We are truly mirrors reflecting to the world how to treat us and when we don’t love ourselves, we are not creating opportunities for ourselves to be seen as lovable.  I know there will be MANY other amazing speakers offering their wisdom during this online event and invite you to sign up and join us!!I truly feel beginning to love yourself and step into your self-worth IS the key to being in alignment with relationships, your career, finances, your emotional and mental health and all else in your life.  I was blessed to speak with Felicia Baucom on this topic during her Creating Your Aligned Life Summit and felt honored to be among other wonderful speakers sharing their wisdom during this event.

Please stop yourself throughout your day today and listen to how you are speaking to yourself.  If it is negative self-talk, please shift your awareness.

Really take notice of your actions…

Were you kind to someone today or in the last week?

Did you make someone a meal?

Did you check on a friend or family member to see how they were doing?

Did you smile at someone while in a store?

Did you sign up for a class or for something that you needed to put your trust in yourself for?

WHATEVER the kindness was – make SURE you give yourself credit that’s the natural, authentic YOU!

There are many things you have done in the last week, month, year and decades that have helped another and that has a ripple effect. The more you allow yourself to go here and gain other tools for regaining your self-worth, the more you will feel your life align.

I hope you join me to gain some more tools and inspiration to help YOU become aligned and claim the life you deserve at these wonderful events!!

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