The Birth of Embracing BLISS - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion

The Birth of Embracing BLISS

Akashic Records Expert, Embracing Bliss

Nine (9) months in the making it has truly been a labor of love and nurturing myself and its creation! I am feeling every emotion; excitement, love, exhaustion, nervous, relief and just a tinge of self-doubt as I move outside my comfort zone into a whole new way of working with students.  

Creating this course was something I have thought about since my book was published almost 4 years ago but it took resistance, patience and waiting for the inspiration and the right people to help me on this journey for its inception.  

My coach Kelly has been beyond helpful in this process in her guidance and belief in me.

My marketing assistant Sandy and her brilliant intuition has helped me more than I can put into words. 

My sweetheart and my family have been beyond supportive, often with me working for hours after my normal working hours (or before often at 5AM) to get this done. 

I am proud I stuck with it since after filming the first videos I truly thought, “How in the heck am I EVER going to get this DONE?”  Oh there was a learning curve as there always is when we try something new! 

BUT I feel prouder of myself for this than perhaps anything else I have done in my life.  Will it need some tweaking?  Maybe, that is okay!  Will I still be learning and possibly changing and adding material as our community for Embracing Bliss goes through it together? I hope so!  

The toughest thing with this process was letting go of that recovering perfectionist inside and trusting myself that “this is plenty and this is ENOUGH”. 

So many times we don’t release something, we don’t finish something because of our fears.  Fears of putting ourselves out there. Fears of what other people might feel.  Fears of stepping way outside our comfort zone no matter how in comfy our comfort zone is.  I tell my clients if your goal is about 80% exciting and 20% fear inducing – it’s a pretty sure bet it is something to explore!  

We all have our gifts and we all actually help the world by stepping into them and sharing them with others.  It warms my heart when I have clients go back to doing something like drawing, dance, cooking, gardening or creating in a way that they have let slip away in their lives.  We ALL deserve bliss. We all can only create and step into who we truly are and offer others service when we DO feel empowered.

This course offers you a road map to follow to help you feel empowered to take control of your life and decide to live a life in bliss. The supportive community around it will help ensure you keep focused and continue to have fun along the journey.  

Want to hear more about it?  Click on this link for my personal video introduction!