Having a Cancer Diagnosis is Not The End - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion

Having a Cancer Diagnosis is Not The End

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I’ve hesitated to speak about my work with clients diagnosed with cancer because I truly know it is not ME “healing” anybody but the work we do together and tools I offer that make cancer disappear. I work with clients with many different emotional and physical challenges and with each client our work together is different and sacred. 

“Cancer” simply has a more grim and dire association with it because of the way we have heard about it or perhaps even witnessed it with a loved one in our life. It also can come with a “death sentence” or as doctors call it a “life expectancy” of days, weeks or months – ALL of which I have had the immense pleasure of seeing proven wrong in my practice.

ALL illness is an imbalance and I am very grateful I have spent the last 13 years accumulating tools to help bring the body back into balance. My work with cancer clients does not always bring back full physical healing, but it has on many many occasions and each one is beyond joyful to be a part of! 

I recently received the following testimonial from a dear client, Sue Landon:

“I dealt with cancer for 12 years, and after 12 weeks of working with Jenny, it suddenly and unexpectedly disappeared.  Even the medical people I was working with were perplexed, because I was receiving chemo and it wasn’t working — the tumor had not responded.  Jenny helped me put together many decades of spiritual study so that the results that had eluded me for so long came together quickly and easily.  Because she had healed her own serious illness, I felt she was the right person for me to work with.  Often I interviewed her during our healing sessions, asking her how to handle setbacks, how to deal with my anger and fears about so many aspects of my life.  Wow, what a result, thank you, Jenny!

It was a true honor to work with Sue and she was a client that was not afraid to dig in and look at underlying issues and face them head on.  A quality that is bravery at its finest and also allows the person to get to and switch up the core energetics of their body.  

I love to work with clients that are ready to do this work whether it be cancer or any other physical or emotional challenges they are dealing with.  I also received this recent testimonial:

Jenny has helped me have a better quality of life. I had a bulging disc in my lower back and sciatic pain. I would try to go for walks, but I would have to stop 3 to 4 times because of the pain. I could not do the things I enjoyed and was told by the doctors that it was something I would have to live with. I went to chiropractors, massage therapists, and acupuncturists. It helped in the short term, but the pain always came back. Jenny did an Akashic life situational reading and clearing for me.  After going over the reading, I did a 21 day prayer to shift the energy in my body. I was amazed at the results. No more pain when I go for walks, mountain bike, or do things around the house. I was skeptical at first, I had no knowledge of how this all worked, but the results speak for themselves. I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone looking to heal themselves physically, mentally, or spiritually. “  Healed in NY

In the last 13 years I have built up quite the spiritual toolbox to assist others to heal. Whether it is energy healing, Akashic record reading/clearing (which is also a form of energy healing) or mind/body mentoring – all bring me joy and bring a new level of awareness and healing to my clients. 

I love when I get to work with clients for a few months as it truly allows us to develop trust, dive deep and face their challenge with love. I work with people in non judgment and love.

We ALL have “our stuff” and have had our challenges along the way. Working with people I have witnessed such bravery and have heard horrific stories that no one should have had to have endured. Sometimes these life situations will manifest as some sort of dis-ease or limitation. Working together we can bravely face these past stories or whatever patterns or limitations have kept them from healing thus far. 

I cannot GUARANTEE a complete physical healing but I CAN promise a greater awareness, healing and also probably some tears and definitely some laughter working together. 

Working with me does NOT mean me waving a magic wand and healing you – it means US working together and YOU doing some inner work ON YOUR OWN with the tools I offer KNOWING you are changing your life in doing so. 

It is my passion to help others. I remember what it was like to have that grim diagnosis of being in a wheelchair for my whole life and I also remember the relief of healing. I LOVE to work with people to offer them the hope and tools to move forward. It is my passion and I feel one of the main reasons I am on this planet during this time of great change!