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Clearing Your Deepest Blocks & Patterns in the Akashic Records

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Ever feel like some patterns just won’t let go?  Perhaps that as much “self-help” and consciousness work you do, you feel like there is something  holding them to you like a magnet because they keep coming back.

Humans are self-sabotaging creatures. It can seem easier to stick with a pattern than to put in the time and energy to create significant change.  

Luckily these days there are many ways to transmute energy so that lasting change can be created. My favorite tool for this to use in my own life and with clients is Akashic Record Reading.  By looking deeply at the blocks and restrictions and asking for them to be removed – a whole new energy is able to take hold.

What are the Akashic Records and what is a reading like?

The Akashic records are the records of everything in history throughout history, time and space. Meaning past lives, past locations, properties, relationships and so much more.  Trained by Andrrea Hess in several levels of Akashic Record Reading/Clearing… it has been a privilege to do this Soul ReAlignment work.  

In having my own reading/clearing done when I didn’t even know if I believed in this stuff – my own life began to shift dramatically. I remember thinking there was no way I could ever do this work. But I was led back to it a couple years later and have used it help hundreds of clients for over a decade now.

When I go into someone’s record I first need their permission. These records are guarded and I consider it a privilege and honor to look inside one’s record.  

Depending on the reading – I usually ask in some form what blocks and restrictions are stopping that person from advancing on their spiritual path.

It is amazing what can be found – things like karma, contracts, entities (energies from past lives), cords/hooks, patterns, and so much more. By not only locating these but asking my guides and my clients guides to release them and MOST importantly giving the client a 21 day prayer to say to INTEND these removed – energy shifts at an alarmingly quick rate.

I often have said these readings/clearings are a not so gentle kick in the butt on one’s spiritual path.  It has you taking accountability as well and knowing these aspects of your life are ready to be transformed.

I usually begin with the Basic Akashic Reading which is in two parts but for those that I have read for before OR those who have been on this journey a while doing this inner work, I do recommend the Life Situational Reading/Clearing.

The Life Situational Reading is one I do in my own life every 6-8 months or so to keep clearing whatever does not serve me so I can keep moving forward on my path.  This reading is like a spiritual puzzle and I feel amazed each time I do one.

For this reading, you list 6-9 “Challenges” in your life as they are now and intentions for how you wish them to be. They can be ANYTHING. Some examples are:  Challenge: My sink always leaks Intention: My sink is in working order, to Challenge: I have trouble staying on task, Intention: I stay on task with ease or Challenge: I have issues with money, Intention: I live in financial abundance.  These challenges that are seemingly unrelated might in fact have the SAME block/restrictions.

Looking at these core blocks is enlightening and asking for them to be cleared by saying the 21 day prayers is empowering.  Many have had life-changing experiences while saying the prayer or shortly after. It shifts energy deep within allowing for new experiences to surface.

After I had my first Akashic reading done which said I would make a wonderful healer things shifted quickly. I didn’t even know if I BELIEVED in energy healing at that point mind you.

I had a book on my wish list that I received from my dad for Mother’s Day called, “Reconnective Healing” by Dr. Eric Pearl. I didn’t even remember that book being on my wish list but when I held in my hands for the first time my whole BODY vibrated and I knew something was different.  It jumpstarted me feeling energy strongly and having experiences like lights flickering, or lights being on that were not plugged in and all kinds of other energy experiences. It led to me knowing I had to become a Reconnective Healing Practitioner. It led to me truly knowing how powerful we all are and the miraculous power of energy healing. Each reading I have done on myself or others has unlocked something new and miraculous and I get excited each time I do one.  

Lately many people have been coming to me for Life Situational readings/clearings and it is helping them a lot through these swirly times. Going deep to clear these aspects and saying this empowering prayer can truly help you begin anew.  

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I’m honored to help people move past their blocks and restrictions to a higher version of themselves.  This life is a journey and we can feel overwhelmed and stuck sometimes.  Sometimes we do need some help shifting energy to move to that next stage of our lives.  

If this resonates or if you have more questions, please reach out. I love sharing these readings and clearings!  Please allow 1-2 weeks for this reading/clearing work to be done as each takes me a few hours. We will book our 1/2 hour calls within 48 hours of you receiving your report so you have some time to read it over a few times and come up with questions.  

Please know you CAN change and it does not have to take decades or be painstaking.  These readings truly do help move us through a little faster and usually with a little more grace than many other methods I have found.  

Want a QUICKER reading to see if this work is for you?  Check out my Life Path Focus Readings. They are a very inexpensive way to get a taste of what the Akashic records can offer you. Gain clarity around one challenge, tools and a personalized 10 minute audio of my findings.   If you are ready to take a deeper dive – check out all the Akashic Readings and Clearings I offer. Sending many blessings your way!!