5 Steps to Consciously Co-Creating Your Best Life - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion

Fourteen (14) years ago I was told my life would be one of being in constant pain, being in a wheelchair and not having much of a quality of life.  My life looks nothing like that prognosis and healing myself physically was honestly ONLY the beginning.

Because I didn’t listen to what “they” told me, I’m now living a life I love on all levels and it started with me knowing that there was something greater; believing in myself and knowing my own power; and making the choice to find new ways to help my body to heal.  And YOU can do the exact same thing in your own life.

It means getting honest and clear with yourself while being loving and accepting of what is.  It means not living in the past but being present, gaining tools and being excited about the future.

It means KNOWING you truly do steer the ship of your own life and get to consciously decide where you want that destination to be.  But get ready and be allowing, there might be a destination greater than your most powerful current visualization.

When you start to consciously co-create with the Universe you can count on miracles, flow and a life you might have never even dared to dream of.

I’ve been working on creating an online course called “Embracing Bliss” which will be available this Spring – so bliss has been in the forefront of my mind – and tell you it’s not a bad place to be! 🙂  

Be gentle with yourself as you begin this process and know that a year from now your life may look like you never imagined if you keep on track!

There are 5 steps that can help with this process of co-creating your life with the Universe and I wanted to outline a few here to either get you started or maybe help you course-correct if you’re not liking some aspects of what your life looks like right now.

  1. Acknowledge (honestly) where your life is now and where you would like it in the following areas:  In relationships, with your career, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually. You can write it in one or two sentences for each and when you write where you WANT it – GO FOR IT! No limits… what would you truly desire in each of these areas?
  2. Stop judging yourself. This is NOT a time to judge but to lovingly look and take an assessment so you can notice which areas are to your liking and which areas can use some work. You are here now because of your past but we are talking about doing things in the present to create the future you desire.  Let go of any insults you might be saying to yourself and tell yourself you love and support yourself which is why you WANT and DESERVE this happier reality. You can choose to begin to change the way things are IN this instant.
  3. Set a mini goal in ONE of those areas.  What ONE step can you take in 1) or 2) of those areas that will help put the energy out there? To say “YES, I want this change in my life”.  Make it an attainable step you can do in the next week and make sure to give yourself PLENTY of credit if/when you do it. For example – if you want a new job maybe you are updating your resume. If you want to lose weight maybe you begin to research exercise classes near you or online that resonate.  Make the step do-able and if you like, you can even write a few steps so that you have that plan ahead of you.
  4. Get support.  It’s so wonderful when you begin something – you’re motivated, driven and then that old ego comes in and says, “Boy this feels like a LOT of work – life wasn’t THAT bad before”. The ego is trying to protect you because it fears change but YOU KNOW what is best for you. Whether you have an accountability buddy to actively seek inspirational materials to keep you going – YOU KNOW what will keep you on track.
  5. KNOW this is a journey.  Be grateful and praise yourself for steps that move you forward, and be kind and loving if you feel and see self-sabotage coming into play.  Only when you are kind to yourself will you keep motivated. If you beat yourself up, you’ll feel disempowered and it’ll feel easier to go back to the way things were.

I’ve seen not only my own life change but the lives of thousands of my clients over the last 13 years.  I KNOW this is possible – to change EVERY aspect of your life. I have had my book published which was a lifelong dream, I met the love of my life, we got to move into a house we adore on the block we desired, our kids are all doing well and we get to witness their happiness.

We recently traveled to get out of our long upstate winters and had a vacation in Paradise where we got to connect with dolphins, bask in the sun and truly relax and regroup so we could come back and continue doing what we both love with full hearts (and bellies) LOL.  

If you are going around not knowing what you want or focusing on what you DON’T want – it will be pretty hard for the Universe to deliver ANYTHING to you. If you take these steps, claim what you want, are kind and loving to yourself and KNOW you are WORTHY, you will truly see the world around you change to a MUCH more loving place.